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Being One In Spirit And Purpose

May 6, 2017


“If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from His love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in Spirit and purpose.”  Philippians 2: 1-2

Just how do these verses apply to you?  I, myself, find much encouragement from being united with Jesus, knowing that I am never alone in any situation.  There is also much great comfort to be found in His love.  Here once again we see that fellowship, deep, rich relationship, with the Spirit is extremely important.  Fellowship is much, much, more than just reading about Him in the bible.  It is experiencing Him in a abundance of ways in our everyday lives.  If we are truly in fellowship with the Spirit; He then grants us all the tenderness and compassion that we need to face every situation in our lives.  The Lord grants us all these attributes when we walk in deep, intimate, relationship with Him.  These are all blessings that come directly from His hand as we surrender to His will each moment of our lives.

The next part of this passage is usually more difficult to live up to.  Paul, as inspired by the Spirit, asks all of us to be like minded, have the same love, and to be one in Spirit and purpose.  If being like minded was easy there would not be such a plethora of denominations out there vying for our membership.  Having the same love implies that any favoritism in the Body of Christ is dead wrong.  Finally we need to be one in Spirit and purpose.  To me this says that we should be very careful about who we partner with in even the church.

In true fellowship there is mutual agreement in both Spirit and purpose.  There are some people and groups out there that by conviction of the Holy Spirit we should not partner with under most circumstances.  I cannot agree with any group that supports a Clergy/Laity division and that is most every group out there.  I can only come alongside those who really welcome and practice the priesthood of every believer.  Be careful!  Many groups and denominations give lip service to the Spiritual equality of all who believe, but in practice they fully support hierarchies of position, money, gender and power.  Again, be careful who you choose to partner with in the church.  I also cannot partner with any group that makes tithes and offerings in support of Clergy and buildings a priority.  Lastly and most importantly I find it difficult to partner with any church group or person that values doctrine over and above relationship.  If His love leads you into partnership with someone holding different beliefs than you do; it is always best to follow His love.  Of course always remembering that light has no fellowship with darkness.  If we can agree on who Jesus is, I can walk alongside you for as many seasons as He deems worthy.  There are times we are led to overlook many personal differences for the sake of Jesus and others.  For example, I have many friends that are Clergy.  I overlook their vocation and they overlook my radical insanity.  One on one this works great, but if they required that I attend one of their services I would never last more than a few minutes before I would need to either speak up or leave.  Believe me…I have done both, but that is a story for another day.

This is not my best blog post.  It is all over the place, but then again that is exactly where I am emotionally today.  I am only writing and sending it because HE told me to.  I hope someone gets something out of it.  I am once again reminded that it is NOT about me, but rather always about HIM.

Love and ……

Kirk Out !




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  1. Sue permalink

    This was good, too, Christopher. The Lord knows we all learn from each other in all seasons…..enjoyed your perspective. I haven’t ever seen that verse the way you showed me. The favoritism part made so much sense.

  2. Janet permalink

    I could tell. Praying for your emotional state

  3. Well, we’re on the same page brother, regarding the “I can’ts” Unfortunately for me, there are not fellowships in this god forsaken town where one might exercise one’s spiritual gifts or have the blessing of true Spirit led fellowship. All this begs the question…why do other cities and places have such groups of believers meeting in spirit led harmony and there are none here? As for the Internet…I’m about done with this, as I’ve never figured out a way to lay hands on someone for healing, ….or a hug, or just face to face. It’s just not cutiing it anymore.

    • I am glad to hear from you Scarlett. Many are praying for you so please don’t give up? I pray for you every day sister.

      • Thank you Christopher. I’m not giving up, as that’s not permissible. It’s just sometimes a tad depressing listening to stories and praise reports of joyous fellowships occuring in other places, and it makes me feel somewhat like a little kid on the outside of a candy store looking in. In any case dear brother, it may be best to pray for the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Hosts to overturn the work of Satan in this dark place.

      • I understand Scarlett and will be praying accordingly. Please know this…you are loved and appreciated by HIM and HIS beloved.

      • Your prayers may be bearing fruit Chris, as I was just sitting there on a bench by my Community Garden plot, when this woman comes by, and sat down and started chatting. Turned out she was spirit filled, and yes, she does go to churches, but there was something different about her. I went home with her and we had a good fellowship right then and there. Divine appointment? Without a doubt and more to come. God bless you for your prayers.

      • Wow! Thank is most excellent Scarlett. I will continue to pray.

  4. Yes, I will continue to pray as well. It was a false alarm. The next night this lady invited me to dinner, her treat. After dinner, the waiter handed me the check, I glanced at it, saw that it was only half of what it should have been, told her…she said no, laid only half the money, and no tip for the waiter. I hadn’t planned on having to pay for anything, only had a few dollars, but dug in my purse for a tip for the waiter, and planned to go back to the restaurant asap to make this right. Very confused at that point and anything I could have done, would have created a scene. Maybe I should have, but would probably had to walk home. And now am also trying to figure out how to avoid this woman…who, by the way, goes to all the churches in town…including SDA, but says, “Judge not”.

    • Wow Scarlett, how odd? I don’t know what else to say. Praying for you.

      • Actually Christopher…it just goes to point out some of the things we’ve both been teaching and talking about…how apostate the organized church system really is. In any case, the Lord exposed it early on. I’m a big girl and am moving on 🙂 Lord bless you…

      • True Scarlett. Bless you also.

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