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Time Alone With God

July 25, 2017


“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.”  Mark 1: 35

This is just one great example of the many numerous times that Jesus withdrew from the crowds in order to spend some time alone communicating with the Father.  Time alone with the Father is very, very important.  We all need to spend time with Father in order to relax and recharge our Spiritual batteries so that we can face life head on and energized to face whatever challenges that may lay ahead for us.  I cannot possibly emphasize this point strongly enough.  It is an utter absolute NEED to step back away from life and spend time alone with God.

These past few weeks I did exactly that and while I spent time alone with God HE met me exactly and precisely where I was Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  As I allowed Him to touch me in my most inward being HE blessed me with revelation knowledge that I severely needed to address the difficult problems I was facing in life.  Where I was bound up, HE set me free!  Where I was struggling HE gave me insight and strength. Where I was lost and seeking HE provided the Light necessary to lead me into total freedom.  In short HE led me away from busyness, crowds and concern; and into total peace and tranquility in Him.   Where I was overwhelmed HE took the heavy load from off my shoulders and granted me full and complete rest.

We all NEED precious quiet time with The Lord.  Far too often we allow the cares of life and the world around us to overburden us and weigh us down.  All the while HE is right there calling us to spend some time alone with Him.  Just because we are busy, it does not mean we are being productive.  We all NEED to relax, unplug and cozy up to the One who gives us life.  Every time we do so, He guarantees that we will be blessed and encouraged.  Think you don’t have time for such a thing?  Think again and please take every opportunity to withdraw and just BE with Him. Time spent with Him is time well spent.  Please yield to the Spirit in this and every other matter?

Love and……

Kirk Out !

P.s.   It really is all about BEING in Christ, instead of DOING even Godly things.  I feel Jesus is trying to teach us all something very important.  Will we respond and surrender, or just keep pressing forward without the rest HE says we all desperately need?






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  1. This is so true and SO VERY needed if one desires to be one with the Father. I spend a lot of time alone with our Father but It was only a few months ago, while in the midst of a time of deep pain n sorrow, that I recognized true rest and knew that I was there. It is in true rest that we find total peace and oneness with Him. No thoughts or cares, no pain, no sorrow, no “self” getting between us and Him.. just pure loving, one to another, Him and me. I realized that it has been in the midst of “rest”, were my deepest healing has come.

    • Beautiful Talena and so very true! Like I said before full unconditional surrender with zero self serving treaties.

  2. Do you have some keys to how you can become centred in Him in those times? I have time but so often my thoughts get scattered. I find the best time to talk to Him is when I’m walking. But I really want to hear Him and so often I don’t. Not sure if I’m missing something to get in that place.

    • Jem, to me it is about full unconditional surrender to HIM. Most people try to bargain with God and make treaties with Him rather than full core surrender. When you come before Him in full sincere brokeness denying self and exhalting Christ alone great stuff happens. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for your response, Chris. Sorry I was not able to reply sooner. The server at my accommodations seems to be very slow at the moment and I haven’t been able to access my Yahoo mail for a while. I have come out and found a good strong connection at a restaurant and am catching up again! Lol!
        “Unconditional surrender” is a bit scarey, but, yes, I see that it would be good. Not sure I am ready for that, but wish I was. Maybe that’s what the Lord is doing – getting me to a place where there’s no alternative. Though I’m not sure that He would do that because He is so very gracious and woos us endlessly rather than pushes us into a corner.

      • Jem, all any of us can do is listen for His voice and follow Him as best as we can. Yes He is gracious so we can do this with or without training wheels. Choose wisely my freind.

      • “Choose wisely” – oh dear. I’ve been walking to my fav restaurant so I can download my Yahoo mail which I can’t do from the backpackers any longer (something to do with the server there which hasn’t been fixed) and thinking as I walked, not very enthusiastically, that I am where I am as a result of choices – and I guess they must be bad and unwise choices for me to be in the position I am without work and soon without savings and then without accommodation. It’s one of those times one wishes one could go back and make some different choices.

      • I hear you Jem. Like they say all hindsight is 20/20. I just work on making the next right decision and so on… Praying for you!

  3. Thanks. I normally get your post thru Yahoo but it seems to be blocked today for some reason. Can you change me email to

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