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Growing Up In Fellowship, Not Religion

May 14, 2017
                      “Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”  2 Timothy 2: 22
                      In less than 2 weeks my now 17 year old daughter, and baby of the family, Lydia graduates from High school.  Until this year she was deeply involved in our middle school’s Five Star program.  Five Star is a voluntary character building and equipping program that focuses on 5 key points.  Those important points are Respect, Responsibility, Sacrifice, Courage, and Integrity.   As a participant, Lydia was the only one out of 150 students to earn the Integrity award and she earned it for a record 3 times.  She excelled as a participant and now has become an excellent facilitator with the help of the Lord.  In fact she became their first head coach ever under the age of 21 and she served 2 years in that capacity.  The coordinator told me that Lydia was a very special and gifted child; and that she was excellent in supporting and serving her peers and students.  He also noted that she was adept in developing relationships.
                      None of this surprised me, but to hear such praise of my child did bring me great joy.   To me this totally affirmed the effectiveness of totally free & open, Spirit led relational fellowship.  All my children were born and raised totally outside of traditional/institutional “church” or religion.  My children did not grow up in Sunday school or youth group.  They grew up without sermons or conventional bible studies.  And guess what?  They turned out just fine.  I would say better than fine. Do they stumble at times?  Sure, but they sure love Jesus and allow Him to pick them back up every time.
                      All four of my children (ages 32, 28, 22, 17) grew up in totally open & free, Spirit led fellowship.  Their teacher has been The Holy Spirit teaching them directly or through Mom & Dad or the other followers of Jesus we have gathered with over the years.  To me the true test of any church style is the generational test or how well our children and grandchildren follow Jesus.  My children were raised to be free in Jesus and to follow The Spirit and no other Pastor or Leader.  They have not been programmed by the “church” system of Babylon.  They understand that every member of the Body is a gifted Priest before both man and God and I am so, so grateful for that.
                      Often the first question people wrestle with regarding leaving the traditional “church” for more relational fellowship is, “What will we do FOR the children?”  I say the much better question to ask is “What will we do WITH the children?”  True Church fellowship is about relationships and not programs or classes.  Both children and adults need deep intimate relationship with both God and their other family members in Christ to really ever grow up into maturity in Jesus.  This takes dialogue and interaction, face to face and heart to heart.  If we share the Truth in Love with one another instead of listening to preaching, teaching and other forms of monologue…we will grow up into HIM who is the Head…. as EACH part of the Body of Christ does its work.  Systems and programs, especially those that look only to recognized Pastors and Leaders for guidance and truth, will all eventually fail.
                       What we all need is relationship with Jesus and one another.  The institution of “church” can never really get you there.  It is impossible to make true, mature disciples, from a pulpit.  Sermons might give you some knowledge, but they cannot give you relationship with anyone; including Christ Himself.  However, when we share our entire lives with one another in a beautiful ongoing, life long, conversation we all learn and grow.  It is simple.  Live your life out loud in full view of Christ’s Body 24/7, giving your own life and love for the sake of others and you will become His disciple.  Don’t go to Church, BE the Church!  Be the family that He calls all of us to be.  Can’t be done in just an hour a week or with programs and sermons.  This one thing I know beyond the shadow of any doubt…It will cost you everything to follow Jesus and it will cost you everything if you don’t.  The choice is simple.  What will it be?  Living and active real relationships or old, dead religion?
                    Love and….
             Kirk Out !

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  1. Once again I need to apologize for the formatting of this post. WordPress would not allow me to publish it with proper paragraph breaks and spacing. However, I was able to make extreme indentations at the beginning of each new paragraph. Hopefully that will make it easier to read.

  2. Judy Baker permalink

    The results of all your children show how effective home church is ..may they keep sharing with others and being the example! Actions speak louder than words .. I hope those who have drawn away from Babylon …do practice worshipping teaching learning sharing with others at home and away .
    It’s from God , so He will bless it and it will grow.
    I would think the big time tv preachers would be gone with all their promiscuous behavior robbing the people blind so they an live in luxury the rest of their lives. Jesus never did anything like they do ! People have blinders on or just don’t care.. as long as they pay they feel they are doing their part …the rest is up to those crooked preachers following the Devil.

    • Thank you Judy, my children bless me and others all the time. You are right….many practice church/preaching/teaching/fund raising in ways Jesus never did and would not approve of now. Of note is that Jesus spent most of His time with just 12 people. A size group that fits perfectly in a homes livingroom.

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