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Even Paul Needed The Body Of Christ For Accountability And Redirection


“After this, Paul left Athens and went to Corinth.  There he met a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla, because Claudius had ordered all the Jews to leave Rome.  Paul went to see them, and because he was a tentmaker as they were, he stayed and worked with them.  Every Sabbath he reasoned in the synagogue, trying to persuade Jews and Greeks.  When Silas and Timothy came from Macedonia, Paul devoted himself exclusively to preaching, testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Christ.  But when the Jews opposed Paul and became abusive, he shook out his clothes in protest and said to them, ”Your blood be on your own heads!  I am clear of my responsibility.  From now on I will go to the Gentiles.”  Then Paul left the synagogue and went next door to the house of Titius Justus, a worshiper of God.  Crispus, the synagogue ruler, and his entire household believed in the Lord; and many of the Corinthians who heard him believed and were baptized.  Acts 18:1-8

I believe I see something in this passage.  Something that can be easily missed in everyday reading, but I still see it now.  What I see is the Body of Christ reaching out and giving accountability and encouragement to Paul.

Before Silas and Timothy arrived in Corinth Paul was going to the synagogue and REASONING with the Jews and Greeks trying to PERSUADE them and it seems like he was not getting very good results.  However, as soon as Silas and Timothy show up Paul completely changes his message and method away from human reasoning and persuasion to EXCLUSIVELY PREACHING and TESTIFYING that Jesus was the Christ.  I contend that it is quite possible that Silas and Timothy corrected and encouraged Paul and brought about this change in his ministry in Corinth.

I know I may be reaching here, but when I have shared this with others in the Body of Christ over the years it has been for the most part well received.  One thing for sure is that something changed when Silas and Timothy came to Corinth.  I also know that human reasoning and persuasion never bring the type of results that simple sharing and testifying in The Spirit do.  Here we see Paul changing his message and method and right away he gets a response.  Sure the initial response is opposition and abuse, but shortly thereafter Paul moves his ministry to a home and then many Corinthians believed and were baptized.

There is a huge difference between using our heads and using our hearts.  Knowledge puffs up and can often stand in the way of real Spirit led sharing.  I know this because I have been there and I have gladly received correction from the Body of Christ many times.  Paul was human just as we are and he made mistakes just like we do.  When we gather with other believers for totally free & open, Spirit led fellowship perhaps the main question we should ask ourselves when we are about to share is…..Is it me, or is it God?  Quite frankly the only way to find out is to go ahead and share and allow the Body to judge our offerings.  (1 Corinthians 14)  Many are afraid to share because they might be wrong, but in our fear there is so much pride and in our pride so much fear.  The only way to work through this with one another is to be honest and allow those we have come to love and trust to judge our sharing.  So I say when you think you have something to share… GO FOR IT!  Because we can all share in turn and allow the Holy Spirit to work among and in us.  It takes the whole Body Of Christ fully functioning as it should to determine what His message is to be on any given day.  Me?  I want encouragement and accountability.  When we all share our Christ given portion of the truth in love, the message is beautiful and bears much fruit.  So please share away and allow the Body to determine what is excellent and of The Spirit of Christ on any given day?

Love and ….

Kirk Out !

By Our Stripes?


“But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds (stripes) we are healed.”  Isaiah 53: 5

The totally amazing response to my recent blog posts about overcoming PTSD and childhood sexual abuse continues.  Since last Friday fourteen people with issues similar to mine have come forward asking for help and support.  It seems that freedom in Christ is contagious and I am hoping that it continues to spread like wildfire.  In Christ there is nothing that we cannot overcome together.

This past week has reminded me that our own personal stories and testimonies of overcoming serious traumatic obstacles in our lives can bring to others great healing and hope.  We all know that by the stripes and wounds of Jesus we are healed.  Beyond that I contend that by our very own wounds and stripes others can be healed.  How great and wonderful it is to know that someone else suffered as we did and then still came out clean and healed on the other side of their trauma.  Jesus endured and overcame suffering for us and in Christ we can suffer and overcome for the sake of others.  Our endurance in the midst of great trials, suffering and trauma can inspire others to hold on until their deliverance and healing finally comes. David Huff of David and the Giants told me about how my personal stripes would help heal others over 30 years ago after I shared some of my testimony with the band.

