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Here Comes That Heretic Word Again

May 24, 2017


Well, I am being accused of heresy again.  For the fifth time this decade the kind of things I post here on this blog have been brought into severe question.  I have been rebuked and told I need to stop “Bible bashing” and “leading people astray.”   Apparently I also have a “low” view of scripture and those who follow this blog are my “prey.”.  The main accusation is that I am “trying to encourage the ways of Christopher Kirk and not the Word of God” and I am the kind of person the book of Jude warns people about.  Read Jude if you get the chance?  Pretty heavy stuff in that little epistle.  This is almost exactly the same rebuke I have gotten four times before with very similar words and scripture usage.  So my attention is peaked.  Is this the standard rebuke template of the traditional/institutional “church” system?

I will admit that my view of scripture is not traditional or mainstream, but I think I have a very high view of scripture.  I just refuse to give it the same place as God Himself.  The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are at the top of my list on who to follow and I refuse to give the bible the position of the 4th part of what many call The Godhead.  After all it is The Spirit Who leads us into “all truth” and without The Spirit’s illumination of The Word it is all just dead letter.  In fact I read and use the bible all the time, but I won’t bow to it and give it the place of being a God in my life.  I encourage people to be Spirit led and not bible led, this is true, but I also admit that much of the time what the Spirit is leading us to do is read and follow the bible; especially the words of Christ Himself.

As far as leading people “astray” and those very same people being my “prey” goes…. I just don’t see it and neither do the people who I directly relate to, fellowship with, and who I am accountable to.  If anything I encourage people to break free from human leadership, including my own, and to be led by The Spirit in all things.  I don’t want people to follow me.  I want them to follow Jesus.  I don’t have any minions and no one has given me a red cent.  However, in following Jesus we will also begin to recognize that many of the teachings of traditional religion are not all that biblical and that we often times need to UNLEARN what we have been taught in order to truly follow HIM.  Taking into full account that human tradition nullifies The Word of God.  I have also read that UNLEARNING takes four times the work of learning in the first place.

I am not going to dig my heels in and defend myself concerning this matter beyond what little I have written here today.  I encourage everyone to QUESTION EVERYTHING, including every single thing I share here in my blog.  Some of you have questioned some of my posts in the comments section of these blogs and I appreciate being called to account.  In fact I love accountability.  So please feel free to interact, discuss and question anything I may say here in blogville or anywhere else.

So what do you think?  Am I a heretic?  Have I said anything I need to recant?  Do you know of any sin that I need to repent for?  Like I said, I know I color outside of the lines of traditional religion, but have I gone too far?  Do the warnings in the book of Jude currently apply to me?  All these things are up for discussion ALL of the time.  I really don’t mind being labeled a heretic by mere “men”, as long as Jesus does not view me in that manner.

Love and….

Kirk Out !

p.s.  Funny thing is that my accuser called me on the phone to deliver his message and he refused to give me his name.  All he said was that he was “a messenger of God”.  I tried to redial his number, but it was “restricted”.  So whoever you are, please be bold, upfront, and identify yourself if you want to be taken even remotely seriously.  People who speak for God don’t usually hide when they deliver their message.  Step up and share in public if your message is truly from God?  I think this was the exact same man that called me to rebuke me in March 2014 and December 2015 and he was saying all the same things over and over again.  In fact, as led by the Spirit, I am using the same response I gave in 2014 as a template for this blog post with very few changes or alterations.  This always seems to happen when I take a firm stand for women in the Body of Christ.  Some people are very insecure of their place in Christ and it seems they need to attack others who invite them to question their current beliefs in order to grow and mature concerning what exactly is the Truth in Love in these matters.









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  1. Stephanie permalink

    Kirk, I have found your perspective to be insightful and refreshing. I realized the failures of the church system just last summer, left the “church” briefly, but was sent back in by the LORD for a time to reveal Truth to the pastor about how the way the “church” does things that does not align with scripture, truths coming directly from the Holy Spirit’s leading. The LORD didn’t allow me to realize really what I was doing there until the end; I thought for a time that I could reform this church. It failed, of course, and the LORD pulled me out about 6 weeks ago via 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. My “family” there promptly rejected me. I’m in detox mode. Persecution from the “church” against the real Church is only going to increase, I’m afraid, but they are rejecting Christ’s Truth…we are just the conduits. Thank you for sharing, and I greatly appreciated your post on women. – Stephanie

    • Thank you so much for sharing Stephanie. The false “church” system will never change, that is why HIS people must come out from her. Systems can’t repent, only people can.

