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Do You Really Know Jesus, Or Just Know About Jesus?

January 12, 2017


“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.  Through these He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”  2 Peter 1: 3-4

We cannot even fathom how much God really loves us.  It says here that He has given us EVERYTHING we need for life and godliness.  In Christ we lack NOTHING.  Stop, pause and ponder that for a moment? I mean WOW!  Through knowing Him we are made complete.  This speaks of more than just believing in Him.  This is about intimately knowing and experiencing Him in your daily life.  Many people know ABOUT God, but that is not at all the same as truly knowing Him and His heart, will and ways.  This is not about what we know with our intellect, it is about knowing in Spirit and Truth, with our complete inner being.  Most people worship God from afar, but this is about worshiping Him from within, totally up close and personal.  It is time to trust in, cling to, and rely on Jesus for everything.  He gives Himself to us and in turn we give ourselves totally to Him.  Relationship is everything and He presents Himself to us and all we have to do is surrender and respond to His glory and goodness.  Jesus stands at the door of our hearts and knocks.  So go ahead open the door and let Him in!

Is it possible that the vast majority of the people in the “Church” or religious system today do not really know Jesus in HIS fullness?  They have been taught information concerning Christ by Pastors and preachers, but they have little to no experience of feeling HIS presence or touch in their daily lives.  When scripture talks about us KNOWING Christ, in the Greek text it means that we will KNOW Him as in intimately touching Him and being touched by Him.  To experience Christ in this deep, rich and rewarding manner requires in depth personal relationship that goes far beyond being told mere factual information and instead goes to the very heart of God Himself.  Jesus said that His sheep KNOW His VOICE and obey.  This means a very literal hearing and comprehension of Christ’s actual Voice.  It is NOT just about what we READ in scripture or what the Pastor’s voice conveys on Sunday mornings.  WE are talking about the actual clear cut, real and actual voice of Jesus speaking directly to our heart, ears and inner being.  Do you hear His voice?  If not, fall on your face and sincerely seek Jesus until you do really hear Him!

If we walk with Him we get to live in His promises and participate in His divine nature.  If His nature lives within us then we get to escape the corruption of the world.  We will still have to deal with corruption, but it will not come from within us and it will not overtake us and overly burden our lives.

I find it interesting that the corruption in the world is caused by evil desires.  Please notice that it is not caused by evil deeds, although deeds follow desires.  If His divine nature truly is allowed to live within us then our desires will line up with His will and not be evil.  We should not be overcome with evil, we should overcome evil with good.  This is only possible by The Christ living in us being greater than the world within us.  After all, Christ in us is THE Hope of glory.  Wise “men” still seek to KNOW Him and long to hear His Voice each and every day.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !










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  1. Judy Baker permalink

    AMEN!!! I wholeheartedly agree!!
    Jehovah God is so real to me and I have a relationship with him in my life and prayers to Him through His Son Jesus. I have a relationship with Jesus as God’s only Begotten Son and it’s through him only, his dying for me and all others so all could live abundantly. Jesus is the One who leads the preaching work worldwide. All prayers to Jehovah are only listened to through He is perfect and He intervenes for us. God is perfect . He could not listen to our prayers as we are imperfect. It’s only through His Son Jesus we pray. Mathew 6:9 Jesus teaches us how to pray to Our Father in heaven. It’s awesome how much Jehovah loves us that He was willing to send His First Born Son to give his life as a ransom for our lives. And He provides everything we need to live on earth. His wisdom love mercy & power amazes me daily. I am so humbled to be his slave for Jesus. Jesus is the best example for all of us to follow in his steps

    • Yes Judy, Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, and everything in between. HE is our risen Lord and Savior and I love Him with all I am and ever will be.

  2. Sue heumann permalink

    Jesus, name above all names, beautiful Saviour, beautiful Lord, beautiful FRIEND.❤️ What a treasure we have in Him! I wish to know more of Him always, and thanking Him that I can! But more than that knowing he walks and talks w me is beyond my wildest dreams.

  3. daryl permalink

    Very good words for me to hear today.So much to think about in those few verses! One thought (of many)that I had,is how the Holy Spirit as my Helper and the great restrainer, has helped me escape and not be overcome by corruption ,even when i’m screwing up and not being very cooperative! I think you are right about the “church system”,and others too,about not feeling his presence or really experiencing Him in their daily life. I’m sure there are many reasons,but I suspect that a major one,is the focus is wrong.People focus on not being polluted by or escaping the corruption of the world,(which energizes the flesh),rather than focusing on participating in the divine nature…and we end up like “foolish Galatians”.

    • Daryl, great point about what our focus must be. If Christ is not the central theme of our life we miss out big time on the divine nature and we end up very foolish indeed. How can we ignore such a great salvation?

  4. Amy j permalink

    Thanks Kirk!! Yes & amen! The secret of knowing the Lord is rather simple. It is all a matter of adoration & learning to walk “moment by moment” in His love & grace. Those that hunger & thirst will be filled! Spending time with the Lord, will transform our lives. After time if one just knows about Christ, one will lose their first love, & be drawn away from their beloved Messiah! May we always be sensitive to the crosses in our lives, ready to turn once again to His Everlasting love & grace!!


    • So true Amy, thanks for sharing. Simple surrender is what it takes and HIS mercies are new every morning.

  5. Chris, great stuff. Only two balancing points as I see it- “We will still have to deal with corruption, but it will not come from within us” might be taken to mean “entire sanctification”, the doctrine that we only make mistakes but literally no longer sin in any way, shape or form after truly saved. Nada. “Wretched man that I am”, not merely “used to be”. Yes, “such -were- some of you” but sin isn’t merely coming from demons or the devil and never from God the Holy Spirit… so there is only our “old nature” which still exists even as a Christ-follower. You’re aware “perfect” in New Testament Greek most often literally means “complete, mature” and not “utterly sinless”. Other point is that the literal presence of God as we PERCEIVE it is multi-faceted, both literal (God would agree it’s HIS presence we are experiencing at any given moment) and a matter of personal perception, faith, belief. My continual, humbling conviction is not full on doubt or lack of faith, but I admit my perception is no more perfect, flawless, than is my walk with God. In plain English, I can believe I’m walking in the Spirit but ain’t -exactly what many in traditional churches fall into. Nobody is beyond believing something that isn’t so by God’s Own judgment, surely not me. Important issues so I took the time to put them into the conversation. Love, Hugs and I think 99 percent of this one is spot-on and Amen! -Glenn

    • Thanks for sharing your portion of the Truth in Love with us here today Glenn. I agree with both of those balancing points. Without HIM I can do nothing.

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