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Searching Together Gathering 2016

July 4, 2016


“…… if we walk in the light as HE is in the light we have fellowship with one another….”

This year’s gathering was wonderful and awesome.  Twenty six of us from all over the USA came together truly as one to seek the face of Christ together.  Everyone’s portion of the Truth in Love was accepted and valued by the whole group and the results of our submitting unto one another in this fashion truly honored the Master and blessed us all in ways beyond mere belief.

This was my fourth straight year at the gathering and I have never been disappointed with the grace, freedom and hospitality that hosts Jon and Dotty Zens have offered to those willing and able to make the trip there.  In this blog I talk a lot about totally free and open, Spirit led, relational fellowship and I want to say that this gathering demonstrates that, on a national scale, better than any I have been a part of since 1996 in Potato Creek Indiana.

The Holy Spirit was with us all in a manner I have rarely experienced.  We would show up to whole group sessions and people would literally begin to share things that we had just discussed among ourselves in our separate apartments right before the session.  I mean word for word and scripture for scripture, exact same concepts and truths.  It was so confirmatory and awesome.  For example right before our very first session several of us were discussing the absolute need for humility in serving Christ and others.  Ten minutes later Jon opened the gathering by sharing briefly on the humility of Christ.  All four days were like this.

Our sessions were discussions, NOT sermons, with a supernatural give and take and ebb and flow.  Everyone was encouraged to share and no one dominated any portion of the gathering.  It was so encouraging to be a part of and witness so many freely sharing their gifts and insights and interacting with the rest of the Body at large.

To me living, eating, cooking, sharing and singing together was the best part of the gathering.  However, what I came away with the most was a deep sense of being thoroughly connected with others who were there.  There was a knitting together of hearts that many seldom, if ever, experience in everyday church life.  We did not ATTEND a conference together, we participated in the Divine nature together.  And friends, it doesn’t ever get any better than that on this side of eternity.  Give yourself to fellowship with others and you will reap real relationship directly from the Hand of Christ.

Love and……..

Kirk Out !

P.s.  We were up every night until after 1 am and it was worth it!





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  1. Dan permalink

    Would love to be there next year to participate in the Divine nature together with you all!

  2. Ruth Sapp permalink

    Sounds like fun…………let me know when it is coming up and I will try to go!!!

  3. Janet Fowler permalink

    This was my first time going to the gathering. I am so glad I was able to get the time off. So much great conversation and bouncing ideas around. I would also like to mention how much servanthood I observed. It was a great experience and I definitely want to make the time to attend every year. Truly a family feel.

    • Janet, I was so glad to have you there with me this year. YOu truly have a servant’s heart and I loved your “voice” in the conversations and songs. You are very dear and special to me and I love you.

  4. "BK" permalink

    I agree, Janet! It was just all so wonderful. I was so deeply touched on the last
    day as people were sharing their appreciation for those three days together. Many would go back to very little fellowship. As they spoke I began to feel God reminding me again of the time He told me “I have not called you to build fellowships. I have called you to build fellowship into the hearts of My people. Fellowships come and go but if it is in the heart then when it appears My people will gather to it.” Then I saw and felt this……
    I saw people working on a big fishing net. I could feel a HUGE harvest of fish that would be caught in that net in the future. But what the Lord brought my attention to was the HOLES in the net. There was a knot, a line that connected to the next knot, then another and another, forming the net. He asked me, “see those big holes? Don’t be discouraged at the huge space between My people. Those little knots are the little groups, the lines that run between them is My Spirit joining them….and the HOLES, the space between them, is simply part of the net. It won’t take alot of people, or a SOLID net (or it wouldn’t be ‘net’ right?). When the people of this world get discouraged and begin to turn to Me I will have people in place and connected to hold them.” As
    I told Frank and Sue and tried to draw what I saw I couldn’t help but cry. Cry tears of hope and thankfulness. Let us not despair. Let us rejoice for every person, for every group, for every way the Lord sees fit to join them (and us). God is not being caught by surprise.
    So hard to capture the depth and gravity of the experience with the written word. Love, “BK”

    • Wow BK. The Spirit is strong in you. Thanks for sharing that wonderful “vision”.

  5. Janet Fowler permalink

    Christopher, I did cherish the chance to share my voice with you and others during the musical worship time. I have an even deeper appreciation for your musical talents and thoughtful comments! Hoping to have more opportunities to fellowship with you and others! The Lord bless you my love!

  6. Ramma permalink

    Thank you for sharing everyone! Sorry to have missed it this year! We were so close to being able to go. I love hoe the Lord is always right on time and every one is in tune with the Spirit. miss those days!

    • Hopefully next year Ramma and I also hope to head west and see you and others this winter.

    • "BK" permalink

      Ramma, we were all HOPING, HOPING, HOPING for you and Danny to show up…..but alas, it is in the Lord’s capable hands. Now we HOPE for next year. But we’ll probably get to see you before that as we head south. Love you! “BK”

  7. John Sinkey permalink


  8. Sue Heumann permalink

    Frank and I are still fondly reminded of Kens funny story about the two aborigines that ate 80 pounds of kangaroo meat between them….it reminds us of large portions of spiritually dining together….were drawing a spiritual connection dining on ’80’ lbs of spiritual food in Elgin! Weve reviewed our notes, and listened to the recording of the presentations and dialogue while driving on the way home…….. (just passed Wamsutter, WY)….(sounds like an aboriginal town!!). Thanks to each voice and heart that fed us ….. we are still digesting!!!! Love you all and looking forward to more . . . . .

  9. Sue heumann permalink

    Love love! …. This is so fun and encouraging, Christopher!

  10. Jonathan Lindvall permalink

    One of these years perhaps I’ll be able to come there from the West Coast. It sounds like a really edifying time.

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