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Freedom From Babylon

August 5, 2016


Recently I have noticed how I seem to come under more Spiritual attack whenever I take a bold stand against the Traditional/Institutional “Church” system.  I do not think that this is a coincidence. However, I do tend to believe that this is just a matter of satan trying to protect his own turf.  There I said it!  And yes I do indeed believe that the Traditional/Institutional church SYSTEM is demonically inspired and in many, many ways Anti-Christ.  Let me make this perfectly clear though, it is the system I am talking about and NOT the people who find themselves within the confines of this horrible system and tradition of “men”.  I love the people who are trapped and unaware of the religious prison they find themselves within.

Now does Jesus still work within that evil system?  Of course He does!  He will always be trying to reach and bless people anywhere and everywhere.  His presence does not equal His seal of approval though.. He is there because He has promised that whenever 2 or 3 gather in His name He will also be there.  Folks who sincerely love Jesus are at times called to live and serve in Babylon for a season or two.  I know this to be true because in Revelation 18:4 Jesus says, “Come out from her MY PEOPLE..”

Am I being harsh when I speak out against the Traditional system?  Perhaps, but I only say what The Lord has taught my heart to share over the past 50 years.  I weep and pray for those trapped within Institutional religion and I share the way I share in hopes that I may reach some with the message of freedom from religious bondage.  Over the years I have been able to help hundreds of people out of the system and into freedom in Christ.  That is where my heart is and why I share openly against Babylon.  Paul’s encouragement to me and all of us in Ephesians 5:11 is this:  “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  The truth be told is that bondage and hierarchies and dead religion all need to be exposed for the true hell they really are.

So truly it is my labor of love to share the message of freedom in Christ with those still held captive to false religion.  To those who are in the Traditional church system I hold nothing against you, and if you do not understand my message that is just fine.  Because all things must happen in His timing.  Only HE prepares hearts and minds for the message of total freedom in Christ.  Me, I am just a guy attempting to be faithful to the message and call to freedom that Jesus has given me.

I realize that some out there will never understand me or the message I have been given to share.  I fully comprehend that I will be misunderstood and judged for the words He has given me concerning the true Church, the false Church, and total freedom in Christ.   When Jesus brought this very message to the religious system of His day He was eventually crucified.  However, I am comforted by the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:11-12: “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.  Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”  I want to thank several dear friends who heard the Holy Spirit and shared those exact verses with me this week not knowing of my current circumstances at all.  The Spirit sure does meet our needs via the Body of Christ just like that quite often.

The simple truth is this:  I love the Church!  Jesus and His people are my passion!  BE FREE IN CHRIST MY FRIENDS, BE FREE!!!

Love and …….

Kirk Out !






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  1. Sue heumann permalink

    Just super thankful,mChristopher, that God has led us out, and we are enjoying the true Ekklesia! Here and there, yes, but wherever two or three are gathered……

  2. Yes Sue and I rejoice with you. HIS True freedom is totally evident in your life now my dear sister.

  3. Jewell permalink


  4. Sue heumann permalink

    Even though we haven’t a steady meeting, I keep remembering BK’s vision of the fishing net that is being strewn together. It encourages me to be a part of something God is sewing. We are all here for one another.

    • Great comment Sue! One anothering with Christ and each other is what Truthing in Love is all about. Shared life in HIM is wonderful!

  5. "BK" permalink

    Don’t feel bad (I know you don’t!) calling the organized religious system satan’s turf….Ken uses this verse quite often Rev. 2:[13] I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth. Interesting that Antipas means anti=against pas=papa. He was martyred for declaring ‘no pope!’, no father but Christ. Same message. Sue, you are such an inspiration and a blessing. Want you to know that! Love, “BK”

    • Thank you BK for sharing and encouraging me. I get no delight or joy from being the one who shares harsh and difficult things concerning the “church”. However, I will continue to be obedient to the ONE who leads me to share in such a manner. I love the Church and often weep over the sad place it has become for so many. It makes me feel like Jeremiah.

  6. Tom Ball permalink

    I have to say, the above blog post distresses me greatly. According to scripture Jesus raised up disciples who then traveled around, told people about Jesus, made converts, then appointed pastors and deacons “over them” (see Timothy for qualifications of pastors and deacons). To characterise this “system” as demonically inspired is , IMHO, to risk attributing to Satan what God has wrought. Scripture is pretty clear about why its not a good idea to do that,

    It’s pretty clear my thinking is not in harmony with the main thrust of this blog. So… rather than introduce disharmony into the body, it is appropriate that I refrain from posting further.


