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More Than Just The Twelve

February 19, 2017


Jesus said:

“All this I have spoken while still with you.  But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.  John 14: 25-26

This will be real short today, but very important.  The 12 were very vital to the early church because of the amount of time they actually spent with Jesus before His crucifixion.  They had first hand knowledge of the life and teachings of The Lord.

However, I feel the Holy Spirit was a total game changer.  Before The Spirit was given only the 12 knew all the facts and knowledge about Jesus and His teachings.  But when the Great Teacher The Holy Spirit came upon and filled followers of Christ; the 12 were no longer extra-special.  All that they had been taught and experienced via Jesus was now made freely available for everyone by The Holy Spirit.  That equals first hand direct Spiritual knowledge and wisdom in my book.

You either believe and confirm that The Spirit could teach everyone ALL things or you limit His power to the 12 special ones. I boldly say that EVERYTHING in all creation, all knowledge, all wisdom, and all power is fully and freely available to ANYONE who follows Jesus.

The Holy Spirit teaches us ALL THINGS.  Nothing at all is hidden or secret and only available to a select few in the Body. Christ died for all and The Holy Spirit teaches all those who seek Him.  It is supposed to be the Priesthood of ALL believers and not just a select few.  However, the vast majority in the traditional/institutional “church” do not operate in their priesthood and instead depend upon Pastors to nourish them and provide all teaching and ministry.  That is an extremely sad fact my friends.  Because every child of God can be thoroughly equipped to lead and serve if they would just yield to the Spirit’s guidance and turn away from the teachings of mere men.   It just could not be any more simple, if we are all priests before both God and “men”…. we should all step out in faith and use our God given gifts to change the world together.  If Holy Spirit empowered, every member ministry was the norm instead of the exception.. we could be turning this world upside down to benefit everyone around us.  That my friends would be a glorious Church indeed, but it will never happen where folks sit passive in the “pews” with full spiritual dependence upon one “special” Pastor, Apostle or Elder.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  We are intended to be a fully functioning, complete Body of Christ under the Headship of Christ Jesus alone.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

P.s.  I am just back home from my trip South.  It was a wonderful time of relating and fellowship in Christ.  As soon as I can unpack and decompress I will post a full report.






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  1. Your point is well taken and followers of Jesus need to realize how absolutely critical this concept is. I humbly submit though, that it might be taken one step further. I’ve often wondered why Jesus said that the Spirit would lead us into all truth, yet there is such rabid disunity within the larger assembly. We can’t agree on the truth of any theological issue. Where is the Spirit leading us into the truth?

    I think the answer lies in our pursuit of unity. We need all of us, each functioning in his place as the Spirit enables us. With the body functioning as a unit; with all its parts working as designed; with its plurality of perspectives, experiences, and insights; I think we’d have a much clearer picture of God and ourselves. The Spirit is working, but until we all begin acting as the priests we are intended to be, we will be limited in our collective funcitonality.

    • Great point Norm! Yes, we have been given the great gift of the Holy Spirit. HOwever, until we actually open the gift and put it to good use it profits no one.

  2. Dan permalink

    Welcome back! Yes, it’s awesome that we can access the same spiritual data base and plug into the same power strip that the apostles did by virtue of our Best Friend, the Holy Spirit!

  3. Interesting and encouraging insight. Thanks!

  4. Judy Baker permalink

    Yes Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to help the apostles & all learn and share in the teaching work… where 2 or 3 are His Holy Spirit is there. I found it so much easier to understand when I ask JESUS to send His Holy Spirit to help us, other times when talking to someone, scriptures would pop up in my mind to share…some I had forgotten about! Always pray for Holy Spirit to help us learn and teach the way Jesus would want us.

    • Paul, prayed and asked that whenever he opened his mouth he would be given the words to speak by the Holy Spirit. That needs to be a prayer that we all pray in any given situation. Thank you for sharing Judy.

  5. James permalink

    Good encouragement today Christopher. 2 Peter 1:3 says that His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness. That means that when we are truly saved and filled with His Holy Spirit, he has placed within us ALL Things that are necessary to live a Godly life and be useful and productive for His Kingdom, to add to His family. As disciples, we are to seek Jesus daily, through prayer and His Word, and then we are to actually do as His Word commands. Many in the traditional and even non-traditional churches depend on others to lead and teach them rather than being in the Word themselves and being in an active relationship with Father through Jesus. An effective and productive life results by Sanctification (Character transformation) that begins with faith and results in love and does not compromise. Good teachers and pastors and brothers that are actively serving the Lord are not meant to be our source, they are meant to walk with us and encourage us in our walk with the Lord-He is our source. We are actively in this together. Thanks for your insight, good thought’s Mr. Kirk.

    • Thank you James. If we are filled and led by the Spirit great things shall follow for sure.

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