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No Holograms Here

July 12, 2016


When I began this whole blogging adventure about five years ago I promised myself and The Lord that I would only post as I was led by The Holy Spirit.  That I would not just try and manufacture a post for the sake of manufacturing a post.  I desire this blog to always be fresh and real and not just another mundane thing I need to do every single day.  I am not claiming that 100% of what I write here is Spirit inspired, but I do claim that as a real and attainable goal.

Proverbs 25:11 says, “like apples of gold in settings of silver is the timely spoken word.”  So I always attempt to surrender my heart and mind to the Lord and allow HIM to speak through me in any given moment or situation.  It is far too easy to produce a pile of bullshit concerning about any topic one can possibly imagine.  Me?  I just want to naturally/supernaturally BEAR fruit. That’s the key. Because true fruit is born (of The Spirit)  and not manufactured by the mind or the flesh.

So you won’t see a post here from me here every single day.  I am frankly just not that Spiritual all of the time.  I want true fruit here and I desire that fruit to be real and very tasty.  Frankly there is just too much artificial wax fruit out there to be found even in the “Church” at large.  One of the primary reasons that the Traditional/Institutional “Church” is failing in their mission to make disciples is their total utter dependence on one “man” to “bring the Word of God” to them every single freaking week of the year.  It is simply impossible for one “man” to deliver a true 100% Spirit led message on every single Sunday.  Another problem is that most “Churches” rely and depend on monologues instead of healthy Spirit led open and free discussion.  Jesus was NOT about monologues.  Check it out in the Greek?  Whenever Jesus shared it was always dialogue.  It was always an exchange that included questions and answers.  It was The Lord that said in Isaiah 1: 18,  “Come let us reason together.”  If God desires dialogue rather than monologue with us….  then so should we with each other in HIS Body.  For that reason I believe that whenever the church gathers, it should be an ongoing open conversation with everyone participating, contributing, and sharing.  So I encourage all of you to PLEASE use the comment button at the bottom of these posts. We need to hear from one another and allow “Iron to sharpen Iron” here.

Well, that is my portion for this particular day.  Please add your portion too?  But, remember, ” If anyone speaks, they should do it as one speaking the very words of God.”  Remember, opinions are like assholes…… everybody has one.  So opinions are all too easy to give.  So please speak from your heart as you are led by The Holy Spirit?

Love and……

Kirk Out !





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  1. Janet permalink

    Christopher, I appreciate your encouragement to pause and try to determine if my thoughts are spirit led or my own. I tend to let fly whatever crosses my mind. Although He did say let us reason together, so maybe it’s ok to be me and talk about where my reasoning is going, as long as I am open to correction. But I think it’s also good for me to pause, though I might explode trying to hold my thoughts in!

    • Thank you for sharing Janet dear. Please only pause as the Spirit leads you. Your openness serves HIM well.

  2. "BK" permalink

    “So you won’t see a post here from me here every single day. I am frankly just not that Spiritual all of the time.” Hmmmmmm, so my comment won’t be alot about exactly what you written but one of the things that bothers me in the Christian world today. I honestly believe we should take another look (or maybe just learn to REST IN) at those comments we make about ‘not being all that spiritual all the time’. I think the fact you don’t post something everyday isn’t because you aren’t spiritual that day, but because you are spiritual enough to realize He’s not leading you to SAY anything on a particular day. Christ has made the way into the holies of holies for us. He has made us to SIT IN HEAVENLY PLACES, not just on a good day. When He walked this earth as a man, He demonstrated to us how we can walk as human beings with the Spirit of God dwelling in us. Sure we grow into Him but after we’ve walked with Him for 30 or 40 or more years wouldn’t you think we have grown into Him to dwell there most of the time? I think we hinder ourselves with learned humility. Just a pet peave…..”BK”

    • BK, I gladly receive that adjustment in my thinking from you. I knew that of course, but my words got in the way. Once we are “In Christ” there is no shadow or turning in HIM. Thanks BK!

  3. Jonathan Lindvall permalink

    I love your heart in this, Christopher. Your passion for honesty and openness before the Lord and one another is really refreshing. May we all be continually aware that “whatever is born of the flesh is flesh, and [only] that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

    • You are more than kind Jonathan. I am just one beggar telling other beggars where to find Bread.

  4. Rich Chamberlin permalink

    Do not lose that honest self assessment – while still in this flesh( body) we must respond to its needs, especially if we decided to have family. We can be more than just that, but never totally free in this life. We get tired, we get hungry, we get frustrated. Sometimes we get recharged by the power of his Spirit – this is a blessed taste of what we believe pure Spirit life will be like. ( sorry, no virgins with grapes!) PS failure of so many to take simple opportunity to respond puts in question the claim or goal of universal participation.

    • Thanks for sharing Rich. I am quite aware of my flesh, but attempt to submit it to the will of the Spirit each and every moment. Freedom to share is here, but we sure can’t force participation.

      • Sky permalink

        Great topic yall. I agree with BK that maybe your assessment of what is or is not spiritual is skewed? Just a thought.

  5. I hear you Skylla and have taken it under advisement.

  6. Dan permalink

    Keep on writing, Christopher, it’s all great stuff!

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