    • Tom, no need to refrain from posting because your portion of the Truth in Love is welcome here. I know that there are servants such as pastor’s, elders and deacons in the Body of CHrist and they should serve humbly. That is not the evil system I speak of. YOu can have those roles in the church, but the evil is when “man” elevates himself to places of prominence and Lording OVER the rest of the Body instead of serving others from within the the Body. It is my understanding that true servants were recognized from within and among the Body instead of being appointed by one man. The system stifles true interactive fellowship and is based on 99% percent monologue instead of interactive dialogue. Whenever we come together we should desire to hear from the Lord via the whole Body of Christ instead of through one “man”. Sure there is room for solid teaching as long as it is interactive and following the guidelines set forth in 1 Corinthians 14:26 and such. The system elevates “man” while Spirit led fellowship and worship always lifts up CHrist. I sure hope you are hearing my heart in this matter Tom. True harmony in the Body includes some dissonence and differing views. The true test of fellowship is whether or not we exalt Christ or “man”. Not all traditional settings are evil and some non-traditional are evil. The problem is not style, the problem is function and do we function as a whole Body with each part doing its work or as a crippled Body using only a small percentage of those gathered like Clergy do.

    • "BK" permalink

      Tom, if you truly believe what you post (and I know you do) ‘refraining from posting’ is certainly not the answer. Your input and balance is greatly needed and appreciated. We should all be willing to be corrected, even rebuked, and then have the freedom to take that to the Lord and see how He does or doesn’t give the nod within our spirit. As far as Paul and the apostles appointing elders ‘over’ people, I really don’t believe the scriptures say that. They are over’seers’….mean they keep a watchful eye and protect the headship of Christ but I Peter is pretty clear ‘not as lords OVER God’s heritage but ensamples to the flock’. The word ‘office’ is added in Timothy but is not in the Greek it was translated from; nor was the word ‘man’ but ‘any’one. Same with Ephesians 4; if one reads the entire chapter (portion of the letter) it is clear (at least to me) what has come to be known as a special group called ‘five fold’ ministry was actually a description of how the giftings move by the Spirit through to ALL at any given time; the Lord ‘equips’ the all as they minister one to another in love. Lastly, reading carefully also shows the ‘elders’ were actually chosen by their peers and then brought to the apostles to be prayed over. The ‘requirements’, if taken out of the realm of lawgiving, are simply Paul’s admonition of what kind of believer one would want in place to look up to. And yes, I realize this is a ‘bum’s rush’ post and I sure hope you will discuss it further with us. Let’s take a look. I do agree with you that Jesus ‘set in place’ how His kingdom would look, but the carnal mind’s of men and their ambition has morphed that into the ‘system’ that God is on record that He hates….nicolaitan i.e. clergy over laity. What we see is not what He started.
      Hoping this is not as offensive as the written word can be; I value your walk in the Lord and what He has added to you and respect the fact we can each only see as our study has proved out to us and the Spirit has borne witness. We need each other, Tom, “BK”

      • Thank you for sharing that BK. We do need each other in the Body of Christ. I love,admire and respect Tom. He has been a mentor to me over the years. God Himself said “Come let us reason together” Dialogue is God’s chosen method of communication for HIS Church. Iron needs to sharpen iron so we can all benefit from our interactions in the Body. Without everyone’s voice we never find true balance concerning the ways of our Lord. So please let’s all dialogue over this and remain sibling peers in Christ.

  7. Judy Baker permalink

    In these last days I see truth coming out – Jesus’ spirit is with those earnestly seeking Him. Thank you for a timely message of truth and encouragement.
    Each one is responsible for seeking the truth of Gods word. Most churches have failed man seeking personal glory, monetary riches and glamorous lifestyles. I agree with your teachings full of wisdom and empathy for others. We the people are the church. To follow Jesus is the only way. He is the way the truth and the life. We need to study the bible ourselves and make comments. Teach others . It’s a command. Mathew 28:18,19

  8. Judy, thank you for that word of confirmation and encouragement. You are right..we the people are the church and we should be teaching one another instead of depending on a Clergy”man” to teach us the Truth in Love. Bless you sister!

  9. Dan permalink

    Wow! It’s awesome that you have helped hundreds out of the system and into true freedom in Christ! Amazing track record!

    • Thank you Dan, but it is not about me…it is about Christ in me and you and others. All I am is a willing vessel willing to stick his neck out for the sake of others. Most people in the institutional “church” don’t know they have other options than the Clergy show. However, I have found that freedom in Christ is contagious and can grow quickly in a seeking heart.

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