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Spock’s Final Questions

July 24, 2016


This question has been raised…  Why the hell do I write what I write?  And why do I write so much about the need to be Holy Spirit led rather than bible led?  The answer is really easy…. I just write what I feel inspired to write.  I write what comes to heart and mind.  I seriously try not to have an agenda, but I am human so I am certain that at times I still do.  Intense planning ahead is not something I do very often unless extreme detail is required.  I am much more of the … just let The Holy Spirit fly me by the seat of my pants kind of guy.

I really don’t have a target audience.  To me, all things are much more a matter of whosoever will, than whosoever won’t.  So I try not to waste much of my time on the whosoever won’ts like the Pharisees, the legalistic and the overly religious.  Those folks make it quite clear early on that they don’t want anything to do with me or the type of things I share.  I don’t try to convince others of much.  I just put the truth in love out there for others to see and consider.  However, I do love the simple give and take of a lively, active discussion.  Like Paul, an apostle, I just pray that whenever I open my mouth, “words may be given to me so that I may fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.”  Eph. 6:19

However, I am certain that my sharing of the truth in love is always colored by my time with Jesus and my life’s experiences.  No one is 100% pure gospel when they share.  Yet I make it my goal to be as true and pure as humanly possible in all my sharing both verbally and in print.

My passions are relationship with Jesus and those who claim to know and seek HIM.  I also have a deep desire to reach those who do not yet know Him in His fullness.  All I really want to do is to speak and live the truth in love in such a manner that blesses The ONE who sent me and also those who I live and speak before and with.

I do believe that the Traditional/Institutional “church” system has gotten a ton of things extremely wrong and damaged a whole shit load of people.  It is my sincere hope that I am able to bring restoration and healing to those who have gotten caught up in that evil religious machine.  Better yet I hope to reach those who have not yet been tainted and injured by that damn machine.

What my heart cries out is FREEDOM!…..   Just like William Wallace in the movie Braveheart.  I am willing to live and die for the freedom of my siblings in Christ.  It is my heart’s deep desire that all of God’s children be set free to be fully empowered and led by the Spirit of Christ in all matters. Pastors, programs and politics only hinder the pure Gospel and need to be done away with in Christ’s true Church.  Religion Kills, but Relationship gives life!

Love and ……

Kirk Out !

P.s.  To be clear I mean the Church has no need for capital P Pastors who get paid and dominate and control times of gathering and fellowship.  I am all for sisters and brothers who flow in simple pastoral gifts that actually benefit the Body of Christ.






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  1. Strange how many church goers think we who’ve bailed out of the organized church think we’re back -slidden, forsaking the assembling together and/or just flat out apostate antichrists.
    The good Lord Jesus Christ gave me quite an education while in church. Some of it was good, but then most of it was as you just described.

    • Scarlett, thank you for the confirmation and encouragement. I enjoy having your perspective added to this site.

  2. "BK" permalink

    Don’t worry about ‘agenda or not agenda’, Christopher. I think God has an agenda too…it may be different at varied parts of the journey of any given individual but in general I think yours matches His…..relationship and freedom…..reeeeeeal relationship with the living God and truuuuuue freedom in Him. I appreciate your blog alot. Love, “BK”

    • You encourage me soooooooooooooooo much BK. Thank you for sharing your portion here and adding to the tasty mix.

  3. Sue heumann permalink

    I too, reaaaaaaaally appreciate this blog! I can see the love through what you write. Your passion comes through, but just matter of factly. Love is an undercurrent in it all or I couldn’t stand to read it! Thanks, Christopher for your time, your concern for what is true and good through His Spirit, it keeps us thinking rightly.

    • Sue you are so timely and encouraging. I was rebuked earlier today for saying the system is evil and now you share this and it confirms my heart so very well. Thank you Sue.

  4. Dan permalink

    Lord, give us all “brave hearts” to use Your now words as a sword that will slice and seperate the difference between relationship and religion for those who are stuck in the latter.

    • Dan, thank you for that word of confirmation. You have a gift my brother of being able to say much Truth in Love in very few words.

  5. David Richardson permalink

    I appreciate that you just throw out your truth as honestly as you can. I have to laugh, as a follower of Jesus who almost agnostic, you are pretty “traditional” in my assessment. I get a kick out of the way those bound by dogma get their panties in a bunch. From a straight reading of the Bible, I agree with you. Jesus was stripping theological dogma from Jewish tradition shamelessly. Todays dogmatic traditionalists are doing the same thing with Christianity. It is difficult to resist the urge to worship rules created by man.

    Peace brother

  6. Thanks for sharing David. Whew, I am glad you put “traditional” in quotes. It is as it always was..the powers that be will always defend their “power” and attempt to wipe out heretics like us.

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