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Prepare To Be Amazed…..2016

November 19, 2016


“Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.”  Ephesians 6: 19

Many people have recently asked me why I have so much success in leading people to Jesus. They wanted to know if I had a rehearsed plan or spiel, like the “Roman’s road or The Four Spiritual Laws”, that I used to get folks to “buy in” to Jesus.  I can honestly say that I have no advance plan, agenda, script or formula that I follow in sharing Christ with others.  My sharing with them is always entirely spontaneous and Spirit led, moment by moment.

What I say to people can be a mixture of my personal testimony, actual words of Jesus, or other pertinent passages from the bible.  I always try to speak from the heart, not from a script.  I seriously doubt if I have ever used the same exact wording with more than one person.  I feel the main reason I easily connect with others is because I am authentic, real and genuine. With me what you see is exactly what you get with absolutely no guile or pretense. (But even I have bad days)  I sincerely love all people and it shows and that draws people to me I am certain.  I view all people as precious and valuable to God and potential members of my Spiritual family.  I see the spark of HIS Creation in everyone’s life and only want to offer them a full and rewarding relationship with Jesus and The Body Of Christ.

Another reason I have been able to impact lives with the Love and acceptance of Christ is that I pray continually for Jesus to prepare the hearts and minds of the people He is going to put me in direct contact with.  I also pray and submit my will to Him asking that He continually prepare my heart, mind and message; so that I can always be ready for those He sends my way on a given day.  This is not rocket science.  I purposely and intentionally make myself available to Him and others.  When I do this He fully equips me and makes me more than able to share the Truth in Love with whosoever will.  You see it really is ALL about Him and not about me.

I hope you can now see how simple sharing Christ can be?  It doesn’t take smarts and extreme biblical knowledge.  All it takes is an open heart and complete surrender to the pathway He picks for you.  Along the way on that path you will encounter those who need His Love, Grace, Mercy and Truth.  Then in the proper moment simply open your mouth and allow Him to speak His words through you.  It is all about simple conversations, real give and take dialogue.  Worked for Jesus, worked for Paul and it still works for me.  “Perfect Love casts out all fear.”  Trust Jesus to use you in this manner also, and then prepare to be amazed.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !






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  1. Loved that. Pure spirit led spontaneity!

  2. tom ball permalink

    What a concept! Just Ask Jesus to prepare us and send us those ready to hear about Him.
    Does not the bible say “Ask, and ye shall receive?”

    • It sure does Tom. Forget concept…in us HE makes it a reality day by day if we truly ask, seek and knock.

  3. "BK" permalink

    Amen, Christopher. When we realize Jesus is a PERSON WE LOVE and want to share with others instead of a commodity to push on others, or a fire escape from hell, it becomes as easy to talk about Him as it is to tell someone of those we love here in the natural. A friend for TODAY, not just a route for a future place called ‘heaven’. Good words, love, ‘BK”

    • Thanks for sharing BK. If you love Jesus like you love your best friends and family it is easy to talk about HIM with others. It is both natural and supernatural at the same time.

  4. Sue heumann permalink

    Loving this conversation….BK….wonderful,words! Sooo true, it has to be heartfelt….not that fire escape mentality….which was heartfelt too, but folks would rather dive into a relationship with someone who loves now, loves deep, always, and consistently, than doing something now for later! Thanks for sharing how the Spirit works in you, Christopher, it is something we can all participate in. I had a blessing yesterday, getting a few couples together who aren’t all in the vision place of relational home fellowship.. Five of us are in this place, one couple not. ..and they all enjoyed one another sooo much! They said they hoped we could all get together again soon! I had prayed expecting God to act and He did. It was sweet fellowship for all. It wasn’t sharing the gospel, as our subject here, but prayer being my subject right now, waiting for God to move. This is the couple who has had sooo much IC trouble the last couple of years who I’m hoping and praying God will open their eyes …. To the real body and family of sharing w one another real and authenticly in Him. Thx for prayer on that.

    • Thanks for sharing Sue. I will be praying for your friends and asking The Lord to give you even more fellowship opportunities.

  5. I lifted up your prayer request, Sue. And as for your blog, Chris. Thanks for sharing the details of how the Lord uses you to bring so many to him – Which I think is wonderful!. As for how the Lord has me share with others, often times it is planing a seed that I do not see sprout at the time. Often Jesus has us do the leg-grow-out miracle with them that we documented at and we have seen Jesus do this miracle on over 250 people in the last few years – even atheists. And then we give them a business card that points to the website where the Gospel is explained to them – including addressing the atheistic question of how a person can actually know that God exists. And in our newest book called “Four in One” we have a 9-part diagram that Jesus has had me share with others over the years – and have seen a number of people come to the Lord through it. And over time, the diagram has morphed into its current state. If anyone would like to see it, it is available in the “Look Inside” at
    Currently we are in the process of getting the ebook into paperback form which we should have by the end of the year. So, a person could then use the paperback to share the 9-part Gospel diagram with others. When we were writing the Four-in-One book, we road tested the final version of the 9-part diagram on a number of non-Christians. My wife, Bonna, said it was the first time she was ever comfortable sharing the Gospel. We didn’t see any of the people give their lives to the Lord at that time, but most of them gave us a hug and were really appreciative. And we left them a printout of it so they could review it later. We also saw some miraculous healings and some leg-grow-out miracles with them as well. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Scott. There certainly are an infinite number of ways to share the Truth in Love with others. Many times it is a progressive thing instead of instantaneous fruit. Some plant, some water, others harvest, But it is GOD that makes us grow and overcome. I have certainly come to appreciate waiting upon the Lord in these matters. So I embrace the process and always hope for the best.

      • Excellent points, buddy! In the past, I’ve enjoyed reading Doug Addison’s book called “Prophecy, Dreams, and Evangelism: Revealing God’s Love Through Divine Encounters” that looks has the good point of helping people a step closer, but not necessarily “closing the deal”. So, entrusting the fuller thing to Jesus seems like a good freedom in this. And then tagging along with Him however He leads — sounds a bit like how you do things with Him. 🙂 — Scott

      • Thanks Scott. All I really do is allow The Holy Spirit to fly me by the seat of my pants, but hey I am comfortable with that.

  6. Sue heumann permalink

    Thank you, Scott!👍

    • You’re welcome, Sue! … I agree with Chris’ assessment that you are always such an encouragement. Kind-of like a modern day Barnabas – known as the Encourager Dude. 🙂

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