This is the beauty of totally open and free, relational, Spirit led, organic fellowship.  Only in a atmosphere of free and open, Spirit led sharing and dialogue is there opportunity and room for all of our stories and sufferings to be told.  In a closed, sermon and Pastor centered “church” there is seldom, if ever, the chance for anyone to share their story and struggles with the rest of the Body of Christ.  In the middle of my very worst PTSD trials Jesus and those I share fellowship with carried and supported me until I was again able to stand and walk on my own again.  In free and open fellowship relationships are forged in the fire of love, truth and compassion.  Because of this fire we are able to trust and open up to one another in ways only the true family of God can.  I can share my deepest and darkest of secrets with my siblings in Christ, because they have shared their deepest and darkest with me.  Then together we can all seek His face until our healing arrives.  The true Body of Christ will go to war with you and have your back until victory comes, no matter how long it takes.  This is all about sharing ALL OF LIFE with one  another while holding nothing back, and not just sharing a pew on Sunday morning.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

Forgive And Then Gain Peace


“Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.”

“…and forgive us our sins, just as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us.”  Matthew 6: 12

Forgiveness is a HUGE topic and what we believe and practice concerning forgiveness pretty much impacts our lives every single day.  As in all things how we approach forgiveness can either be a major positive force in our lives or a serious negative millstone around our very own necks.  I have found the best way to approach forgiveness is direct and head on.  For if we do not give our full attention to it…. unforgiveness can blindside us like a runaway freight train and leave us in ruins.

Looking back this was my tenth consecutive fall without a serious PTSD episode. Prior to this positive stretch were 18 years of living hell in those seasons, especially the falls. I am glad to report I haven’t had a significant flashback episode in over ten years now.  Many factors contributed to my overall positive mental health this season including prayer, counseling, medication, and depth of fellowship with Christ and His Body.  However, perhaps the greatest single factor has been my ability to finally let go of the pain, shame and hate that I have held against my father for his horrific rapes and abuse he inflicted upon me as a child.  In short, I just forgave him.

Many times in the last 23 years I thought I had forgiven him, but each time I still held on to minuscule amounts of inner rage and hatred.  Letting all that go has lifted a very heavy burden from my life and right now I feel more open and free than I ever have in life.  Now when judgement against my father rises within my inner being I choose to forgive again at that very moment and the negative feelings are totally released into the care of God.  Because of forgiveness I am now free and the Peace of Christ floods my mind and Spirit and cleanses away all the negative thoughts and feelings related to the abuse.  Oh I still have memories, but the memories are now submitted to Christ and no longer hold any power against me.

I seriously questioned the Lord and myself as to why I had not forgiven my father any sooner, and the answer was that I was neither ready or able until recently.  These things take time and should not be rushed.  In the end it was not at all about my father deserving forgiveness, but rather about me deserving peace.  Plus I finally understood that I am affected by the measure that I forgive others.  Holding back forgiveness for ANY reason, just holds us back.  It does not affect those who sinned against us at all.  If I truly forgive as Christ forgave me…it changes my whole universe for the better.  Like I said, forgiveness is a HUGE topic and I have only scratched the mere surface of it here today.  Give grace, give mercy, give love, give forgiveness, and it changes your whole world.  I know my world has been rocked by it for the better.  Today I choose to forgive and because of that I am at peace, joyful and well.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

Reflections On A Former Life


“Save me from bloodguilt, O God, the God, who saves me, and my tongue will sing of your righteousness.  O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise.  You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings.  The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.”            Psalm 51: 14-17

In February 1999 I had my first PTSD episode.  Waves upon crashing waves of horrible traumatic flashbacks of being brutally raped by my very own father flooded and overtook my entire being.  I was lost in my childhood past and I could find no route of escape.  Then when I thought I was fighting back against my abuser, I was in reality fighting off my wife and two of my best friends who were just trying to help and comfort me.  Then in the aftermath I had to try and deal with the guilt of punching my wife and nearly choking to death two dear friends as I lifted them off the ground and pinned them to the wall by their throats.

