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Do Blogs Bear Fruit? 2017 Update

April 4, 2017


“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  Proverbs 19: 21

When I began this whole blogging adventure almost six years ago I was pretty certain that the Lord was guiding me and that HE would bless my efforts.  Back then I didn’t fully understand what that blessing would look like, but looking back today I can clearly see that His hand was upon this odd endeavor right from the very beginning.  Jesus clearly told me right up front that all I ever have to do is to surrender to His Spirit’s leading day by day and simply write what I lived and what He laid on my heart and mind in the process of life.  So that is exactly what I have done.  In doing so I have shared about my walk with Jesus since He appeared to me at the age of four to hold and comfort me while my earthly father was abusing me.  What I share here is a mixture of testimony and simple exhortation about how Christ has been with me every single day through both struggles and triumphs.  I have shared at great length about enduring and eventually overcoming horrific PTSD flashbacks of childhood rapes and sexual, physical, emotional and verbal abuse.  I have also used this blog to process and recover from the effects of a very difficult divorce after a 30 year marriage that died due to the fallout from living with PTSD for 16 years.  I have also shared my experience, strength and hope that have come from walking 41 years in simple, relational, organic home churches.

By far the most exciting and rewarding results from my blogging experience have been when God has used this blog to bring folks into a full and active relationship with Jesus and His Body.  For example in late 2015 I was contacted by “Tina” a former teen client of mine from over 17 years ago.  She stumbled upon my blog site  and after reading a dozen or more of my blog offerings she felt compelled to call me hoping I was the same Christopher Kirk that was her addictions counselor all those years ago.  She told me she has been drug free for more than 12 years, but also that she has struggled with binge drinking occasionally over the past ten years.  I freely offered her counsel and support and 30 minutes later she was praying with me to fully surrender her life to Christ.  She told me she wanted the Jesus she found in my blog posts and not the “Jesus” that “churches” have tried to force down her throat for many years.  Her hearts desire is for relationship WITH Christ and NOT religion with little to no Christ at all.  She told me that she “rejects the comfortable bondage of religion and embraces the uneasy freedom found in Christ alone.”

Please pray for “Tina”?  She is a single Mom of three children and she is in need of authentic love, nurture and fellowship in her area.  She lives just under 2 hours from here, but I hope to visit her again in the near future.  If I recall correctly “Tina” is one of the 24 persons to come to Christ due in part to the influence of this blog.  To me there is no denying that the Lord is blessing this blog site and causing it to grow in more ways than one.

In the past several days at least a dozen people have reached out to encourage and thank me for my offerings here on this blog site.  I want to thank everyone who reads and, better yet, participates in my postings here.  To me there is a real sense of growth and community here.  I just love that Jesus has blessed many of us to go the extra mile to actually connect face to face with those we have met here.  People are coming to Jesus, being set free from institutional Christianity and developing real relationships with Christ and one another because of this site. Knowing that provides me with all the motivation I need to continue moving forward on this pathway that Jesus has set before me.

On another positive note over 15 relationship based house churches have begun around the world due to interaction with me and the simple words I write here online.  Just this week a brother from Pakistan contacted me telling me that he has been translating my blog posts into his native language and that several fellowships there are using what I write to inspire interaction and participation in their gatherings.  Over the past 2 years the same can be said about simple fellowships that have begun in Kenya, Indonesia and Uganda.  This brings tears of pure joy to my eyes and warms my heart greatly.  The total simplicity of what has occurred boggles the mind.  People, all we need to do is share what The Holy Spirit lays on our hearts while attempting to live a transparent and authentic life.  If we do these entirely simple things miracles happen my friends.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

Update:  I spoke with “Tina” today and she is coming here for fellowship later this month.  In the past 2 years I Have been able to visit her several times and have helped her to connect with 3 other families that live within 20 minutes of her.  They all have been having totally free and open, Spirit led, organic home fellowship every other week for the last 19 months.  It is utterly amazing what Jesus can do with our lives if we just simply surrender to His leading moment by moment.








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  1. Excellent, Christopher, Blessings to you and praise to the Father for His grace, mercy and power. Thanks for being open and honest, the church could certainly use more transparency from its leaders…paving the way for those in the church to feel safe enough to really get help for the issues that face them daily. Keep up the good work man.

    • Thank you Steve. I say if you can’t be honest, you can’t be anything. The more we reveal our real selves to HIM and one another…the greater the blessings flow. Transparency rocks!

  2. Dear Brother,

    It is wonderful what God has done through you for bringing people into fellowship with Himself. But there is also another whole layer of blessing which you didn’t mention. That layer is blessing the Body of Christ and the individuals which make up the Body. I am one of these. Your blog didn’t bring me into fellowship with Jesus, that lot fell to others. But you have given me insight, corrected thinking, clarified some things and helped in times of temptation.

    Your posts are larger and bless more than your latest post indicates and, I am sure, it is because of that relationship which you hold with Him. Thank you.


    • Win, Wow! YOU bless me sooooo much brother. Relationship is what it’s all about my friend.

  3. Sue heumann permalink

    Christopher, I agree w Winslow. The blessing is greater…u encourage me greatly as we are in the weird stage of no IC church, but not true home church either…..waiting and trusting stage includes learning and growing in this special time w inputs like yours to hold us up on our journey.

    • Thank you Sue and know this…you are a constant source of encouragement to me. That’s the way the BODY works..we bless each other and grow together in CHrist.

  4. Judy Baker permalink

    So glad to hear of the blessings from your blog. The increase of home churches and changed lives ..shows the strength and power of God’s word to those who are searching. Jesus is the way and the truth. and the life. John 14:6 forever … there is no other way except through him.
    Wishing you the best always in your walk with the Lord.

  5. tom ball permalink

    The kind of home church about which Chris blogs and advocates is without doubt one of the powerful ways the Holy Spirit draws people to Jesus. By their fruit ye shall know them 🙂

  6. "BK" permalink

    This bears repeating! “The kind of home church about which Chris blogs and advocates is without doubt one of the powerful ways the Holy Spirit draws people to Jesus. By their fruit ye shall know them 🙂” Amen and amen! Love, “BK”

  7. "BK" permalink

    This is a test to see if quirks are worked out and the blog is working good again! Hugz, “BK”

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