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Full Ahead Mr. Sulu


I have had a HUGE problem in my life.  The problem is I can have major difficulty keeping my head in the present.  Sometimes I spend a large portion of time living in my past.  That is definitely NOT a good thing for me to do.  However,  that is exactly where my thoughts take me, again and again and again.  This is mostly due to my PTSD flashbacks.   I went through hell as a child and I find myself reliving the traumatic sexual, physical, emotional and verbal abuse in my mind, over and over again.  It can be extremely difficult for me to stay oriented to the present.  Prayer helps, but what helps the most is being around friends and family, and fellowshipping in Christ with them.  They know my problem and they do an excellent  job of reminding me of what year we are actually in and how long ago the abuse really occurred.  Their love and support help to keep me grounded in the present moment.

It is not that I try to stay in the past.  I fight the good fight of faith every day and strive to remain in the present.  However, at times the past just overtakes me and in an instant I get all lost in it.  I have recently discovered that old songs and television shows can trigger the flashbacks.  It is totally an immense battle for my mind.  But I need to remember that, “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world.  On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.  We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”  2 Corinthians 10: 4 and 5

If I try to fight my past memories with mere natural mental and physical means they kick my ass every time.  However, if I surrender all of them to The Lord and fight in The Spirit with supernatural means I have much better success.  I have found it vital to “take captive EVERY thought”.  And not just the thoughts I predetermine to be harmful.  I am NOT the filter and judge of even my own thoughts.  No, I must make my thoughts “obedient to Christ”.  If I am in charge of the gateway to my mind I will totally screw it up most of the time, but if I allow Jesus to always be in that role I find tremendous peace.

Obedience to Christ sets me and my mind free.  I just love the word obedience.  Especially since I discovered its core meaning.  It was right there all the time and I don’t know how I ever missed it. What is central to obedience?  ObeDIEnce, DIE is central and the key.  If I DIE daily and allow Jesus to take ALL control and live in me, then and only then do I really walk in total freedom.  Today at this very moment I am free, and I owe it all to Jesus and those HE put in my life to help me.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

P.s.  While I still have occasional flashbacks..I have not had a full blown PTSD episode in over four years.  Praise Jesus!





Dead Religion


“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.  Look your house is left to you desolate.  For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’”  Matthew 23: 37-39

Jesus spoke those very words right after He told His disciples and the crowd about seven woes that would come upon the religious leaders of His day.  He told them that they did not practice what they preached and that everything they did was done solely for men to see and not for pure and righteous reasons.  Jesus also told them that in truth He was their ONLY real teacher and leader and they should not be following human church leaders in the first place.

I love that passage of the bible and I feel that in Matthew chapter 23 Jesus is rebuking not only the religion of His day, but also religion, traditions, and certain church practices for all times.  Jerusalem was and still is the religion capital of the world.  So in effect “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem” means O Religion, Religion; and let’s face it Religion has been and still is figuratively killing prophets and stoning those that get in the way of its life sucking agenda.  When I say religion I mean any man made system that strives to define and regulate God and those who would follow God.  In short Religion kills and brings bondage to simple faith, but relationship gives life, love and faith.

Jesus speaks out against religion and religious leaders numerous times in the bible, but not without reaching out to those enslaved and trapped within its visible and invisible walls.  Even in this passage Jesus says how He “longed” to gather those in religion and take care of them.  Jesus always reaches out with His truth in love, but in this case they were “not willing.”  So they reject Him.  I wonder how many times Jesus is rejected on the basis of religion and tradition on any given day? He tells those in religion you have your house, you have your BUILDING, but it is “desolate”,  and void of any real life.

However, this passage ends with a ray of hope.  Jesus says that they can see Him again if they would only say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”  To me this rings of inclusion as in blessed is ANYONE sent to you who comes in the name of the Lord.  Far too often we are focused on who, the Leader, the “man” up front is; while ignoring the many sisters and brothers in Jesus who surround us in everyday life.  I welcome anyone who comes to me in the name of Jesus and I never factor out those without title or position.  In fact I trust those without title or position even more than I do the “professionals”.  I don’t need a Pastor, Pharisee, Teacher of the law or recognized leader to come to me.

I realize that the last paragraph may be reaching a bit, but that is the way that verse struck me today.  As always no one is required to agree with me.  I am just sharing my portion.  So anyone that is out there reading this: either encourage or rebuke the snot out of me?  I am just a brother who simply wants to grow in Him and help others along the way.