Episodes like this frequently invaded my life until I started having some breakthroughs in late 2011.  However, by then it was much too late to save my marriage of 30 years.  I don’t blame my ex-wife.  She hung in there for a good long time, but in the end how do you stay with someone who actually threatened your life several times because of his mental illness?  When I was lost in the flashbacks it put me into severe survival mode.  All things became very base and primal and all I knew to do was to try and fight off the abuser;  who in reality was only in my mind.  My life was reduced to continual shame, guilt, sorrow, numerous suicide attempts and fits of pure rage towards whoever dare step before me.  In my mind I was six year old Christopher fighting off his dad and other abusers.  However, in real life I was a 45 year old 6 foot tall and wide Christopher who weighed over 325 pounds, fighting off everyone who tried to love him.   In the end I scared everyone away, except Jesus.  And by the grace of God alone my children were always kept safe and loved.

In the quiet times Jesus always came to me; offering me total forgiveness and healing…reminding me of who I was in Christ, in spite of my affliction.  I spent most of the past 23 years in seclusion, hiding in my room for the safety and welfare of myself and others.  Jesus never gave up on me though..He always showed up in my lucid moments and told me I would make it through the deep dark pit to total freedom and healing on the other side.

So here I am now right smack dab in the middle of a miraculous healing.  PTSD left a wide damage path behind me, but I am happy to report that practically all my relationships have been restored to a place better than they were pre-1999.  All things in the right time I guess?   I still would not trade the brokenness of the last 23 years for anything else.  Jesus was with me through the long dark storm and I am now closer to Him than I ever have been.  In my brokenness I have become a much better person.  I am no longer angry, immature, and selfish to the extent I was before.  Christ has done a complete rework in my heart and mind and today I am truly free in Him like never before.  I now know the great depth of His grace, mercy, compassion and love.  As I sit here I am now reminded that the very first thing love is…is patient.  I know firsthand that Jesus will never leave or forsake us; no matter what we ever say or do.  For a few years there I was little more than a large, frightened, fierce animal, but today I am once again a child of The King and brother to all.  I have discovered that in Christ we lack nothing and whatever you think you may lack Jesus will make up that difference.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

P.s.  I know I have shared this post here a few years ago, but I just felt that someone else out there needed to hear this story of true redemption and healing today.  Jesus has afforded me a chance to start my life over again post PTSD.   Now I am married again to my wonderful Talena. She is the best, way beyond the woman of my dreams and a perfect Spiritual match. I now know that it is NEVER too late for ANY of us to be blessed beyond our wildest dreams by Christ.  If you are struggling please do not give up. Jesus is the Lord of second, third and fourth chances and more.  Our God is all about healing and redemption.  HE will meet you right where you are and mend whatever needs to be restored.  Trust Him?  I did and that made all the difference in the world for me.

P.s. Please be praying for Peggy who follows this blog? She is in the hospital with a serious infection and will be there for some time.

Equal Sibling Peers, Nothing More And Nothing Less


Jesus said:

“But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi’ for you have only one Master and you are all brothers.  And do not call anyone on earth ‘father’, for you have one Father, and He is in heaven.  Nor are you to be called ‘teacher’, for you have one Teacher, The Christ.  The greatest among you will be your servant.  For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”  Matthew 23: 8-12

Jesus spells it out with extreme clarity that no one should have a position or title that places them over and above other followers of Christ.  The simple fact is, that in Christ, we are all equal sibling peers and we should honor HIM and one another by living and acting that way whenever we interact and share.  There should never be such a system in place that ranks some believers above other believers.  We should call no one Pastor, Teacher or Leader.  It is also true that we should not treat anyone with more respect and honor than others.  Even if we do not use titles or positions we should always remember that we are all sisters and brothers and that “favoritism is forbidden” in the Body of Christ.

Jesus made it abundantly clear that only God Himself is to be followed and revered.  We have been freely given The Holy Spirit to guide and lead us into ALL truth, and we do not need that ANY human teach us the ways of Christ and the Spirit.  We have all been given the anointing of the Spirit and all we need is Jesus and no other “man’s” teaching to be fully equipped for any and every good work.  (1 John 2)

HIS anointing flows through all of HIS followers and as peers in Christ HE can speak through each one of us in turn in order to get HIS message out to the Body of Christ and the world.  No person should ever be elevated to a status over and above being our mutual peer in Christ. Along the way HE will speak through various members of HIS Body and we can all learn the truth in love from one another as the Spirit leads and HE sees fit.

