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It’s Really Not About The Book

December 8, 2019


“He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant – not of the letter but of The Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”  2 Corinthians 3: 6

Here we have it again:  The Spirit is superior to the letter.  We need The Holy Spirit to guide us, even guide us in how we approach and use the scriptures.

I am going to try and explain this as simply as I can.  I need The Spirit more than I need the bible.  Because the Spirit inspired what is written.  That means if I don’t have a bible The Spirit can still tell me anything I need to know in the bible.  The Spirit can even give me exact chapter and verse if need be.  When I have The Holy Spirit I have full and complete access to everything written in the bible.  The Spirit can bring to my heart and mind ANY passage that I need at ANY given time.  That means if I have The Spirit I also have the entire bible available to me at all times.  With the Spirit I lack nothing that the bible can supply.

However, If I only have the bible and not the Spirit I am lost.  Because you need the Holy Spirit to really fully understand and comprehend what is written.  It is the Spirit that gives the bible its life.  We need the Spirit to open the eyes of our understanding to the bible, without that Spiritual understanding….. the bible is just another lifeless book.

If one has to choose either The Spirit or the bible.  The Holy Spirit is the obvious choice.  If I have The Spirit I automatically have the bible also, but if I have a bible that does not guarantee that I have the Spirit too.  When left to our own human reasoning and understanding apart from the Spirit’s enlightenment we are very apt to misuse and misapply the written word to the detriment of all who may be involved in any given situation.  “Church” and cult history are full of such misled examples.

I am thankful that I do not have to choose between the Spirit and the bible.  However, it is very good to know that no one can ever really take the bible away from me.  Sure they can confiscate the book, but as long as I have The Holy Spirit I will also have the whole counsel of scripture available to me at any time.

Does this help explain why I always say that we need to be Spirit led and not bible led?  I value and treasure the bible.  I wear them out all the time.  It is never really about the book.  It is truly all about the Holy Spirit who gives life to the book.  The Truth needs to be written on our hearts and not merely on paper.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

p.s.  I Had 3 people call me a heretic or worse over my last blog post.  I just smile and continue to love them.



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  1. Very clear and very sound. Thank you for boldly stating these truths. It is only when we are stuck in our limited church view or personal view of the bible that we would call you a heretic. Anyone who is led by the Spirit and knows the importance of that leading is not going to disagree with you. If you are stuck in a denomination of any kind that holds its view and teaches its view, often as exclusively the truth, then you are putting the bible above God and making an idol of it and you are out of line with the Spirit. Why do you think your denomination’s teaching and interpretation has to be the right one and everyone else following the wrong one? That makes no sense and is incredibly arrogant.

    • Jem, you are very clear, bold and sound in your faith as well my brother. We need to pray for those still in bondage to the deception that the bible is THE word of God. That may be satan’s greatest lie and it has found deep roots in most “Churches” CHRIST HIMSELF IS THE WORD OF GOD and HE is NOT a mere book.

  2. This is a good post Christopher. Thanks for sharing. The Holy Spirit has continually brought me back to this truth. The Scriptures themselves testify that this is so. But for one reason or another so many Christians really, really struggle with this idea. It’s very offensive to them. Time and again they’ll say your undermining the Scriptures when nothing could be further from the truth. What you’re saying is what the Scriptures themselves say about the Scriptures! Ha! Anyway, God bless!

    Here’s what I wrote a while back about this very topic.

    • Thank you for that confirmation Kyle. Yeah, this topic can really freak people out. I don’t why. The truth is so simple to see.

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