Love and……

Kirk Out !




No Holograms Here


When I began this whole blogging adventure over six years ago I promised myself and The Lord that I would only post as I was led by The Holy Spirit.  That I would not just try and manufacture a post for the sake of manufacturing a post.  I desire this blog to always be fresh and real and not just another mundane thing I need to do every single day.  I am not claiming that 100% of what I write here is Spirit inspired, but I do claim that as a real and attainable goal.

Proverbs 25:11 says, “like apples of gold in settings of silver is the timely spoken word.”  So I always attempt to surrender my heart and mind to the Lord and allow HIM to speak through me in any given moment or situation.  It is far too easy to produce a pile of bullshit concerning about any topic one can possibly imagine.  Me?  I just want to naturally/supernaturally BEAR fruit. That’s the key. Because true fruit is born (of The Spirit)  and not manufactured by the mind or the flesh.

So you won’t see a post here from me here every single day.  I am frankly just not that Spiritual all of the time.  I want true fruit here and I desire that fruit to be real and very tasty.  Frankly there is just too much artificial wax fruit out there to be found even in the “Church” at large.  One of the primary reasons that the Traditional/Institutional “Church” is failing in their mission to make disciples is their total utter dependence on one “man” to “bring the Word of God” to them every single freaking week of the year.  It is simply impossible for one “man” to deliver a true 100% Spirit led message on every single Sunday.  Another problem is that most “Churches” rely and depend on monologues instead of healthy Spirit led open and free discussion.  Jesus was NOT about monologues.  Check it out in the Greek?  Whenever Jesus shared it was always dialogue.  It was always an exchange that included questions and answers.  It was The Lord that said in Isaiah 1: 18,  “Come let us reason together.”  If God desires dialogue rather than monologue with us….  then so should we with each other in HIS Body.  For that reason I believe that whenever the church gathers, it should be an ongoing open conversation with everyone participating, contributing, and sharing.  So I encourage all of you to PLEASE use the comment button at the bottom of these posts. We need to hear from one another and allow “Iron to sharpen Iron” here.

Well, that is my portion for this particular day.  Please add your portion too?  But, remember, ” If anyone speaks, they should do it as one speaking the very words of God.”  Remember, opinions are like assholes…… everybody has one.  So opinions are all too easy to give.  So please speak from your heart as you are led by The Holy Spirit?

Love and……

Kirk Out !



Starfleet Regulations By The Book


The following is part of an ongoing conversation
I have been having with a good friend of mine.
Concerning my view of The Bible and his concern
for me and my “Low view” of scripture. For
the purposes of this BLOG lets call him Spock.

Spock said:

” You would not have known that you have eternal life
were it not for the (Biblical) writings you seem to
imply you don’t need.”

Kirk replies:

This is just flat out NOT a true statement Spock.
One can most certainly know by The Spirit these
things, even if they never encounter a written word.
One can know these things via direct revelation from
the Holy Spirit.

And to be totally honest Spock, no we do not need
a bible to be saved or discipled. The Spirit is fully
capable of communicating FATHER’S truth in love to us.
Now, is the bible a very often used way of HIS
communication? YES! Absolutely! But NOT the only way.

Because if given a choice of The Spirit and no bible,
or the bible and no Spirit….the ONLY choice that would
result IN LIFE is choosing The SPIRIT. Because HE can
write upon our hearts all we need for life and Godliness
through our knowledge of HIM. And by the way, that
“knowledge” is not just via learning, reading or studying,
but rather through HIS touching our very essence of
being with HIS Spirit of Truth and Love.

I know this to be true because as a four year old
child I first encountered Jesus and The Holy Spirit
long before I ever came in contact with a bible. Jesus
held and comforted me as my earthly father abused
me in just about any way imaginable. Then Jesus led
and taught me about salvation, fellowship, love,
grace, mercy and the church. I asked questions and HE
gave me answers and HIS truth never led me wrong.
It was literally nine years later that I actually
encountered a bible and all that the bible did was
confirm what HE had already been teaching me by The
Spirit all those years. Plus I still hear HIS voice
even today.

Spock continues:

“..this is what I fear for us who have come to Christ
from whereever – IC HC, dog house or what ever, complete
with the benefit of studying the content of the Bible
and the first Christians; and then recommend that If you
have Christ you have all you need – forget the Bible…”

Kirk replies:

Spock, But Christ really is ALL we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
… and if HE leads one to the bible, which HE usually
does, great! But if not and HE does not always, great
too! You have never heard me say “forget the bible.”

