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Every Step Of The Way….

March 21, 2017


“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles.  The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all….”  Psalm 34: 17-19

Today I just want to encourage any of you who might be struggling at this point in your life.  I have many friends who are now up against the wall financially and others who desperately need to find solid work to support their families.  I also know several folks who are struggling with PTSD, in its various stages, due to childhood sexual abuse like I endured.  There are others I know that are battling depression, anxiety, or serious physical ailments.  I am lifting all you friends up in prayer today with hopes of Godly intervention in your lives.

When we cry out Jesus hears us and He then eventually delivers us from our troubles.  Sometimes it does not seem like He hears us because our problems continue and our deliverance seems far off, but I have come to believe that His response is immediate.  When He hears our initial cry the wheels of His deliverance are set in motion and in His time we begin our healing in increments.

My healing and deliverance from PTSD and associated depression is still in progress.  For over 18 years Jesus has been working within me and for me, in order to bring me to peace and total healing.  As of today I have not had a full blown PTSD flashback episode in over 43 months.  My road to wholeness has had many twists and turns, but along the way He has used my life to bring healing and wholeness to many others in need.  In my numerous psychiatric hospitalizations I have encountered many dear souls in need of Jesus, and HE used me on at least 14 occasions to lead other patients to Him for the very first time.  It seems that Jesus used me and my journey to significantly impact the lives of many others who were suffering with their very own troubles.  In other words… it was God’s will that I suffered in order to bring deep healing to others.  If I did not suffer from my particular affliction I never would have encountered these other folks that were deeply in need of Him.   Jesus did not cause me to have PTSD, but He certainly did use it.  And because of it I am a far better person today, than I was 18 years ago.  Today I totally understand the great value of empathy, brokenness, humility and compassion like never before.

Jesus has always been with me holding me close and continually healing my broken heart and crushed spirit.  I have had MANY troubles in my life, but He has always delivered me even when I did not fully understand what was going on.  Now I understand that He has always been in control and my route to healing and wholeness had been according to His plan all along.

So I appeal to anyone out there who is struggling or in the midst of trouble…Please do not give up!  God is for you and not against you and He is now holding you in the very palm of His hand. Do not worry about tomorrow and understand that He IS healing and delivering you TODAY.   Sometimes He needs to bring us through some very deep shit and difficult situations to bring about our ultimate healing.  Life in Christ is not all sunshine and giggles.  Sometimes we need to go through very dark and difficult times.  Many times it is extremely hard to believe and continue to walk forward because of our current circumstances.  Pain and suffering are part of life and living with an affliction can be very complicated, but know this….. Jesus understands and is with us every step of the way.  At least this has been my experience and truth.

Love and……

Kirk Out !






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  1. Ruth sapp permalink


  2. Sue heumann permalink

    You are a true blessing, Christopher. Your heart surely has been enlarged for Jesus through it all. You’ve encouraged me though my trials seem small in comparison. However, they are real, never less. Jesus knows and His spirit is teaching me thru it all, via you a lot! Thx, Christopher, for your heart on these pages.

    • You are truly Sue The Encourager! You have many gifts to share with Him and others. Once again you have blessed my socks off. Thank you sister!

  3. Sue heumann permalink

    Just being real…and truthful as I see it!👍👏🙏

  4. tom ball permalink

    A key point in Chris’ post, I believe, is that God did not cause the abuse perpetrated on Chris, nor did God cause his subsequent PTSD. However, God most assuredly use both. That’s what He does. He will use what we bring Him, whatever that may be, to advance the Kingdom. If pain and suffering are what’s on our pate, then that’s what we bring to God. If we let Him, God will spin that straw into Kingdom gold. Satan and his minions will do their worst to us, of that we can be sure . Just as Satan did his worst to Jesus. Yet, that is precisely what God used to effect our salvation. God redeems our suffering, if we allow Him to. Though challenging , it behooves us to look for God at work in and through our suffering. For he surely is.

    • Thanks for sharing Tom. It took me a decade to finally see this from Christ’s perspective and not my own. It’s life changer for sure.

  5. "BK" permalink

    This is right up the alley of what we have been talking about at Chris & Michelle’s last night and off & on today here in Amarillo. Confirmation and encouraging! Love, “BK”

    • Groovy BK! I just love the amazing way that the Spirit of Christ moves and confirms within HIS Body.

  6. Judy Baker permalink

    Love this ❤️ Yes I understand what you are saying.
    Lessons learned the hard way are never forgotten.
    Especially when we are weak and seek God’s advice and help , HE IS STRONGEST …because we know He is the only way…through His Loving Son and Holy Spirit . May we continue to grow and share and learn … encouraging all the more as the end draws close.

  7. David permalink

    Chris, I concur with what Tom Ball said, God is not the author of sickness and disease. I wish to say here that I’m not being critical of you but wanting to cheer you on into your true identity. The death,burial and ressurection into new life is made available to all who call upon the name of Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Jesus came not only for salvation but to restore that what was lost which was our true identity,created purpose and value. If we put off the old and are renewed in the knowledege of our true identity then old things pass away. I feel that sometimes you give a runway for that plane of PTSD to land too often. Maybe if you take away the runway that plane can no longer land. With your single eye the whole body,mind,soul and spirit is illuminated to see in focus the Lord Jesus as the truth of who you are. Not meaning to sound harsh Brother just encouraging you in what is true about you this day. This particular post sounded like a victim of the ways that seem right to man, but lead to death. We humans have a way of rehearsing alot of negative thoughts and feelings that serve nothing. I love reading about your Life experiences in Christ where people can see Christ in you,you have touched many lives. Please continue to share those and Thanks for stopping to see me…..Your Brother in Christ

    • I receive that as encouragement David, but Tom Ball agreed with me and I agreed with him. The runway is closed, but even when it was open Jesus used my affliction to HIS greater glory. My past is my past and I will be honest about it for the sake of truth and the benefit of others.

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