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Even More Simple?

December 13, 2016


“.. The only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love.”  Galatians 5: 6

The ONLY thing that matters is faith expressing itself through LOVE!

That says it all.  I cannot add or subtract a single thing,

In this true Light, doctrine and theology do not matter much.

Love is THE answer.

Love and ….

Kirk Out !








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  1. Winslow permalink

    Hello Christopher,

    How utterly simple! How utterly beautiful! So simple and compact it encloses all of God’s relationship to us and we with Him.



    • Win, simple as it should be. Christ is not so complicated that we need a professional Pastor to explain Him and His ways.

  2. David permalink

    Love is not blind, Love sees all things and transcends all things. God’s Love is a discerning Love seeing past the motives of men into the hearts.

  3. Sue heumann permalink

    My husband has been on a reading binge for a couple years now rethinking our belief system after leaving the Baptist ranks. It’s been eye opening, refreshing, and fascinating, and the freedom to do so is wonderful! However at dinner last night, before I’d read this, THIS was our conversation! It all boils down to this To do List! Love one another….it’ll keep us busy the rest of our lives as we do it expressing Christ on earth.

  4. "BK" permalink

    It is so awesome how the Spirit flows through the body of Christ so often with the same thing at the same time. Love. That verse really does say it all…..amen and amen. Love, “BK”

    • It truly is awesome and amazing how Jesus directs every aspect of our lives. It reminds me of how interconnected the Body of Christ really is.

  5. Good stuff. God’s love is as simple as it is pure. It’s man that complicates things!

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