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The Path Less Traveled

April 24, 2017


“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  Ephesians 5: 11

Someone recently commented here that we should not tell others when they are on the wrong path to Jesus and true Spiritual enlightenment.  Well, I disagree with that for the most part.  I think we should definitely warn folks when they are heading in bad directions.  This is much of what evangelism is…sharing the good news so that they can avoid where their bad news will eventually take them.

However, I also feel that everyone should be allowed their own personal journey to the truth in love.  Healthy Spirit led interactions along the way are also a part of that journey.  When we are Spirit led to interact and share the truth in love with others along the way it will bear much fruit.  This is not accomplished by setting up overbearing roadblocks, but rather by being an oasis or rest area that folks can visit and be refreshed by.  Some people call these divine appointments and I have no problem with using that terminology.

When we cross paths with one another along the way we should always interact and share conversation as the Lord leads.  Most often we are called to encourage others in their walk with the Lord Jesus, but sometimes we must also be willing to give healthy correction and rebuke….motivated by nothing else but sincere love.  We shouldn’t shout people down, but rather engage in life-giving conversations.  After all we are nothing more than fellow seekers and travelers on the same journey, but perhaps different pathways.

I don’t know about you, but when I am wrong I crave correction and I want to be pointed back in the right direction.  Then if I finally get to a God appointed rest stop along the way I want others to join me there.  Then to help them out will I not tell them about the potholes and detours to avoid on their journey?  To me rebuke is like telling other seekers where not to go, because we already made the mistake of going there once and found out that it was a very bad scene with negative consequences.  If I am off the God given trail I want others to call out to me and tell me I am going off track.  Is this not love?  Is this not Christ?

Yes we are all on a Spiritual journey, but if you see me wandering off in a bad direction please tell me so?  I feel we are all called as mutual sibling peers in Christ to encourage and rebuke one another along the way.  We should warn one another about faulty paths, mudslides and road blocks.  Not in a demeaning, better than you style; but with love and forthrightness.

This is why I warn people about the dangers of the Institutional/Traditional “church” system. Go down that road and you will be denied your full priesthood and be told to follow and honor “men” in false positions of so called authority. It will take your money and your hope.  The system can suck the very life out of you and leave you on a spiritual dung heap.  That is why I am not shy about denouncing that beast and offering the simple way of Christ as the grand alternative.

Love and ….

Kirk Out !






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  1. James Walton permalink

    Keep traveling along the road of the Pilgrim’s Progress. Speak the truth in love without compromising. Jesus is the (narrow) way, the (only) truth, and the (only real) life, it is only through Jesus that we become Father’s children. Pilgrim, journey on….don’t take your hand from the plow, don’t stray from the path.

  2. Judy Baker permalink

    Encouragement and upbuilding is necessary for all of us . We are all imperfect and the weight of this world and our everyday life can be tremendous at times. We need to share and encourage all we meet if possible. Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to guide us … we must listen and obey with love and kindness. Do unto others ……

  3. Sue heumann permalink

    ‘LIFE-GIVING CONVERSATIONS’ …… YES‼️‼️👏👏 much encouragement here. Thank, Christopher.

  4. "BK" permalink

    I just re-read this and enjoyed it as much as the first time! Indeed, I agree with you, if one feels a word of correction or rebuke can help me then please speak it! (or if it is vice versa then give me grace to speak in love….even when sometimes it hits like a ton of bricks or hurts like lancing a boil). Sometimes when Ken is the one who corrects I’ll let him know I don’t like it and then follow up with ‘but don’t worry, that’s just my pride reacting!’ When we are free in our relationships to be real then we also realize when we speak or are spoken to in correction the final say of ‘yay or nay’ is the Spirit within us that says, “Uhhhhhh, you might step back from that” or “Yep, that’s Me. Pay attention.” We can walk in peace when we listen for the Spirit and allow others that freedom too. Good words, Christopher. Not sure if mine make any sense but I tried :-p Love, “BK”

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