Far too many times man has went to it and found what
they wanted to instead of waiting for Jesus to teach them
what they really need to know in any given circumstance.

Spock, I will not dishonor Jesus who IS all I need by
elevating a book to being a “need” also. HE is The Lord
of Lords and not just the Lord of Lords when a book
is added to the mix. HE is still LORD when the book
is nowhere to be found.

Now having said that you know full well Spock that I
read, know and meditate on that darn book as often
as HE leads me. But picking it up on my own could be
likened to a toddler picking up a loaded gun. It is
dangerous!!!! I want Jesus to lead me in my experience
with the scriptures. Instead of picking and choosing
passages in my flesh on my own.

I know because I used to do it that way because I
thought and was told that that was the only way to
know and serve God.


Intellectual exercise and pursuit are dung, seeking
HIM and abiding in HIM is where it is at my friend.

I don’t understand how you or anyone else can call my
view of the bible “low” when I fully believe that its
value and authority is just below that of the Father,
Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. I love and appreciate
the written Word. I just don’t believe that it is greater
than or equal to GOD Himself. Seems to me that to elevate
the bible, an inspired and created thing, to a place on
par with GOD is nothing short of idolatry.

If given a choice between an Old Rugged Cross and an Old
Rugged Bible…I am going to cling to Christ alone and
the cross for sure.

Love and,

Kirk Out!


Are You Following Christ Or Something Else?


Question?  Are you free in Christ or are you following some other human philosophy?  There are a ton of other belief systems out there to follow.  Many of them even say they are “Christian”, but just who are you following?

” See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.” (Colossians 2:8)

Are you sure that it is Jesus that you are following?  Or are you involved in something else with a little bit of Jesus tossed in there to make it seem alright?  Many people follow things because of tradition, but Jesus warned us about possibly nullifying the Word of God for the sake of tradition. (Matthew 15:6)  Just because something is traditional that does not mean that it is a good or Godly thing.  Many “church” activities fall into this category.  Like sermons, tithing, building funds, and the Clergy/Laity division.

There are many teachings and philosophies out there that are based on the world’s principles and not Christ.  Like the prosperity doctrine of giving to God so you can get back more.  Or the church following a modern business model of CEO/Pastor Leadership instead of being equal sibling servant peers like Jesus taught.  Or having male only leadership and treating women as second class citizens in the Church.  Any top down pyramid structure is NOT of God.  Yet for the sake of fellowship and unity many fall right in line and start goose stepping away as they follow the ways of man right to the bitter end.

Hollow and deceptive philosophies, human traditions, and basic principals of the world, these phrases perfectly describe much of what we call “Church” in this day and age.  Ton’s of “Christian” bookstores peddle and sell these things every single day.  People buy into this stuff hook, line and sinker all the time.  And when anyone begins to denounce and challenge these evil and seductive wares, they are quickly labeled a “heretic”.  The world’s system always seeks to protect itself at any and all cost…while Jesus and His true followers “turn the other cheek”.

What are we to do in an atmosphere such as this?  We are to “look after widows and orphans in their  distress and to keep ourselves from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27)  My friends most of the modern “church” is neck deep in the ways and philosophies of the world.  What they call Gospel is a self serving way of life that devours everything in its path, but we are supposed to deny ourselves take up our cross and follow Him daily.  Plus we are to “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!  Don’t fall in line and follow just because others have made that terrible mistake.  Be very careful of who and what you align yourself with.  We are called to be FREE in Christ.  So don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the methods and ways of the world just because it looks good from a distance.  Pray and examine everything!  There is still truth and love out there to be found.  True fellowship is also out there waiting for you to find it.  There are other “heretics” out there that love and follow Jesus and have avoided the world system.  But always remember, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Love and ……

Kirk Out !

P.s.  Jesus is the real thing, accept no substitutes. “A clean object can obstruct your vision as well as a dirty one.” Nee




There is a dangerous tyrant out there with a wicked
and deceitful heart.  This person has hurt, abused
and mistreated others many times for their own
personal satisfaction and gain.  Whenever challenged
concerning their actions and attitude, this person
retreats into a bunker and a place of total self protection.  Then
they just laugh at those holding them to account and
instead spread more propaganda.  They do this in order
to keep their life as it is.  They do this because
they refuse to change. Because they want to remain THE
RULER at any and all cost.

