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Another Question From Spock

July 22, 2016


What follows is yet another part of an ongoing conversation I had with a friend who I shall continue to call Spock here….

Spock asked:

“Christopher – perhaps you can tell us of your experiences with the Bible and the Spirit and what causes you to bring this issue front/center as often as you do?  I am not able to relate to what you speak, because I value the Bible, but I read that you value the Bible also.  Somewhere, there is a disconnect in my understanding of your writings.  Maybe if you explain specific experiences a bit, if you can, we can begin to relate / commune with you on this.”

Alright Spock I will give this a shot.  The issue to me is why do we elevate the bible to place that is equal or higher than The Holy Spirit in our lives?  To me it is quite clear that we receive primary revelation from The Spirit and secondary revelation from the bible.  After all it was The Spirit who inspired the writers of the bible to write what they did in the first place.  It seems to me that many Christians get it backwards in practice where they use the bible to try and interpret and set the ground rules for The Spirit, when they should be using The Holy Spirit to interpret the bible and lead them in their everyday lives.  Because there are some things in life that the bible just does not address or give guidance to us about.

Way back when I was in college I was also a concert promoter.  After a big Resurrection Band concert I was drove the artists back to their motel.  On the way back home I had to stop by the late night drive thru at Burger King to get some food for me and 5 other students who had helped me set up and tear down the sound and lights equipment for the concert.  So I was going to order 6 whopper meals when I heard Jesus or The Spirit tell me to order 7 meals.  It felt right and harmless so I ordered 7 meals.  When I got the food back to my roadies dorm room I distributed the meals to the 6 of us and I left the 7th meal in a bag up on a loft.  In the midst of eating and fellowshipping Tim stuck his head in the door and asked where his whopper meal was.  I immediately pointed to the sack on the loft and told him his whopper meal was right up there.  I also told him that God had specifically told me to buy that meal for him.  About a half an hour later we were able to lead Tim to Jesus all because I was told to buy that extra meal.  I am still in contact with Tim to this day.  He remains strong in The Lord and often gives his testimony about how God used an extra whopper meal to bring him into the fullness of Christ.

The bible had no way of communicating to me the need for an extra meal, but The Spirit was fully capable of leading me in such a manner.  It is just like in Acts chapter 9 where The Lord tells Ananias to go to a street called straight and find Saul and heal his vision.  Ananias could have read scripture from cover to cover and still not be moved to act in such a manner.  It takes more than biblical knowledge to be guided in the best ways of surrendering to and serving HIM and others.

The fact is that the bible is just not enough to lead us in our walk of faith in Christ.  Jesus Himself said that He was sending us The Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.  The bible was never meant to be our guide.  That is The Spirit’s role.  Always has been and always will be.  Jesus also said that “His sheep hear His voice and obey”.  Note He NEVER once said that we read His book and obey.

We NEED to hear directly from HIM my friends!  The Spirit is our guide and often times He leads us to the bible for reference and understanding.  But it is HE who sits on the throne and not a book about Him.  Who sits on the throne of your heart?  If we are really honest about this most of the time it is WE that sit there, even as sincere followers of Christ.  But we need to surrender that place DAILY to Him and The Spirit.  The book should never be in the position of preeminence in our lives. The bible is a great gift and tool when used as led by The Spirit, but without The Spirit’s illumination it can be just plain old dead letter ink on paper and never forget that the Letter kills and the Spirit gives life.

Love and……

Kirk Out !






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  1. Sue heumann permalink

    Christopher, I’d never thought about the fact the Spirit was the One who led and inspired the writers of the Bible. You have good pints and I a. So happy to have learned this fact and it is confirmed more and more……thanks for being by the Soirit of God!!

    • Thank you Sue and yes the Spirit is so comprehensive in scope it blows me away to ponder at times.

  2. Tom Ball permalink

    These illustrations make clear the point of view being expressed. Well done.

  3. Missy permalink

    The Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity, which does trump the Bible. “We elevate the bible to place that is equal or higher than The Holy Spirit in our lives,” isn’t accurate for all people, thankfully. While I feel the Bible IS important, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are who we follow.

    However, we must remember that things like learning how to lead someone to Christ, learning the verses that teach us how to live as Christians, etc, are found in HIS Word.

    We must also remember since the Word is Spirit-led, and is important. You’ve definitely put it in prospective, though: “The Spirit is our guide and often times He leads us to the bible for reference and understanding.”

    Once when I was child, I accidentally knocked the Bible off an end table. Our babysitter made me pick it up and kiss it and say I’m sorry–to the Bible! This is, obviously, an example of not only elevating, but a form of idolizing.

    I feel having a Bible is important, and reading it important. But praying to Him and listening and obeying the Holy Spirit that the LORD placed here as a gift for us is definitely more important. A personal relationship is stressed over and over. If you don’t have that, and the Holy Spirit isn’t in you, the Bible doesn’t really speak to you anyway. (However, I would never discourage anyone from reading it, of course.)

    Thank you for the clarification, Chris.

    • Thanks for sharing your portion here Missy and illustrating it with that story from your childhood.

  4. Dan permalink

    Dumb sheep get so much more done by listening to the voice of their Shepherd and obeying than the erudite scholar with many degrees who only has the dead letter with no Voice.

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