Any church system that uses a hierarchy and places some over and above others is antichrist. Because that system goes totally against what Jesus taught.  According to Jesus we are all equal sibling peers, sisters and brothers under only Christ and NO other including Pastor, Elder, Apostle, Reverend or Pope.  If we say we are followers of Jesus then we should really truly BE followers of Jesus alone and absolutely no one else.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

Are We Free In Christ Or Controlled by “Men”?


“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  2 Corinthians 3: 17

“What then shall we say, brothers?  When you come together, EVERYONE has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue, an interpretation, or something important to share.  All of these MUST be done for the strengthening of the church.”    1 Corinthians 14: 26 paraphrase with added emphasis

Whenever your “church” gathers is your coming together open, free and Spirit led; or is everything you do predetermined by a Pastor or worship leader?  Do you follow a set in stone liturgy or order of service or are you all free to flow in the Holy Spirit and share as the Spirit leads?  I bring this up because the vast majority of “church” services are led and controlled by “men”.  It is extremely rare to find a “church” gathering that is totally open, free and Spirit led.  I say that having a preset, designed by “men,” order of “worship” with little to no flexibility violates the leading of the Spirit and the Lordship Of Christ.

In Jesus we are all individually created to be free and Spirit led in all of life.  I also contend that our corporate gatherings as the church are supposed to be totally free and Spirit led.  Having preset scripture readings, songs, and sermons by predetermined ministers flies in direct opposition of the will of Christ for His Body.  After all church is meant for face to face dialogue, interaction and fellowship; and not some big production or show.  EVERYONE gathered is meant to have the opportunity to share something significant with the rest of the church.  Having every portion of a Jesus gathering scripted ahead of time is definitely opposed to being Spirit led moment by moment.

Yes, I am a huge believer in Spirit led spontaneity.  However, I also believe there are times that the Spirit leads us to prepare for some situations ahead of time.  The key is our willingness to be redirected at any given moment by the Holy Spirit.  If we are not entirely flexible with how, what and where we share; we could miss out on His good, perfect and pleasant will for us and those who we gather with.  The church was never intended to have cookie cutter gatherings with set in stone presentations. No, we should instead always surrender to the leading and flow of the Holy Spirit.

Many are now likely thinking that what I suggest is a gathering full of chaos.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I have been gathering in a totally open and free, Spirit led manner with others for over 47 years now and I have NEVER witnessed a Spirit led gathering fall apart into total chaos.  The Spirit is fully capable of leading and redirecting gatherings where every member can share what is on their heart with the rest of the Body in a free and open manner.  When we gather in Christ’s name our meetings ought to be free and not controlled, open and not closed, Spirit and not “man” Led.  Anything less than total freedom in Christ falls WAY short of Christ’s ideal for His Body.  As always there are two distinct choices we can make…. we can either choose the way of Christ or the way of “men”.  As for me I follow Jesus and no other “man”.  Choose wisely my friends.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

P.s. PLEASE be praying for our son Matthew? He is in prison on multiple drug charges, but Jesus has recently gotten a big hold on him. Matt is simply on fire for Christ after seeing a movie that made him cry out for Jesus. The annointing is now upon him so heavy that it shines through when he is on the phone with Talena and when they are on the phone my Spirit is drawn to him and I just want to rub against him so I can get some of that heaven’s fire annointing. He is now listening to music that uplifts him and we sent him more music and a bible. Talena says Matt recieved several prophecies in his youth that he would rise up and help lead his generation to Jesus, but now is the first time she has seen evidence of those words coming true in Matt’s life. So PLEASE in the Spirit pray that he will continue going forward with Christ.

How Will They Know?


