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Justice Is Required

March 17, 2017


“…… and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”  Micah 6: 8

Thank God that Jesus came here and fulfilled all of these requirements for us.  Jesus was all about justice, kindness and He did walk humbly with the Father.  However, I still believe that God desires us to walk in His ways and now that He has given us His Spirit it is now more than possible.

I find it interesting that we are called to DO justice, that means we are to actively walk in justice.  We get to administer justice to those who need it now.  Our lives should always touch the lives of others and provide justice for them in real and tangible ways.  That means we are called to level out the scales and make sure that others are treated just and fairly.  We should be out there on the front lines advocating for those who need to be treated fairly by society and those around them.  When we see injustice in action we should always pray and then intervene as the Spirit leads us.  I have seen this work in my life when I have jumped into the fray when I have witnessed people being bullied.

Once at Disney World we were getting ready to watch the parade and fireworks,  My Mom was in a wheelchair so we were in an area designated for the handicapped.  There was another area right next to us for the handicapped too, but some people were there who were obviously not disabled.  Other elderly folks in wheelchairs were trying to get the healthy people to move, but they refused and instead started cursing the elderly folks, telling them to “F#@% off”.  I felt the Spirit’s leading so I told my children to find a park employee and I leaped over the roped off section and landed face to face and right in front of the huge chief bully who continued to spout obscenities.  I told this guy to move out of the handicapped section and he refused.  Then I said to him, “Either move or be moved in Jesus Name!”  Right then he agreed to move and apologized to me and the elderly couple.  The park employee showed up a few minutes later and we told her what had transpired.  She thanked me for stepping into the situation and then we all watched the fireworks and parade.  On that night justice was served.

We are also required to “love kindness” and sometimes justice and kindness go hand in hand. Stepping up to confront the bully was a way of being kind to those being bullied.  However, most of the time kindness involves being gentle and compassionate.  To act kindly to those in need is to give them a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.  Better yet, is to equip them to face the obstacles they are encountering.  Like giving food to the hungry or water to those who thirst.  Acts of kindness make the world a better place to live in, so I always make the effort to be kind towards everyone I encounter along the way.

Finally, we are to “walk humbly” WITH our God.  Notice we are not walking in front of God or behind Him, but rather WITH Him.  To me this speaks of keeping in step with The Spirit at all times.  HE is our guide and out of humility we should surrender to walking in step with Him. However, true humility is to totally bow down before Him and surrender our will.  I did a word study many years ago and was surprised to discover that one of the very root words of humble was “to be bold”.  True humility involves going boldly before His throne and then bowing down to whatever leading The Lord gives you.  Then of course we should lift our heads up high as we perform whatever actions He leads us to endeavor.  Our confidence should always be in Him as we boldly go wherever He may take us to do His will.  We are ALL called to be His instruments of justice and kindness in this seemingly lost and fallen world.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !






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  1. We need to define “justice.” Is justice simply standing up for the oppressed or does it also include the punishment/correction of the oppressors?

    • Steve, it is always number 1 and sometimes number 2 IMHO. Thanks for sharing.

      • I agree with your reply from the perspective of you and I, it is always my responsibility to stand up for the oppressed, but not always my job to deal with the oppressor. Let me ask another question (as Jesus was wont to do). Is it justice to set a up a “victim’s restitution fund,” and let the perpetrator go free without any consequence (or not even to make an effort to find and deal with the perpetrator) so long as the victim receives some sort of compensative justice, peace or counseling? In other words, does justice only deal with the positive support of the victim or does it also, of necessity, require the negative consequences to the perpetrator (which would be positive if they are corrective in nature)?

      • Good question Steve. I need to pray and mull it over before responding.

  2. Sue heumann permalink

    I see boldness in humility because of love ….. It happens when we really want to see people being cared for and loved….that love is from God. How beautiful are the feet of them that bring this good news! Let Jesus’ love lead the way!

  3. Judy Baker permalink

    It says in the Bible – Let the stealer (or criminal) steal no more but repay ( work and repay the victim) . This is in my words as I am not home. It’s much better than going than to jail or prison… when reasonable of course. Many have learned great lessons from this in Bible days.

  4. Dan permalink

    “Walk humbly (low) with your God.” Walking with God, hand clasped in His, we find ourselves walking low by necessity, because He is walking low.

  5. Dan permalink

    What does He seek out in us? That we would walk hand in hand with God, going low together, bringing justice to the oppressed from a lowly servant stance and not from a high haughty one, and sowing acts of kindness from the same position. Micah 6:8

  6. Sue heumann permalink

    Great thoughts, Dan…walking w Him we are coming from his perspective.

    • And seeing things from the right perspective is very important Sue.

      • Kirk, I hope I’m not getting too often topic here but I would like your perspective on the following rather long comment I found on my local Face Book page today which was apparently a quote taken from “Watchman Lee”. As for me, I can’t swallow it, in that the context was from a local church here. First of all, this “church” has failed to correctly define what church is supposed to be. Your post talked about bullying. You know some “churches” bully people into doing things because they are in “authority”. Well, this one seems rather coercive in a covert sort of way with an ulterior motive intended….as follows:
        “Delegated Authority
        In this universe, only God is the direct authority to man. Other than God, all authorities are delegated. The parents represent God as the children’s authority, and the husbands represent God as the wives’ authority. The civil officers represent God as the citizens’ authority, and even the teachers in the schools, the managers in the offices, and the policemen on the streets are all delegated authorities. The elders in the church also represent God as authority. Today while living on earth, seldom do we live under God’s direct authority. Almost all the authorities that we submit to are delegated authorities. Please understand that to say that the church should have no authority amounts to saying that there should not be delegated authorities in the universe. But if this were the case, it would amount to the universe having no authority at all. The reason for this is that there are not many cases where God acts directly as authority. In almost all circumstances, God’s authority is delegated.

        I would like the brothers and sisters to know that it is easy today for man to submit to God’s direct authority, but it is not easy to submit to the delegated authority God has appointed. The reason for this is that you may not consider the delegated authority better or stronger than you are. Right here, however, is the lesson you have to learn. The question is whether or not a certain one is a delegated authority in the universe. When you come to a local church, the elders there may not have been saved as long ago as you were. They may not be as spiritual as you are, and may not have received as much education as you have received, or be as capable as you are. But when you are there, you have to accept that delegated authority and submit to it.

        Witness Lee”

      • Scarlett, What an awful way to justify mere “men” having authority over others in the church. I am not buying it and I reject it in Jesus Name. I understand the need for civil authorities in society, but using this tact to extend authority to mere “men” in the “church” goes against the teachings of Jesus. Because according to Jesus God has all authority and we are all equal sibling peers in the Body of Christ. I feel that whoever the Holy Spirit is moving and speaking thru in any given moment has authority in that moment, but nobody possesses authority all of the time. Does this help Scarlett?

      • Yes Kirk and it’s yet another confirmation about the sorry state the church is in. Breaks my heart, and more…to think of those who are going to be browbeaten into submitting to this nonsense. I have seen so much abuse in churches under the banner of (assumed) authority it truly disgusts me.
        Thank you dear brother for responding to my comment.
        Keep preaching the truth as you do so well.

      • Thank you Scarlett you are more than kind. We need to pray for Godly intervention in that thing that calls itself “Church”.

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