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USA? No, Not Really

July 3, 2017


“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ,…” Philippians 3: 20

As I sit here and write this blog the fourth of July is nearly upon us here in the USA. July 4th is the day Americans celebrate the signing of the declaration that led to our independence from England. This is the day we watch or march in parades, salute the American flag, and enjoy massive, expensive fireworks displays.

To be totally honest I am not much of a patriot and never have been. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for the freedoms we enjoy here in the USA and I appreciate those who have died defending our country. Heck, when I was young I even served in the US army and received an honorable discharge. I have never been big on guns, but in basic training I was rated as an expert with the M-16 and was the top marksman in our company. However, my favorite memory of training at Fort Knox was that they were filming the movie comedy “Stripes” with Bill Murray while I was there. Our unit even got to march in the background in several scenes. That is as close as I ever got to being a movie star.

Back on topic…like I said I am not a patriot. In fact I feel that much of what we call patriotism borders on idolatry, especially in the USA. To many the love of country ranks equal or above the love of God. In many “churches” the love of country is completely intertwined with the love of God to the point it is nearly impossible to separate the two.

I am not anti-America, but I do claim that my sole citizenship is in heaven and not the USA. Because of this I personally refuse to say the pledge of allegiance to the US flag. I even hate to stand up when someone sings our national anthem. I refuse to find fault with those who do, but I do not understand the practice. My sole allegiance is to Jesus and I love and serve only Him and not a flag or a country.

I just feel that Jesus needs to be first and foremost in our lives. Plus the USA, in my opinion, is not the totally bright and righteous place that many claim it is. Our government and military has raped, killed, pillaged and burned with the worst of them. And I refuse to celebrate that fact. No country is God’s country, because the Lord does not play favorites. To somehow think that God is always on the side of the USA and that we are endorsed by Him to police and rule the rest of the world is just plain wrong and sinful. The USA is not now and has never been a “Christian” nation. We need to love, honor and serve Jesus and sometimes our country gets directly in the way of that. Anyway, those are my thoughts on Independence day.

Love and……

Kirk Out !




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  1. Brother Christopher,

    About five years ago, I came to a similar conclusion. I was standing in a military cemetery with some super-patriot friends, surrounded by hundreds of others in Tri-Cities area of Washington State. This is a military area, the place where the WW II atomic bombs were developed and where much of the nations atomic research was conducted-Hanford Nuclear Reservation. As a side note, this is the site most polluted with nuclear waste in the US.

    Anyway, these hundreds of people stood to put their hands to heart or head to salute the flag and say the pledge of allegiance.

    It suddenly occurred to me that if I pledged allegiance to the flag, I owed my allegiance to its country. Allegiance can’t be divided-we are either giving our complete support to our nation or to our Jesus. I didn’t salute nor did I say the pledge that day. I haven’t done it since, either, even though I’ve been at other ceremonies in which it was being said.

    It may seem a small thing, but, to me, a meaningful one. I do not know that it is a “requirement” of Christians not to salute or pledge, but if it is revealed within the spirit, then it becomes one.

    In these days of super-patriotism, it could become dangerous to say things like you are saying, so I appreciate your boldness in saying something I’ve believed but haven’t said aloud.

    As another side note, I wonder how many would say the pledge if they knew the pledge was written by a socialist. Francis Bellamy was a Baptist minister and a Christian Socialist who composed it in 1892. It was first published in the children’s magazine “Youth’s Companion” on Columbus Day of that year. It was published in order to instill in children a sense of nationalism and to sell flags to public schools. As a socialist, he originally planned to have the words “equality” and “fraternity” in the pledge but left them out because the school superintendent was not in favor of equality for women or former slaves. The rest of the story is quite interesting and reveals a great deal about our nation-its commercialism, its nationalism and how religion, politics and commercialism go hand in hand far too often. Read the article on for the full story.

    Pardon the digression, but it says a great deal about what we are really saying when we pledge allegiance to the United Stated of America.

    Blessings and thanks for your courage in stating this,


    • Win, thank you for your confirmation, encouragement and blessings. You are truly my brother.

  2. Sue heumann permalink

    Wow. Good thoughts to mull over, thx guys…..

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