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Neither Heaven Nor Hell

December 26, 2017


“…..  They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.”  Acts 2: 46-47

We just finished having some totally sweet fellowship here in my home this afternoon.  My place was packed and we had some great participation from all who gathered here.  We ate shredded Italian beef, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cheesecake and snickerdoodles.  That sure beats a wafer and a thimble full of grape juice any day in my book.  We sang original songs to the Lord and were blessed with 3 guitars and 4 guitarists.  It was just a very awesome time together!

During our free and open, Spirit led conversation we touched on several topics including God’s unlimited patience with us, the difference between the wide and narrow gates and a bit on heaven and hell.  I shared about how heaven and hell have never been a big part of my personal theology. Jesus began speaking to me when I was a child and that was a topic I don’t remember ever coming up much at all.  I am not a follower of Jesus because I am afraid of hell or lured by heaven.  I follow Him simply because He is True and He loves me.  The Lord has used me numerous times to help lead others to Him, but I am happy to report that I have never used the threat of hell as leverage to win a single convert.  The promise of heaven is not something I use to coerce others towards the faith either.  All I do is speak is speak the truth in love and allow The Spirit to do His work.

I follow Jesus because He is real and He has proven Himself to me over and over again in this life. However, I do tell people of His grace and mercy and of the numerous times He has brought healing to me in many forms.  He was with me as a child holding me and comforting me as my earthly father raped and abused me.  As an adult He has helped through a maze of emotions these past 18 years dealing with the PTSD and horrific flashbacks caused by the childhood abuse.  When I was 24 He literally raised me from my deathbed completely healing me of degenerative kidney disease and having only 6 months to live without a transplant.  I know Him because I have experienced Him in a very real and authentic way.  My faith has come from hearing Him up close and personal and for this I am extremely thankful.

Please take time to ask yourself a simple question…. Why do I follow Jesus?  Spend some time on that and see what you come up with.  The answer might just surprise you.  Spend some quality time with Him and ask Him ANY questions that you can think of.  Have a conversation with Him and just see what happens.  I know that some Christians rarely approach Him in this manner, but I have been conversing with Jesus in this simple way for 51 years now and I have NEVER been disappointed with His answers.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !





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  1. "BK" permalink

    You covered a lot of beautiful ground here, Christopher. So excellent! The fellowship sounds so wonderful. And the ensuing discussion too! I feel like if we have to scare people with going to hell because of God’s anger then Jesus saves us from God ?????? I don’t think so. Not the God I know, anyway. Thanks for making my heart sing this evening. Love, “BK”

  2. tom ball permalink

    What a winsome testimony. Thank you for this overwhelmingly positive testimony.

  3. Sue permalink

    Beautiful verse. I recently copied a cool chalk version of that into a chalkboard and hung it in our kitchen. The devil thought that needed to be tested immediately…we were found wanting. We have worked out our issues THIS time after spending lots of conversation w Jesus about it. He showed us our faults and pointed us in a better focused direction. HIM! Go figure. Wanting to follow his merciful and loving ways are not always easy. But he has shown himself faithful once again by his guidance and care. Without him life is empty. I love him because he loves me.

    • Great testimony Sue! HIS Love is all powerful and draws our hearts close to HIM.

    • "BK" permalink

      Well said, Sue….”I love Him because He loves me”…..and everything else you said! Sometimes when it’s typed out in written word it all sounds SO SIMPLE…..and I guess it is, kind of. The struggle it can be to arrive to that simplicity (HIM! Go figure!) sometimes is lost. I think you expressed it so well. I believe that is part of THE testimony IS that we don’t always make it there at first and He is so faithful to adjust us, or however is the best way to say it. All this to say AMEN! Love, “BK”

      • Yes BK, I am SO thankful for all HIS “on the fly” adjustments on my daily life.

  4. Growing up in “religion” or whatever one chooses to call it, we were taught that if did this and didnt do that, you’d make “the Bride”. Honestly, I felt like I already was His bride.. and never really thought of the heaven or hell issue.
    I met the sweetest most loving little man in the complex we lived in. He loved Bro. Nee.. I think his name was… and had all of his little publications. Leonard would come over to our apt. And ask me to play my guitar and sing for him. As I began to sing, he would lay his head back onto the back of the couch, close his eyes and then hold this huge smile upon his face. Every single time I felt the power of His Spirit, spring up and completely cover, sweet Leonard.
    After singing his favorite, “Jesus, here I am again, on bended knee. Lord I’m not here, to ask you, for anything. I just want to praise, and say with my heart, how I love You, and thank you, for taking my part…..” several times, he’d say, “Talena, you take me to heaven everytime, thank you..” I’d tell him no Leonard, He takes to to heaven, I haven’t that power…
    Leonard loved to debate.. I love to share and recieve and there is a totally different Spirit when it comes to debating. He always wanted to debate Heaven and Hell.. I would nicely with love say… Leonard, I will not debate this.. Finally one day he was in a mood and pushed and pushed and finally I turned and said, “Leonard, I don’t give a shit if there is or isn’t a heaven because I do not serve my Lover for any other purpose except that HE IS WORTHY! And when I am in His presence, I am in Heaven.”
    Suffice it to say that I lost my friend for a little over a year. I’d see him tootin in little skooter, holler out to him n he’d turn his head and speed off..
    A little more than a year later.. I heard this voice yelling my name. I turned and it was Leonard.. he could not get to me fast enough. He grabbed me, had th brightest smile on his face as tears fell down his cheeks…. he said,
    “You were right all along.. He showed me that I was serving the idea of heaven Yes, hell, No.. and once I told Him I no longer cared that I just wanted to love Him, worship Him and let Him love me… I felt it… I felt His Spirit and I spoke in His language..”
    Less than a year later , Leonard passed away, suddenly, but the last thing he saisd to me was this. “Whether there be a heaven I go to or whether I do not, I care not because I am in heaven every moment I feel His Spirit.. just as you told it was so with you.”
    Thanks for bring to my mind this experience again. Christopher.. what gift it was.

    • What a wonderful story and testimony Talena. When will we all learn that “The only thing that matters id faith expressing itself through Love”?

  5. Sue heumann permalink

    Thx for that testimony How beautiful is the flow of the Spirit…. Encouraging words!✔️😘

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