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Turn Or Burn In Hell Forever?

August 4, 2017
                         “Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?”  Romans 2: 4
                         One day I saw a very disturbing video on facebook.  It was a street preacher threatening a crowd with hell and eternal torture and damnation if they did not repent of their various sins and follow Jesus.  This preacher when confronted by a young woman defended preaching hell as “THE biblical method” to reach those who had not yet fully surrendered to Christ.  He basically said that all Christians are supposed to preach hell and quote the Law in order to convict people of their sins before we ever offer them the freedom and saving grace of Jesus.
                         Now I know that many denominations and “churches” hold to doctrines that fully support preaching hell and eternal damnation as a precursor to sharing redemption through Christ alone.  Turn to Jesus or burn in hell is their primary message to those both in and out of the “church”.  They believe that the threat of going to hell to be tormented forever is the best motivation for someone to come to Jesus.  I wholeheartedly and forcefully disagree with their stance.
                         In my over 50 years of following Jesus I have helped to bring quite a few people to the saving grace of Christ Himself.  However, I have never used hell fire, or anything like it, as a threat or message to scare them into making a decision for Christ.  In fact I strongly declare that using hell or anything else negative as leverage to push people towards Christ is a total work of the flesh and not of the Holy Spirit at all!  It is nothing short of perverted manipulation.  God’s wrath is not a tool for true evangelism.
                         Friends, it is HIS kindness that leads us to repentance.  God is a God of tolerance and great patience.  Love is the greatest motivator any of us can ever have.  Fear of judgment and punishment should never be our message to those who are seeking His truth in love.  If you preach a Gospel of fear the fruit will just be more fear. (And there we have most of the “church” today)  The AWE (it should have never been translated as fear) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  If you desire folks to experience the AWE of the Lord then share with them His great love, truth, grace, mercy, and patience.  When I share Jesus with others I treat them with the same great love and care that HE has always shown me.  By His love they will know we are His disciples.  Never forget that His mercy triumphs over judgment EVERY SINGLE TIME.  We love God because He first loved us.  Because of that I am motivated by His great love to continually seek and serve Him.  I will not offer someone else anything less than what I have been freely given.  For everyone it starts and ends with Love.
                         Love and…..
Kirk Out !
                         The following is a link to an excellent Leslie Phillips song that compliments this blog:

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  1. Once again I apologize for the formatting of this blog post. WordPress would not allow me to publish it with proper paragraph breaks and spacing. However, I was able to add extreme indentations at the beginning of each new paragraph. Hopefully, that makes it easier to read.

  2. Yvonne prentice permalink

    Thank you so much for this piece. It is so good to have this message of the great live and kindness of GOD toward mankind. WELL said!

  3. Very true, and another great post! Keep it up…

  4. Winslow permalink

    Amen Brother!

    I have puzzled over the fact that prisoners in death camps such as Dachau and Auswitz went passively to their deaths. I’ve come to the conclusion that one cannot deal with horror on a continuous basis. The mind must compartmentalize one’s own death at the hands of others in order to not go mad.

    My point is that, once terrified of hell, it takes greater and greater details about hell’s torture and louder and louder preaching about it in order to keep the fear level high enough to be an effective deterrent to sin and to maintain allegiance (meaning giving money) to the “cause. “If all who believe in hell truly lived in its reality, we would all do as a few mothers have and kill our children while still young so they wouldn’t be “lost. “Belief in hell, if truly believed and its reality dwelt on, has to lead to madness.

    If one truly believes in hell, one would have to become a 24-hour street preacher-warning all of their impending doom otherwise, for the terror of humanity’s doom, we would go mad. But most hell-believers go through life seemingly oblivious to the fate of humanity and even their own loved ones. Though I do believe that this is the cause of many family rifts in which all family contacts are tainted with a “turn or burn” edge. My mother used to write letters of condemnation to her grandchildren, fearing for their salvation, but which only turned them away from her and from God. Only two of her eight grandchildren are even nominal Christians. The other six are atheists or immune to Christianity and even those two are very lackadaisical Christens.

    Additionally, if our God is so cruel and vindictive, then we become like that which we behold. I believe this is the root of evangelical Christianity’s intense support for capital and corporal punishment. Their god punishes sin in the absolutely most horrific way imaginable-eternal, never-ending fire-the worst possible pain. Killing a guilty person is kind in comparison.

    Belief in hell also is a very convenient way to feel superior. “He deserves to go to hell, but I have chosen Jesus, so I’ve made the right choice and am blessed for it.” It’s the ultimate insider game.



  5. Judy Baker permalink

    How could a God of love who hated the sacrifice of babes and children to the false god in the volcano in the Bible. He said it was something he had never even thought of and it was a detestable thing.
    The Lake of Fire means the final death. Anything thrown in it, will burn up and can not be retrieved ever.
    I will look up the scriptures. I have company coming over now so will get them later .

    • Welcome back Judy. It has been awhile. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for sharing your portion here today.

    • "BK" permalink

      Something interesting I noticed awhile back was in the book of Revelation AFTER everyone was supposed to have been burned up in the lake of fire and sent to final death we find them again, still roaming outside the city with the Spirit and Bride still calling to them, “Hey! Are you thirsty yet??? If you are come and drink!……”. Chapter 22, almost the last thing said. It is to this that the famous verse ‘if you change one word of this….’…..not a statement to the the translating of the Bible, but in context, changing the call of our Lord and His Bride to those who still don’t know Him……just a thought, “BK”

      • Thank you for sharing that thought here BK. Happy for your portion here as always.

  6. Such beautiful wisdom given so gently and respectfully. Big hug to you, Chris! Love your posts. (ps. still having to go for coffee to download my Yahoo mail. Don’t know why they taking so long to sort it.)

    • Jem, thank you for that affirmation and encouragement. Consider yourself hugged back!

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