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It’s Really Not About The Book

November 25, 2016


“He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant – not of the letter but of The Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”  2 Corinthians 3: 6

Here we have it again:  The Spirit is superior to the letter.  We need The Holy Spirit to guide us, even guide us in how we approach and use the scriptures.

I am going to try and explain this as simply as I can.  I need The Spirit more than I need the bible.  Because the Spirit inspired what is written.  That means if I don’t have a bible The Spirit can still tell me anything I need to know in the bible.  The Spirit can even give me exact chapter and verse if need be.  When I have The Holy Spirit I have full and complete access to everything written in the bible.  The Spirit can bring to my heart and mind ANY passage that I need at ANY given time.  That means if I have The Spirit I also have the entire bible available to me at all times.  With the Spirit I lack nothing that the bible can supply.

However, If I only have the bible and not the Spirit I am lost.  Because you need the Holy Spirit to really fully understand and comprehend what is written.  It is the Spirit that gives the bible its life.  We need the Spirit to open the eyes of our understanding to the bible, without that Spiritual understanding….. the bible is just another lifeless book.

If one has to choose either The Spirit or the bible.  The Holy Spirit is the obvious choice.  If I have The Spirit I automatically have the bible also, but if I have a bible that does not guarantee that I have the Spirit too.  When left to our own human reasoning and understanding apart from the Spirit’s enlightenment we are very apt to misuse and misapply the written word to the detriment of all who may be involved in any given situation.  “Church” and cult history are full of such misled examples.

I am thankful that I do not have to choose between the Spirit and the bible.  However, it is very good to know that no one can ever really take the bible away from me.  Sure they can confiscate the book, but as long as I have The Holy Spirit I will also have the whole counsel of scripture available to me at any time.

Does this help explain why I always say that we need to be Spirit led and not bible led?  I value and treasure the bible.  I wear them out all the time.  It is never really about the book.  It is truly all about the Holy Spirit who gives life to the book.  The Truth needs to be written on our hearts and not merely on paper.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

p.s.  I Had 2 people call me a heretic over my last blog post.  I just smile and continue to love them.






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  1. Winslow permalink

    Perhaps it is a bit like having a picture of your spouse as opposed to the real thing?

    • Excellent example Win. I say why settle for a postcard when you can actually take the trip?

  2. Janet permalink

    Very clearly explained, babe. I love this

  3. Great brother! Amen! We are blessed indeed to have access to the scriptures, so blessed. But we do well to remember what you have said. Jesus said to the Pharisees that they read the scriptures as though through doing so they will find life, but the scriptures speak of Him! The Holy Spirit leads and is well able to lead us into all truth, and there have been many saints who have been radically transformed and used by the Life of Christ in them, through the power of the Holy Spirit, who had no access to scriptures! I’m coming to learn that knowing Christ first, by His Spirit, actually enables us to see what the scriptures are really saying- speaking always of Christ. He is the lense through which we read the scriptures as the Holy Spirit enlightens our spiritual eyes. Yes, if I had to choose (and praise God at the moment I don’t), I would choose the Spirit of Christ every time!

    • What a wonderful comment Donnalee. The Holy Spirit gives life to the written word. I am so very glad to have the leading of the Spirit in my life.

  4. Hello Christopher,

    I am glad I found your blog via the WordPress search facility. This is just exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    I left all “church-going” finally this summer, after many years of struggling to keep on attending. I then found bloggers who were free from attending churches but then I ended up recently reading stuff from the KJV only type viewpoints. I have been looking into this issue feeling a little anxious as the NKJV bible that I presently read from was also criticised. I had been doing a word for word comparison of the KJV with the NKJV bible and found the differences to be negligible in the parts I looked at.

    So it has been totally refreshing and liberating for me to find this article of yours!
    I had been thinking that the Holy Spirit leads us into ALL Truth and as I stated to another blogger, there is enough truth in most bibles for the Holy Spirit to use to lead us onwards under His instruction.

    Some people act like it is a trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Bible, rather than the Holy Spirit.

    So thank you for writing this post. It has blessed me and helped me to stand firm in what I already knew was the truth about the bible and the Holy Spirit.

    I will continue to read more of your work, as I am alone presently without fellowship with other believers. I have written on my blog:
    ”  So even if we “stop going to church” and stay all alone, just with the Lord and His Word, we can put our full trust that He will lead us to the fellowship of those who He wants but in His timing.  We cannot force the hand of the Lord, nor can we force others but we can certainly sit by a brook and wait and pray just like Elijah did until we get the next instruction from the Lord ourselves.”

    So that is what I am doing – praying that the Holy Spirit will lead me in whatever I need to learn until I meet other believers who are wanting to join together in the free-type of fellowship I read about on your other posts.

    God bless,

    • Helen, I am glad that you find my writings as a blessing. I will most certainly be praying for your journey forward into the freedom of the Spirit. Where do you live? Perhaps I could help you find true fellowship?

  5. Hi,
    I live in England.
    I am happy to just wait for the Lord presently. I used to find the concept of being alone as a believer very difficult. It has made me feel quite low at times. However, I have had a shift in my viewpoint to realise that it is a precious time of growing closer to the Lord.
    I think also reading blogs about other types of fellowships is helping me prepare so that when/if I meet any true believers we hopefully won’t just recreate “church” in our homes but will be able to be more “real” with one another, led by the one Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Okay Helen, “real” is what it is all about with HIM and one another. I will keep you in prayer.

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