  2. Kevin permalink

    Honestly, I gladly wear the badge of heretic. It is a greatly misunderstood word that is used as a nuclear bomb by those who I believe are truly fearful of having their rigid beliefs challenged and possibly changed. Heresy can be a bad thing, but it can also be a good thing. Heresy doesn’t automatically mean “wrong teaching,” it’s just teaching that diverts from the accepted teaching of the masses. Well, we can see all throughout history that the masses are often wrong, and in extreme cases, thousands and tens of thousands of lives are lost, as a result; all in the name of God. Teaching that makes scripture the point is flat out unscriptural, and extremely dangerous, because it is typically interpreted by one man’s understanding, rather than collectively through the Spirit led body of Christ. Teaching that points people to Jesus and seeks guidance by His Spirit leads to life for all, but to quote Paul, “the letter kills.” This is the point of all of scripture.

  3. Judy Baker permalink

    I believe the Churches Temples or whatever they are called have left the Church Jesus started. It is a money making business for most. By preaching a sermon singing 2 songs prayer and tithes…. everyone is done till next week .
    Where is the joy of the Holy Spirit when you obey & follow Jesus in kindness love sharing with your neighbors friends family IF they are interested as Jesus did with a mild manner and interest in all people. We have bible discussions in our homes where we really get to know one another once a week. Also if all the churches were closed, its good to have a place to meet. Yes mainstream religion with ATM machines are how JESUS meant it to be .
    We start teaching our young ones early walking down the road riding in a car or whenever we have time ..according to their age. They raise their hand to answer easy questions or read a verse at our meetings. They enjoy it so much at home or the meetings.
    There is nothing wrong in your blogs Chris. It gets people to think about what the Bible really teaches. Every person is a free moral agent. The Bible teaches love honor respect. The world in general has more fighting bombing riots stealing killing innocent people that I dislike watching the news. It hurts my heart to see it. God hates violence. Teaching starts at home when we are young..get it in our hearts so we don’t turn aside later. Make it fun…follow JESUS’s teaching. He will send His Holy Spirit to help you in every way.

    • Judy Baker permalink

      Not was taken out in mainstream religion- Jesus would not like ATM Machines in our churches or religious gatherings. He overturned the merchant tables saying you are making the house of my father a house of commerce . John 2:16

    • Thank you for your affirmation of my mission Judy. Yes, most in modern day “churches” have left their first love who was Jesus. Time for many to repent and return to Christ and HIS teachings.

  4. Michael Brosnan permalink

    I personally don’t find your writings unbiblical or heretical. I don’t see anything in the Bible about the church being an organization, a business with a paid leader It had always been community worship. The church is the body of Believers not an organization or a building.
    Keep up the good word brother.

  5. Kevin permalink

    It occurred to me last evening that I am pretty sure that we are really quite afraid of the Holy Spirit. We prefer the safety of religious structure, where everything is predictable and manageable, and within our ability to control directions and outcomes. The Spirit, however, is entirely the opposite. Spirit will lead us into the unpredictable, the risky, the flat out dangerous at times. This notion scares us to death, so we cling to what we can control and shoot heretic bombs at anyone who challenges what makes us feel safe.

    • Kevin, that lines up perfectly with my personal quote the Spirit gave me years ago……………….”Most would rather endure comfortable bondage, than experience uneasy freedom.”

  6. "BK" permalink

    I was told last winter that God would judge me for my rebellion and heretical views and I would be dead by mid-April. My answer was I am willing to take my chances with God and let Him do as He will. Obviously I am still here to tell about it. I would just pray for the brother on the other end of the line and let the Spirit open his eyes when his day comes. Be at peace. If He wants you to see or speak differently He’ll make it clear, “BK”

    • Absolutely BK, thank you for sharing. When we see each other again in July we can throw a heretic party and rejoice in HIM together. I literally love this journey HE has me on and I even enjoy the bumps in the road along the way.

  7. Rich Chamberlin permalink

    Rest assured my friend your comments are very mild – holding out hope, rather than on all attack of the system, But clearly effective as they FEEL so threatened and thus lash out. So keep it up!

  8. Sue heumann permalink

    Not sure what happened to my post earlier, but I think you are giving too much time to those calling you a heretic! You have much mercy and grace….and it as always shown in your blogs..everyone is on a journey in diff places….we are not all going to agree. Thanks for the honesty , love and truth you give out!

    • Thank you for sharing Sue, you have spoken the Truth in LOve once again.

    • "BK" permalink

      I agree, Sue. Reminds me of an experience I once had. I was being accused of all sorts of heresy (like way back in the 70’s!) and I was spending alot of time answering the accusers and trying to explain myself. One day the Lord showed me building a wall up on a ladder. There were people below accusing this and that and I’d go down the ladder and explain things to them, or ask those around me if they thought the accusations were correct, then going back up and work on the wall till the next bunch came. After several times up and down the ladder the Lord spoke to me and said, “If you keep wasting time going down to address the accusers you’re NEVER going to get this wall built!” I’d forgotten all about this until I read your post. Love, “BK”

  9. Funny how those who throw around the word “heretic” have no idea what it means. Also funny how those who hold that the bible is “the authoritative, living Word of God” don’t heed its advice on religious hierarchy.

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