Jesus said:  “A new command I give you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  John 13: 34-35

At the end of the day the only thing that really matters is faith expressing itself through love.  God is LOVE and LOVE is THE answer!  According to Jesus the only way that people will know that we are following Him is by the love we show for each other.  They will never know we are His by our “church” attendance, biblical knowledge, tithing, prosperity, sound doctrine, good looks, or public speaking ability.  The one and only true mark of a sincere believer and follower of Christ is deep sincere LOVE.

Love is more powerful than any other attribute we may practice or possess.  Our highest calling is to love others just as Jesus did.  Jesus loved others unconditionally and so should we.  Jesus loved so much that He laid down His life for everyone. If we are truly to follow His noble and great example, we will do no less.

Sharing His truth in love is rarely easy.  It costs us dearly to extend this manner of love to others.  Loving others places us in a vulnerable state every time we reach out beyond our personal comfort zone.  The big question is are we really willing to risk sacrificing our health, wellbeing, reputation and safety in order to bring love to those who need love the most?  Christ’s love will take you to the bad part of town where danger lurks around every corner.  This love will take you to visit the deathly ill, the contagious and the notoriously dangerous.  This love will enable you to forgive sin and hug your accuser.  Finally, this love with set you and others free.  Love is the reason why I chose to work among addicts and the mentally ill.  Sure it was dangerous at times, but it was well worth it to be able to share real sincere love, care and concern with those brought to a place in life where they felt totally unlovable and unworthy of love, care and concern.  I know no other way to say it or to live it.  Truly the only safe place on earth is the location where we are fully enveloped in His Love.  Wherever you encounter and share this type of love…drink of it deeply my friends.  For it is the wellspring of life.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

On Becoming All Things To All “Men”…..


“Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.  To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews.  To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law.  To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law.  To the weak I became weak, to win the weak.  I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.”            1 Corinthians 9: 19-22

When we gathered for totally free and open, Spirit led home fellowship one day a dear sister suggested that we look into those verses together.  We then spent well over an hour discussing this passage and what we collectively saw in it.  The discussion was lively, very deep and even included some gems of wisdom from a 14 year old.  As we wrestled with Paul’s words together it became abundantly clear to us that it is very important that we remain flexible in the hands of God.  Plus God may want us to go to various extremes in order to reach others with the message of grace, truth and love.

We all agreed that our approach to conveying Christ’s message may vary greatly from person to person and that a cookie cutter application of the Gospel will rarely, if ever, work.  Our study also reaffirmed that winning others to Christ is a vitally important aspect of being an everyday Christ follower and that becoming all things to all “men” is something Jesus still wants us to do even in this day and age.  Everyone in the room freely admitted that they fell short of the ideal in this area, but we also all agreed that we would like to do better in the future.  Becoming weak or vulnerable for the sake of others takes some serious self denial and that is never easy, but neither is any other calling we may receive from The Lord on any given day.

Most of all we agreed that sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit in each and every situation was key to reaching those yet to fully know Jesus.  All the bible verses in the world pale in comparison to a simple cup of cold water given in Jesus’ name. Knowing the bible means nothing if you cannot reach out and literally touch someone’s life and inner being with the truth in love.  Many times a simple hug or listening ear will speak volumes more than a clever bible quote.  Someone also pointed out that in every situation who God calls, He also equips.  Being an effective Christ follower is never confined by natural ability.  In fact it is always based on availability to His call rather than our own human abilities and skills.

All in all it was a very wonderful time in Christ together and to top it all off we feasted on roasted rosemary pork loin, garlic mashed potatoes, baked beans with mega bacon, deviled eggs, and an assorted fruit and cheese plate.  I feel sorry for those who only take communion with a tiny cracker and a thimble of juice, but I feel more sorry for those who only get to sit in rows and passively listen to a sermon/monologue instead of being able to fully participate in a lively Spirit led interactive conversation whenever they may gather.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

Christ On Earth?


