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Authority, Where Is The Fruit?

December 28, 2017


Well, I am going to ramble a bit today.  So please bear with me?

Yeah “Authority” was a big deal to the Pharisees, Scribes and Teachers of the Law.

But not to Jesus,….  In its simplicity, it was
just an ordinary, matter of fact and real in a
non-over the top Spiritual kind of manner.

In fact does not the book read, “Submit to one another
out of reverence for Christ”?   Submitting is just a matter of recognizing and honoring the authority of Christ in one another.  It is not positional, it is relational in nature.

It is always supposed to be Mutual, relational, voluntary, peer based and not
required or forced at any time.

And yes, we do need these type of peers (sisters, brothers) in our
lives,for love, truth and balance.  Because we only have
ONE Father and we are all siblings!  Then there is the fallacy and
MANipulation of ANY “church” that allows for ANY human hierarchy.

We only have one King.  There is only one OVER us…Jesus!

When someone becomes more than a peer in your life you have
surrendered your Priesthood and damaged both your and the other’s faith
and life experience.

Frankly it is a sin to give in to such deception.  And such negatively
effects all of one’s life and relationships with GOD, family and all
persons, in the Body of Christ or not.

Have mercy Lord?

So what’s the deal with authority? (best Seinfeldesque voice)

“Man” with satan’s influence made it a deal, a REALLY BIG DEAL.  When God
always intended to keep it simple and relational and mutual.  Heck,
even GOD is mutual and relational in these matters… we can say no or yes at any time to HIM.

Oh well,

Here is something I got from the Lord once while praying and driving to
a totally open & free, Spirit led gathering with my family.  Please take it for a Spiritual
test drive and see how it hits your hearts and minds?

“Authority is not a force or something to be exerted.  It is not
imposed upon people.  It is rather like a vaccuum or a draw,
that people would be attracted to it and ask for its virtues
(input, wisdom, correction, whatever).  It would also draw out the best
(gifts, ect.) in people and would seek to always edify the seeker
and not the giver of “advice”.

Wow?  Attraction and not promotion!

If we would only surrender unto Jesus and one another so that HE
would simply flow forth from our lives instead of having to be
falsely MANufactured and presented instead of just lived out in a free & open manner.

Notice how Jesus did not go around telling people what to do?

No, HE walked in relationship with The Father and others and people
came up to HIM most of the time and asked, “What must I do to
be saved, ect.”  They approached HIM because HE went to them
and walked and lived where they were.  HE didn’t stay in a Temple or
Building waiting for folks to come to HIM at a specific service time.

HIS life was fragrant and desirable.  People wanted to actually
“Taste and see that HE IS good”.

Oh that it could be the same with those who supposedly identify with
HIS name here and now.  That people would see tasty, fragrant, lip smacking fruit
borne on the branches of our life in HIM, and eat freely.

But of course, true fruit is borne and it comes from simply living and
abiding in the true VINE that is Christ alone.  It tastes GOOD!

But wax false fruit is nasty, non-edible, non-nutritious, and
MANufactured… not borne… it is made in buildings and factories
at specific times with specific protocols and workers in specific
supervised places of so called authority.

Feast or famine?  It is your choice?

Love and….

Kirk Out !

Rather to squeeze out one little, tiny, edible grape than
MAKE and MANufacture a cornucopia of fake wax fruit.





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  1. I loved the comment, “His life was fragrant and desireable.” The Glory for me in watching His journey, during His time here on earth, was not anything He said verbally, it was that the drawing came from Him just “Being”. They flocked to Him over and over again without Him speaking even one word. They smelled His tantalizing fragrance and desired to know Him and so they gathered and followed Him like little puppy dogs who smelled a treat and refused to give up until they found out what that goodie was and where it was hidden, knowing all the time that it was for them and would be given unto them. He didn’t walk for authority sake, the authority was within Him as He submitted to His Father yet He yielded it not. Authority is submission. In our submission to Him, we HAVE authority. His definition of authority is different than that which religion thrives on, a “lording over another”. His definition is freedom.. By His Spirit, we are given authority over the sins within. How can that be defined as anything other than Freedom?

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