Am I talking about the Middle East here???  Absolutely not!
How about the the middle of our very own hearts and
lives folks.  Yes, it is time to look in the
proverbial mirror once again.  The truth is that we
ought to do so all the time.  That is “IF” we really desire what
Jesus wants of us, instead of what we want for ourselves.

The bible calls our hearts, “wicked and deceitful
above all things”. Only Jesus can begin to change
that, but we must also cooperate in order to make any
real progress.  Because even as christians we face choices
everyday and moment.  The big question being:  Are
we choosing to follow HIS heart for us, or are we
just simply being selfish and going our own way?

Yet many will still say, “Who have I ever hurt, abused
or mistreated?”…Okay, so there may not be actual
physical blood on your hands.  Jesus however basically
told us that, “If you thought it, you did it.”  Okay
then, so you did not use an actual weapon of mass
destruction ….., but what about the damage that
your tongue may have wreaked on the lives of others?
And by the way, Jesus also said, “If you did it to
others, you did it to ME too.”

Also, just how well do we respond to suggestion, let
alone correction that may lead to constructive change
and benefit to us and others?  Is our response really
any better in principle than that terrorist over in Syria, IRAQ or Pakistan?  When I looked in the mirror this morning before I sat down to write this I got really convicted and challenged. Because where it comes to my relationship with Jesus and others, many times I have been that type of tyrant in years past.  Defending myself and my ground at all cost, and arrogantly so.  Refusing the authority of THE LORD and the ministry of HIS church to speak change and life into this heart of mine.  Instead holding up in my personal defense bunker, resisting change and speaking out only self protective rhetoric.  Wanting to rule my own life instead of surrendering to THE RULER King Jesus.  You see, The Spirit and the flesh really are at war with each other and the battleground is our heart and mind.

All I can say is Jesus forgive me.  No more refusing
You.  No more merely negotiating treaties with You
that protect self interest, but instead true
unconditional surrender to Jesus The King and His

Like Walt Kelly said in the old POGO comic strip,
“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

P.s. I am so glad that I have allowed Jesus to change my heart and mind over the years.  When you are in Christ, EVERYTHING can change for the better.


Kirk To Enterprise, Kirk To Enterprise!


It amazes me how a television show like Star Trek could in small ways predict the future.  Isn’t it funny how the technology they used on that simple 1960’s space program is actually being used today in real life?  I mean now we have big flat screen television monitors like they used on the bridge of the Enterprise right in our living rooms.  Plus Doctors today can give us a complete diagnostic body scan just like Dr. McCoy did on the program.  And every time someone uses a cell phone I am reminded of the communicators they used on Star Trek, especially when it is a flip phone.  Communication was what made their missions successful on that show.  Their communicators gave them the edge against their alien foes and they used this tactical edge time and time again to further the cause of The United Federation Of Planets.  Advanced communication and other technology gave them an advantage over whoever they were pitted against.  They used their communicators to plot strategy and coordinate attacks and other plans.  For a crew to be successful in any endeavor we learned that they needed to be in constant communication with their senior officer.

I say all this to make a point.  Communication matters!  It is vital to success in our everyday lives and beyond.  The battles we face daily are better navigated when we are able to communicate in a clear and effective manner.  Our relationships with others are much smoother and productive when we are open and communicating effectively.  Poor communication equals poor results a vast majority of the time.

Now I want to speak about the most important type of communication in our lives.  To me it all begins and ends with PRAYER!  I know I need to be in constant communication with my Lord (THE SENIOR OFFICER of us all).  I need to be guided and led by The Spirit in all my interactions with others and in every detail of my life.  Because I know that when I am in rhythm with Jesus every other area of my life falls in line and it is only then that I begin to be successful in my daily and long term endeavors.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-22 puts it this way, ” Be joyful always; PRAY CONTINUALLY ; give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything.  Hold on to the good.  Avoid every kind of evil.”

We are supposed to be in constant communication with Jesus.  We all already are, but we just don’t recognize or take full advantage of it.  We need to always be tuning in to HIS frequency. Communication is a two way street.  It takes both listening and speaking.  I am certain that HE is listening to us and speaking to us all of the time.  All we have to do is cooperate by having an ongoing conversation with HIM. This is not a work of the flesh and it takes no Herculean effort on our part.  It is just a simple moment by moment surrender and a recognizing of HIS presence and voice in our lives.

“MY sheep hear my voice and obey.” (John 10)

Love and……

Kirk Out !