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It Takes The Entire Crew continued….

June 11, 2016


It seems that The Lord is continuing to place on my heart and mind the importance of every member ministry and The Priesthood of every believer.  Today I am going to look at Ephesians 4:7-16 in a way that you may have never considered before.  Many use this passage to further divide the church and support a Clergy/Laity division.  In my experience and study what I have found concerning this passage is that it has much more to do with our being connected with *one another* and Jesus than it has to do with the so called “Power gifts”.

Starting with verse 7 it begins with, “But to *each one* of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.”  We *all* get a portion of grace and gifting and not just so called leaders. Continuing in verse 11… It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers,”  Notice that each gifting represented here is in small case letters, these are NOT titles to be given, but rather descriptions of various gifting and service.  Continuing in verse 12..”to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the Body of Christ may be built up, until *we all* reach *unity* in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”  It is quite clear that these gifts are meant to unify the church, but all too often these concepts are used to divide the church into Clergy and Laity, Leaders and followers, and gifted and pew warmers.  It is my strong passionate belief that *every* member of the true church has been given a portion of  the type of gifts described above and that all believers can at times function in these particular gifts when prompted by The Holy Spirit and given opportunity in the Body.  When everyone get to share their God given portion and gifting all of God’s people get better prepared and equipped for true servanthood and great works of service both in the Church and to the world around us.

What happens when these gifts are allowed to flow naturally/supernaturally through all believers?  Verse 14…. Then *we* will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching  and by the cunning and craftiness of  people in their deceitful scheming.  Instead, speaking the truth in love, (in the Greek it involves more than speaking, it is literally ‘truthing’ in love, involving all we say or do and not just our words)  *we* will in *all* things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.  From Him the *whole* body, joined and held together by *every* supporting ligament, grows and builds “itself* up in love, *AS EACH PART DOES ITS WORK.”

There it is!  When the whole church and each and every member is allowed to function in their giftings, we really are able to grow up and accomplish the things of God together.  Over the past 40 years I have witnessed and experienced the wonders of every member ministry.  So I will ask this simple question once again… are you a gifted minister in the Body of Christ or are you paying someone else to try and do that for you?

Love and…..

Kirk Out !








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  1. Sue heumann permalink

    Beautiful …. Is the body of Christ….praying He can find himself in more true churches…. Like where I am please??!!!! ‼️🙏👍

    • I hear you Sue and so does HE. “Do not despise the days of small beginnings.” At least there are a few of you there gathering under the Headship of Christ. There are plenty of very lonely followers of Jesus out there….. praying for just ONE other person in their area for fellowship. Remember…the very first thing love is… is patient. I know it is hard, but stand firm and Christ will bless you with more fellowship opportunities nearby.

    • "BK" permalink

      Absolutely AMEN! Sue. Ken & I travel ALOT and gather with all kinds of fellowships, some inside the walls of Babylon, some outside. But rarely do we find the openness and flow of Spirit we felt at your home when we were there. I’m not just saying that, it is true. We gathered together here in Withrow, just two of us, and wow what a beautiful presence. Plus some very deep things were able to be dealt with by Him that no one else could have touched without alot of pain. This morning it was in life and it was freeing. I visited the family of the sister who was here and what a peace in their home….all a result of THE SPIRIT and the body. You keep keeping on because you can’t lose by following Him. It’s a beautiful thing there is no rule or guide book. I was impressed with what Jon Zens told some folk we visited in New York as they had their beginning. It was something like God brings specific people together in a specific community and each fellowship will be what He wills for THEM. There will be similiarities across the board but each one will look a bit different as He molds them. Touched me so much. Sorry this turned out so long. I just wanted to Amen what Christopher said. Love you so much, “BK”

      • Thanks for sharing BK, it really blessed me. YOur words of hope, affirmation and confirmation ring true with much love.

  2. daryl permalink

    Very much agree that this passage is mis- taught by many.The whole context is the One Body of Christ,but it is regularly given only “local church” application…and that in a distorted way in my opinion.It is regularly taught by those in church leadership that they are just to equip,and the rest of us are to do the ministry or works of service…and by that,they basically mean do work at and for the local church,supporting it’s programs,supporting it financially,putting it first,almost making a “god” of the local church. I just don’t see the passage teaching that. I also feel that at THE TIME PAUL WROTE this,their was a far greater need of apostles,prophets,evangelists,pastors, teachers,for the simple reason that Scripture was in progress,still being completed.Now,we have the completed scripture,not to mention the Holy Spirit to teach us.I really don’t feel I NEED to be equipped by any pastor to do the ministry or good works that God would have me do.Having said that,many have equipped me or help me grow in grace not even knowing they did so.ANY brother or sister in Christ can equip us or help us grow.

    • Thanks for sharing your portion daryl.

    • "BK" permalink

      Hi, Daryl. My husband has an interesting take on this. A few years ago he saw and shared that those five ‘giftings’ are simply the varied way the Spirit flows through the body….ANY MEMBER. Recently he saw that verse ‘for the equipping of the saints’ not as something given by one of those members (apostle, etc) but, rather, that is what we are equipped WITH to do the job before us. We are equipped WITH the flow of pastor, teacher, etc. Does that make any sense? Sometimes my writing expression isn’t the best. 😦 “BK”

      • BK, you are great at expressing yourself through writing. Thanks for sharing the Truth in Love with us here.

      • daryl permalink

        It does make sense to me “BK”,though i think there aspects of how the Spirit flowed at the time(the early days of the Church),that are not something we flow in today.Paul spoke in chapter 3 about the “mystery” of Christ….which had not previously been made known to men in other generations…but was revealed by the Spirit to God’s holy apostles and prophets,He then goes on to explain that mystery.You and I and anyone can NOW read in scripture what this mystery is.There is no need for an apostle or prophet to reveal it to us. I apologize if sounding disagreeable…not my intent and i appreciate your comments.I think we agree that God can equip us to do anything He would have us do.

  3. Mercy fulgencio permalink

    Hearing God is really important so ea one can minister accordingly, and we’ve got listen to what the Holy Spirit is prompting us to do because it is where God’s purpose is fulfilled.

    • Yes Mercy, a big AMEN here. “Those who are led by the Spirit of God will be called the sons of God.”

  4. Dan permalink

    Two key take aways for me – that the gifts in Eph 4 are meant to unify us not divide us (never saw that before) and that we are “truthing” each other in love (to me a part of that must involve speaking to each other about who we really are in Christ to dispel the crippling lies of the enemy).

  5. Sue heumann permalink

    And thank you everyone for all the encouragement, I’ve been so helped, encouraged, and uplifted by Chris’s blog….AND the comments from supporters and believers . . .what a lovely thing….and Chris, yes, you are right, I DO have some who truly are encouragements here, and family. I shouldn’t be greedy but thankful and patient with the Lord of course. He is so patient with me! Love you all…..❤️🙏 Think I was having ‘one of those days’ when I commented……aaaagh! Learning about abiding in him which isn’t lonely if our minds are set on him❣

    • I love you Sue! WE all have “those days” occasionally. The way you help, encourage and lift me up is amazing and it inspires me to write even more dear sister.

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