“But Saul began to destroy the church.  Going from house to house, he dragged off men and women and put them in prison.”  Acts: 8: 3

Jesus said…”Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?”  Acts 9: 4

“………and to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery, which for ages was kept hidden in God, who created all things.  His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to His eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.  In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.”  Ephesians 3: 9-12

Let me just say this boldly and right out front….  The true Church as a community is Christ on earth!  We do more than just represent Him. Jesus verified this fact when He asked Saul, “why do you persecute ME?”, after Paul began destroying the church.  The Church is Christ by Jesus’s own admission.  The true Church is ONE with Christ.  Of course Jesus is The Head and sole Source of the Church and Christ cannot be divided.  That simply means that all so called “churches” that promote division, are not really Church at all.  This rules out all denominations and every “church” that has a Clergy/Laity divide.  Sure there are some followers of Jesus there, but the purpose behind their gathering is far less than Christ’s best for all involved.

In many so called “churches” after the second century Christ was turned into a mere sacrament, to be found and experienced only through the rigid ritual of communion.  This denies the Holy Truth that Christ in fact is a living and fully functioning Body of believers.  The true Church or Ekklesia are followers of Jesus Christ called out of the world and/or religious system to assemble in His name only.  Ekklesia is a dynamic, close knit, family of believers and NOT a building or institution.

The Church, Christ’s Body is God’s chosen vehicle to make known the “manifold wisdom of God”.  That means we get to practically apply God’s complete revelation of Truth in Love to the world and those around us.  We get to BE the Church in such a way that it positively affects everyone we encounter in life.  Finally we get to share God’s eternal purpose of bringing redemption and reconciliation to all.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

P.s.  Please notice that Paul had to go house to house to find followers of Jesus and not church building to church building or temple to temple.

Strong Love And Strange Peace


 “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.”  Isaiah 26: 3   

 Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  John 16: 33   

 For well over eight years now I have been experiencing a very long season of remarkable peace.  I have not had a single major PTSD episode in over eight years now.  I feel so peaceful within that I struggle to find words to even describe it.  Not much has changed in my everyday life to warrant such a peace either, but here I sit fully enveloped in His peace, grace and love.  (Okay, my marriage to Talena has helped a lot) I am still having some minor occasional flashbacks, but it is like they just bounce off me and have little to no effect on my well being.  I feel like a captive in the process of being totally set free.  A sense of deep gratitude is welling up from within me and all I can do is sing….”It Is Well With My Soul”. 

Is this really the miracle I have been waiting on for 23 years?  Many dear friends have been telling me lately that my deliverance was coming soon and this certainly feels like an amazing breakthrough.  All I know is that God has been totally faithful and granted me much grace to survive these last PTSD affected 23 years.  We serve a very kind, long suffering, and patient God. The immense peace I am experiencing now is something I have never encountered before in all of my  60 years.  I want to ride this wave wherever it may take me.           

How wonderful it is to know that Jesus has overcome the world for us.  Yes, we may need to suffer at times due to the trouble that the world brings us.  But how awesome is it to know that all our suffering is temporary?  The world system is out to take captive and destroy everyone in its path.  It has taken over most of the institutional, traditional “Church” and turned it into modern day Babylon.  Jesus is crying out today…”COME OUT FROM HER AND BE SET FREE!”  The message of Babylon is poison to all who follow her.  Truth mixed with lies is no truth at all!  In the true Church Jesus is the only recognized leader and no “man” holds power or position over other “men”.  We are all called to be a Body of mutual sibling peers.  Different parts and functions sure, but equals still under only Jesus.  All equal sheep following their one and only true shepherd Jesus Christ.  Babylon follows “men” called Pastors and the twisted written Word and its laws, while the true Church is led by the indwelling Holy Spirit.  For “the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”  I don’t follow a program or a book, I follow a Person and today His peace is flowing through me like never before.  Today I am free!  I am so glad that The Holy Spirit has led me to totally free and open, simple and organic fellowship.  It is amazing what true healing can occur when your church is a family instead of an organization or a business.  Who else wants some of this?

Love and ……

Kirk Out !       

 P.s.  To be purposely clear I stand against the SYSTEM of Babylon and not the people still within it.  I have many dear sisters and brothers there who have not yet heard His call to come out or are staying for other reasons.  They are all in my prayers often. 

 P.s.s.  Sometimes the peace I am talking about is peace in the midst of the storms.  Life is rarely easy for anyone of us. Last month was difficult for me due to the worst flashbacks I have had in the last 8 years, but I did not have a full blown PTSD episode. Thank Jesus that HIS Peace never left me at any time during my struggle.