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Christ’s Very First Message

September 14, 2016


“After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God.  “The time has come,” He said.  “The Kingdom of God is near.  Repent and believe the good news!”  Mark 1: 14-15

In the scriptures we find that the very first message that Jesus ever shared publically was some form of “Repent and believe!”  To this He added the Kingdom of God is near.  To me this means that repentance is a very important core component of our long and short term Spiritual journey.  Sure some press this point until it becomes some warped form of perpetual self abasement, but to me the message of Jesus is simple….Turn around!  When you are going in the wrong direction in life simply turn and face Jesus again.  In my life I have had numerous times when God needed to turn me around and set me in the right direction again.  Just what do we need to turn away from?  The world system of doing things, which includes religion, divisions, and every form of selfishness and idolatry.  We always need to move from man-centric to God-centric.  When I am going the way of the world I really want and need for Jesus to just turn me around.  And guess what?  HE does!  When I cooperate with Him in full.

Next we need to believe in Him.  Not in some wishy washy way either.  No, HE wants us to trust in, cling to, and rely on Him.  HE wants for us to surrender our entire being to Him; No rationalization, no bargaining, and no treaties.  In other words HE gets all of us with no holding back ANY portion.  Without this type of complete belief in our lives we will always be tossed back and forth by the wind and waves that the enemy and life in general throws at us.  I am talking totally unconditional surrender.  He will take us just as we are, as long as we are willing to BE just who He wants us to BE in the moments, days and years to come.

The message Jesus brought had supreme balance.  He said, “Repent and believe!”  Problem is that most “churches” out there preach either REPENT, REPENT, REPENT, WORKS, WORKS, WORKS or BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE, GRACE, GRACE, GRACE!  His Truth in Love is found in the balance and that is exactly where we need to be living each and every day of our lives.

Now concerning the Kingdom of God being near… I know that there are tons of different beliefs out there that try to describe what The Kingdom of God is.  The book shelves are full up where it comes to this topic.  My slant on this is extremely simple… When The King is near His Kingdom is never far off.  Where The King is, His Kingdom is there with Him.  Follow Christ alone and you will find The Kingdom of God, both now and until the very end of all days.

Love and ……

Kirk Out!






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  1. Dan permalink

    It’s interesting that both commands in this verse, “repent” and “believe”, have been nuked beyond recognition in the microwave of IC theology. In the original, “repent” means “with mind”. In English it is “re-think”. It is literally a conversation with one’s own mind and reason regarding an issue. It is a thorough examination of the evidence in the courtroom of the mind. Given time to carefully weigh an issue, a person can make a solid decision. Today, repentance is a microwave-quick decision that lacks depth and results in many false or short-lived conversions. “Believe” or “faith” has also become an instant, “add water to the powder and nuke” decision. In the original, there is relationship implied in the word “believe” or have “faith”. Over a period of time, Jesus by His Spirit, “courts” a person, and wins them over. By once and again, revealing Himself and proving Himself to an individual, Jesus shows Himself as a Person to be trusted. Both commands (repent and believe) properly and Biblically carried out result in a deep and lasting conversion – one that produces a relationship with a Living Lord and not a dead body of articles of faith or doctrinal statement.

    • What a great and interesting comment Dan. In my study of the Greek and seeking of the Lord I have found repent to mean making a deliberate and lasting 180 degree turn around away from whatever is NOT the Lord’s will to face HIM once again. I have also found that believe means to trust in, cling to, and rely on Jesus for the long haul.

      • Dan permalink

        “Repentance” (re-thinking, deep soul searching, weighing the evidence presented over a duration of time) can result in “turning”. They are two different actions. A deep and lasting turning to God will be the result of deep repentance. Acts 3:19 separates the two – repent and turn (KJV – “be converted”). This is SO important in evangelism. IC largely teaches us to have spiritual one night stands on the streets and in shopping malls where a microwaved “decision” is produced. A home fellowship where the invitee comes week after week to be under the influence of the gospel, the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the claims of Christ, and the undeniable love, honesty, and authenticity of the brethren will have lots of evidence to sift through in the process of repentance and will more likely make a lasting turning to God. Better yet, if the fellowship has true community where they are doing life together all week (and they include the inquier), his chances of a deep and lasting decision/encounter are exponentially improved.

  2. Sue heumann permalink

    So thankful today in the simplicity of the true gospel. No good works tied, or a hail Mary’s, ….etc…..we will do good to others once we do turn towards Jesus! Thank you,mJesus, for just knowing us and accepting us once we turn toward you!‼️😘

    • Thanks for sharing about the turning Dan. I appreciate it!

    • Yes Sue, simplicity is the key. Jesus is not hard to understand and what may seem hard HE makes understandable by teaching us directly via HIS Spirit.

  3. Mercy fulgencio permalink

    A very good reminder … We need to repent or turn around when we find ourselves drifting away from the Lord. The world and the things there cause us this. So, we really need to fight our battles everyday and we cannot do it apart from GOD.

    • Yes Mercy, we need to always fight the good fight of faith, but still knowing the battle belongs to the Lord. With HIS help we overcome everyday.

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