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July 6, 2016


There is a dangerous tyrant out there with a wicked
and deceitful heart.  This person has hurt, abused
and mistreated others many times for their own
personal satisfaction and gain.  Whenever challenged
concerning their actions and attitude, this person
retreats into a bunker and a place of total self protection.  Then
they just laugh at those holding them to account and
instead spread more propaganda.  They do this in order
to keep their life as it is.  They do this because
they refuse to change. Because they want to remain THE
RULER at any and all cost.

Am I talking about the Middle East here???  Absolutely not!
How about the the middle of our very own hearts and
lives folks.  Yes, it is time to look in the
proverbial mirror once again.  The truth is that we
ought to do so all the time.  That is “IF” we really desire what
Jesus wants of us, instead of what we want for ourselves.

The bible calls our hearts, “wicked and deceitful
above all things”. Only Jesus can begin to change
that, but we must also cooperate in order to make any
real progress.  Because even as christians we face choices
everyday and moment.  The big question being:  Are
we choosing to follow HIS heart for us, or are we
just simply being selfish and going our own way?

Yet many will still say, “Who have I ever hurt, abused
or mistreated?”…Okay, so there may not be actual
physical blood on your hands.  Jesus however basically
told us that, “If you thought it, you did it.”  Okay
then, so you did not use an actual weapon of mass
destruction ….., but what about the damage that
your tongue may have wreaked on the lives of others?
And by the way, Jesus also said, “If you did it to
others, you did it to ME too.”

Also, just how well do we respond to suggestion, let
alone correction that may lead to constructive change
and benefit to us and others?  Is our response really
any better in principle than that terrorist over in Syria, IRAQ or Pakistan?  When I looked in the mirror this morning before I sat down to write this I got really convicted and challenged. Because where it comes to my relationship with Jesus and others, many times I have been that type of tyrant in years past.  Defending myself and my ground at all cost, and arrogantly so.  Refusing the authority of THE LORD and the ministry of HIS church to speak change and life into this heart of mine.  Instead holding up in my personal defense bunker, resisting change and speaking out only self protective rhetoric.  Wanting to rule my own life instead of surrendering to THE RULER King Jesus.  You see, The Spirit and the flesh really are at war with each other and the battleground is our heart and mind.

All I can say is Jesus forgive me.  No more refusing
You.  No more merely negotiating treaties with You
that protect self interest, but instead true
unconditional surrender to Jesus The King and His

Like Walt Kelly said in the old POGO comic strip,
“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

P.s. I am so glad that I have allowed Jesus to change my heart and mind over the years.  When you are in Christ, EVERYTHING can change for the better.






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  1. "BK" permalink

    Such a good post, Christopher. I was glad to see you go on from the heart being deceitfully wicked to THE LORD makes the difference. Most people, when they quote that verse leave it there and never realize what the next verse says….”10] I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings….[12] A glorious high throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary.” I am also thankful this was written IN THE OLD COVENANT because now I don’t even get my ‘just dessert’ for my errors, but His blood covers those times so I can recover myself and get up and go on with Him. The flesh does war against the Spirit; and the Spirit IS victorious when we avail ourselves to It’s power….whether He speaks directly to our spirit or through someone along the way. And, yes, brother, I have seen the fruit of yielding to Him in the midst of excruciating circumstances make the difference in you unto Life! I also appreciated your honesty about yesteryear and the arrogance (I relate). If those who want to dig that up in anyone of our lives could realize we ARE moving into life they could be free from bitterness and get on with theirs. Be blessed today, “BK”

    • Thank you for your affirmation BK and recognizing my heart for all these years. Life, even in Christ, can be a tremendous struggle, but HE sees us though EVERY time!

  2. Spot ON Chris! Have a good friend who got after me years ago when I quoted that verse. He essentially said it didn’t apply to Christ followers who no longer have such a heart. Wish all of us who truly seek to follow Jesus never did… but alas… I’ve lived too long to think any of us are above any sin as such… Daily vertical -and- horizontal relationships, confessional reciprocal accountability, repentance where needed, fall seven times and GET BACK UP, keep seeking Him… this is where we stand -or not. Walt was so right- “the enemy is us” all too often! Love you much!

    • Thank you for that affirmation Glenn. Relationships are what it is all about my dear friend.

  3. Amen Chris. Everytime we point a finger of blame at someone else we’ve got 3 of our own pointing back at us (I think I stole that from Keith Green)…but you know it’s true. We need to be judging our own hearts, whittling down the plank in our own eye, and setting the example of Christ-following service ‘cuz that, my friends, is where the rubber meets the road.

  4. Dan permalink

    Defending ourselves for the sake of ourselves is just another form of hierarchy. Truly hearing with a humble heart and honestly engaging with what others have to say is, even when it is contrary to our thoughts, is more peer to peer and body-oriented interaction.

  5. Janet permalink

    I don’t even want to comment on this because it hit right between the eyes, and I don’t like it. But that’s my problem, what I want, or what I don’t want, or what is easy, that keeps me comfortable. And I avoid situations where I am questioned. Hence not getting re married so I can raise my kids the way I want, no arguments, no questions from anyone too close to me. I run on the permissive side, And have always bucked against my well meaning friends, or my disciplinarian ex, or my family. But how do we know when our inner voice is the holy spirit or our deceitful heart? My heart, or the spirit, lead me to let a friend’s child live with me, and then also her homeless boyfriend. But my heart also lead me to not push my oldest to get work soon after high school, but I let it go too long, I know. Sometimes it’s hard to know, at least for me. How many times are folks so deceived yet believe God told them to do this or that. Aaagh!

    • Janet, your heart is so soft before the Lord. I love and admire that about you. I had a difficult time writing this one too. It is all too convicting. Yet I still wrote and you still responded. Softness of heart is cultivated by cooperating with the hand of the Lord in our lives. It is the opposite of rebellion.

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