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Just Washing Clothes?

March 7, 2017


“The jailer called for lights, rushed in and fell trembling before Paul and Silas.  He then brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”  Acts 16:29-31

For me last Thursday was laundry day after a long fellowship vacation.  So I got my dirty clothes together and went to the laundrymat.  While I was there I ran into a former co-worker that I had not seen in many years.  During our conversation we caught each other up concerning our current employment and how our families were doing.  We were both surprised at how our children had grown and matured.  Then all of a sudden in the middle of our conversation WHAM JESUS WAS THERE and I was leading her to The Lord.  It was totally casual and nothing was forced.  We had just been talking about how I was coping with my PTSD.  She was there eighteen years ago when I had my first PTSD episode at work and I crawled under my desk, screamed, cried and assumed the fetal position.  She saw how well I was getting along now and she directly asked me what seemed to be working for me.  The answer to that question was Jesus, The Body of Christ, and a new treatment called EMDR.  She is a therapist too, so she actually knew about EMDR, but she asked for more information about how Jesus was helping me.  I spoke of His love, grace, mercy and healing and she responded by asking me how she could experience such things in her life.  We prayed together right there and she let Jesus invade her very being. Immediately she also began praying in tongues and was filled with The Spirit.  All of this happened without any coaching.  I am telling you it was just another awesome flow of His Holy Spirit there that day.

After the initial rush of The Spirit we continued to talk and she told me how she had been watching me during the seven years we had worked in the same counseling center.  She knew I was a believer and an excellent counselor, but noticed that I never tried to push Jesus on anyone at work. She had tried various “churches” over the years, but they never felt “right” to her.  I told her that was because many churches don’t have it right because their focus is on their leaders and things other than the simplicity of Christ and the relationships that flow out of experiencing Him together. Most “churches” focus on programs and the external and works.  While Jesus focuses on relationship, our hearts and the completed work of the cross.

Our time together was cut short because she had to get her client back to his place.  However, we exchanged phone numbers and she definitely wants to talk more.  She asked what church I went to and I told her that I don’t go to church, but I do simply meet with other followers of Jesus in homes. She seemed interested so I told her we would talk about that at another time.  We hugged and off she went.  If you get a chance please remember Dianne in your prayers this week because I think she is at the beginning of a new and grand journey.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

P.s.  This meeting happened two years ago and I re-post it here because we bumped into each other again last weekend.  She called me several times during the past 2 years and she reports that she is still following Jesus, but has run into much trouble and confusion trying to find a “church” to belong to.  Every single place she has visited has felt very wrong in her Spirit and she discerned that these places all focused on manipulation and control instead of freedom and true fellowship.  So now she really wants to visit one of the home fellowships I relate to.  I told her it would be a joy to fellowship in Christ with her.  Dianne then said, “I guess I just had to find out about the traditional “church” the hard way.”  We both then laughed and embraced.  Please pray for Dianne as she seeks to follow Jesus and discover true fellowship?   She lives about an hour’s drive from here or other hc’s in our network.

P.s.s.  Please pray for John Boy from our fellowship here in Sturgis?  He had a heart attack Sunday night and they discovered that 3 of his major heart arteries were 80% blocked.  The Dr’s are deciding whether to try stents or going ahead with triple bypass surgery.








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  1. Judy Baker permalink

    Praying for Diane and man in your home church Drs make the right decision & are led by Jesus.
    You have met a lot of people in your work and traveling…and have good results in leading them to Jesus. I pray they continue to grow in knowledge and spirit and lead others to Christ !
    Have a spirit filled day !!

    • Judy Baker permalink

      John Boy !!

    • Thank you so much Judy. I always pray for Jesus to lead me to hearts that are ready to receive Him and I also pray that those I help lead to Christ will also lead others to HIM.

  2. Dan permalink

    Jealous with a godly jealousy for that kind of fruit again. Happy for Dianne and praying for her and John Boy…and you.

    • Dan, it is a good thing indeed to desire that type of fruit and blessing in our lives. The fields are definitely ripe and ready for harvest. It is time for the Body of Christ to really step up and surrender to HIS call.

  3. Sue heumann permalink

    Washing clothes and washing hearts is the title change. Beautiful. Interesting to hear she couldn’t find a true church either. Praying for Dianne! …and your friend…..sorry for the hardship but I also know u r coming alongside him here.

    • Thanks for all your prayers Sue, and also for following this blog. You are my precious sister and I love you.

  4. Sue heumann permalink

    Christopher… is a blessing to my LIFE.

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