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More Questions From Spock

July 20, 2016
               Today’s blog is a continuation of a conversation I had with a friend I will call Spock once again here…
               Spock said, “However, without a Bible, what do we know about the Holy Ghost?  What source do we have for any knowledge of God, and the Holy Ghost, if not Bible? “
               Spock and all,  It seems to me that you are forgetting the most important source of all…. Direct Revelation.  The Spirit leads us into and teaches us “all truth”, that is what Jesus said anyway.  The bible is a great resource, but the source is God Himself.  I mean WHY SETTLE FOR A POST CARD WHEN YOU CAN ACTUALLY TAKE THE TRIP?  True one on one contact and communion with Jesus is what I am talking about.  I mean do you prefer to hear directly from Him, or from a book about Him?
               Jesus said my sheep hear my voice and obey and He literally meant that we can actually hear His voice.  Yes Jesus does totally speak to us with His voice, but the real question is are we listening?  Do we discount or ignore that still small voice or do we take what we hear from Him and run with it?
               I will admit this though, the times I perhaps most often hear His voice is when I am reading the bible.  He guides and directs me concerning where to turn to in the bible and what I need to read at any given moment for my benefit and the good of The Body.  Other times He speaks to me and leads me in what I am supposed to share with other people along the way.
               The key to me is do we want to merely know ABOUT Jesus from a book, or do we really want to Know Jesus directly?  There is a huge difference between knowing Him and just knowing about Him. The difference is relationship!  You can’t have a relationship with a book, even the best book.  But if you desire you can have a relationship with Jesus via The Spirit.
               In closing two songs come to mind and most Christians base their life and theology on one of these two simple little songs.  The first song is “The B.I.B.L.E.  yes that’s the book for me, I stand alone on the Word of God, The B.I.B.L.E.”  The second song is the one I choose to sing, “You ask me how I know He lives, He lives within my heart.”  It seems to me that one of these songs is more legalistic than the other, and the other song is more relational than the other.
               This is all very real and personal to me and I just want others to open up more to Jesus and His Spirit.  So that we can all be led by Him and in turn love others like He does.  So don’t throw away your bible, but please also be listening for His voice.  He can and does lead us.  Again, Jesus said, “My sheep HEAR My voice and obey.”
          Love and …..
Kirk Out !

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  1. Once again I apologize for the formatting of this blog post. WordPress would not allow me to publish it with proper paragraph breaks. However, I was able to add extreme indentations to hopefully improve readability.

  2. We could really get into some deep discussion on this subject. Cutting to the chase as the ridiculous saying goes; we mustn’t neglect either one, the scriptures or communing with the Spirit. The Lord Jesus did say, “If you will abide in my word, you will be my disciples indeed, and then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. There is the written word and the spoken word. As we love Him, we desire to hear His voice, as well as the love letter written in Red. I really love it when my Lord speaks to me personally, and gives me personal direction and attention. We all need that.

    • Thanks for sharing Scarlett. I am thankful for both the Spirit and the scriptures, but you are right it is when HE personalizes His message that it impacts us in the greatest manner.

  3. Janet permalink

    Great couple of posts again Christopher! I had some thoughts that apply to both of these. When I first asked Jesus into my heart at 16 I was kind of on my own with working out the details. I knew I should be reading my bible so I just picked it up and started going from front to back. A bit legalistic. Anyway, I was in a tumultuous time and had a heart wrenching question on my mind one night as I was methodically reading more dry old test.stuff. as I was reading God directly answered my question in His word and I realized He was listening. At that moment the Holy Spirit washed over me like a wave and I had sudden understanding. I had not been taught about the Holy Spirit, or had not read about it. So at that time Good used His word to speak to me. Later on, at times when I was drifting He spoke to me in other ways, the mercy of co-workers, for my sister, who was an atheist at the time but decided to ask God to show her if He was real, He spoke through the color of our bedroom wall. He spoke to me through a strange woman at a bus stop. Like someone commented on the last post, He speaks all the time, however He wishes. I used to be in the B.I.B.L.E. camp. And I thoroughly believe He does speak through His word.And there is power in His word when the Holy Spirit is also in play, but I don’t stand on it anymore if I feel led in such a way that contradicts a few verses but it follows the greater message.

    • Janet, I am so glad that Jesus uses any means necessary to reach us, including the written word. HE pursues us like a prize bloodhound until HE finds us and frees us. And you are right, the greater message is what it is all about. Thanks for sharing your heart here dear. Your portion is needed and valuable.

  4. Dan permalink

    I’ll take the trip, thank you! (Postcard is in the mail!)

    • Dan, I am glad somebody got that. You are great with the one liners. Thanks for sharing!

  5. "BK" permalink

    I agree it is more important to have direct revelation as you have called it…hearing directly from the Spirit. Because those things He has had to change over the years WERE ‘directly out of the scripture’….problem was what I was taught they meant and what they reeeally said were not the same. I still remember the first time the Spirit started speaking…wait! did you notice that??? read it again! Combining that with then looking at the Greek and Hebrew texts made a world of difference. The problem wasn’t with the scriptures, the problem is man’s interpretation of them! I had to search because I ‘knew’ them but I hadn’t found the life in the them. And, praise God, that is still growing….because I DO still read the Bible and His Spirit still speaks through it also….as you already stated! Love, “BK”

    • That is a great point BK. What happens when we have been taught error instead the Truth in Love? Something has to give at that point. An unfortunately multitudes have been taught wrong, but the Lord is patient and merciful to call us all back to the real Truth. IF we will just listen for HIS Voice?

  6. I see it as both. However, I have heard stories of people coming to Jesus and praying they could someday have a bible. The issue is like what you pointed out in the songs. If we place all our eggs on “just the bible” we miss out on the Living Word that lives within us. I have a short book on Logos and the Gospel of John where I go into that Logos does not just mean “Word”. Logos means more accurately “An ongoing conversation”. It is easy to see Jesus as static and unchanging but that leaves little room for relation. While we can debate whether Jesus is changed by us, one has to admit that “an ongoing conversation” is more relational than just “Word”. When we reduce God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, to just “written words” we also lost that relationship aspect.

    For me, the bible is very much relational in nature. It points out human’s base nature and why we need Jesus. It can also lead us to realize it is all about Jesus. While i would say the bible is essential. I also would say that I would still have the relationship with God i have even if I was never to have a bible again. i admit i would remember much of it – but isn’t that the very promise of the Holy Spirit? John 14:26 But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name,b will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

    • Thanks for sharing Carlos. I appreciate your portion.

      • Janet permalink

        Thanks for sharing the logos thing Carlos. I don’t study the Greek myself so hearing that kind of stuff is really helpful to me.

    • "BK" permalink

      Wonderful, Carlos! I still remember sitting, kind of in shock, when I looked up logos and rhema, expecting to show what I had always ‘been taught’….that logos is the written word, rhema the inspired. Wow! There I sat seeing how much MORE logos meant….ongoing conversation; I like the way you put it here. Amen…..and indeed, the Bible is definitely relational when read and anointed by the Spirit. There was a wonderful missionary of old in the Congo, Mary Slessor, who had penciled in her Bible next to where Paul said for women to keep silent in the church, “Oh, no, laddy!” ROFL! Ongoing conversation, dialogue……Life. Love, “BK”

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