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Their Very First Gathering…..2016 Update

November 15, 2016


“I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that HE who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 1: 3-6

This past Saturday (actually in April 2014) I had the blessing and privilege of being an honored guest at the very first relational, simple, organic, home fellowship gathering at the house of officer Matt.  I met Matt last February when he pulled me over thinking I was injecting hard drugs while parked in an empty parking lot.  The truth is I was injecting insulin, but God used this incident to begin a relationship between Matt and I.  Our initial conversation began when he spied a book (Marc Winter’s “Was Church God’s Idea?”) on my passenger seat and then asked what the book was about.  I gave him the book and we spoke for about 20 minutes that day concerning the differences between the Church that Jesus intended us to have and the mess that most of the modern traditional “church” had instead become.  I challenged Matt that day to one day open his home for simple relational fellowship with his friends and family.  He told me he would pray and consider it and we have continued in phone contact since that time.

I was overjoyed when Matt told me he would indeed open his home for fellowship on the 5th of April.  Three local families, all with fathers working in law enforcement, gathered that late afternoon.  Altogether, including me, there were 7 adults and 8 children.  We shared an excellent meal and the fellowship was sweet.  They had a lot of questions about “how to?” do “church”, but I refused to give them a strict pattern.  I made it clear that we were meeting under Christ and NOT under Christopher in any way, shape or form.  I told them that it was best to just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and that every meeting would be different depending on what each member of the Body had to bring to the mix in any given week.  I shared with them that the only things set ahead of time for the fellowships I relate to were… the time and place we were gathering and details concerning the mutually prepared meal.  From there it is always wide open as the Spirit leads each one of us to share songs, testimonies, prayers, interactive teaching or only God knows what.  Totally free and open, Spirit led gatherings under only Christ as Head are what it is all about.

On Saturday this group spent a lot of time praising Jesus for bringing Matt’s 13 year old son Issac into full remission from his cancer.  We all ate and shared our portion of Christ that day with glad and sincere hearts.  Every adult and many of the children added their parts to the ongoing conversation about how wonderful and gracious Jesus is towards us all.  Jesus was without question THE Central theme as He should always be in any gathering.

These folks are off to a most excellent start and I am glad to know them.  I am blessed that God can still use me to encourage others concerning actually BEING The Church, instead of just going to building and watching a “man” tell them about God without any meaningful interaction with Jesus or others.  Jesus is real and not just a concept to be preached on Sunday mornings to a passive crowd of pew sitters looking at the back of someone else’s head.  The gathering at Matt’s was nothing short of an awesome time spent face to face, loving Jesus and one another.

Love and….

Kirk Out !

p.s.  The church that meets at Matt’s house has been gathering together for divine relational fellowship for going on 3 years now.  Issac is 15 years old now and completely cancer free, praise Jesus!  The Lord definitely used Issac’s illness to draw this group of people together very firmly and deeply in a very short period of time.  They were all desperate for the Lord to heal Issac and praying together on a daily basis grew their mutual relationship in Christ very quickly. The Christ that none of them could ever find before in the traditional “church” they found in one another’s hearts and Jesus blessed them with sweet fellowship and insight.  This group of folks were seeking and heading in the right direction and the Lord just used their encounter with me to give them a little push in breaking free from the traditional “man” centered religious system towards authentic, mutual, Christ centered, totally open and free, Spirit led fellowship. I have visited them several times, but have encouraged them over the phone over a dozen times when they had questions.  They don’t need or depend on me, which is just the way that Jesus and I love it to be.  They have now grown to six families and the Lord continues to lead and bless them every step of the way.  True fellowship in Christ is always simple and never complicated to the point of needing a human Leader/Pastor/King to sort out the Truth in Love for those involved.  For we have only one Master (Jesus) and we are all equal sibling peers in Christ.  (Matthew 23: 8)  Whatever the issue may be The Body can always work it out together and come to a consensus decision as led by the Holy Spirit without any individual wielding power over the others.






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  1. Judy Baker permalink

    Wonderful !!! Bringing Jesus in your home to be the center of attention, bringing honor to him, worshipping him, learning and sharing ❤️ …. following him as they did in Jesus’ Day.
    Remarkable !!! Keep doing this in His name

  2. Winslow permalink

    I’ve been following your stories of how you are being used to bless others, particularly policemen. It’s beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Sue heumann permalink

    Dynamite! Praises!! Keep on keeping on, Matt, Christopher, Bro’s and Sis’s!!!

    • Sue, like I always say you have the gift of encouragement. You are a regular cheerleader for Jesus.

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