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I Am Not A Real Captain

June 3, 2016


Those of you who know me or follow this blog know by now that I do not believe in human hierarchies within the Church.  Well, to be honest I do admit to one hierarchy being essential …. that Jesus is the one and Only King and Leader in the Church.  Jesus is indeed over all of us, but I do not believe that any follower of Christ is over or above other Christ followers.

One of the worst things that the “Church” has embraced over the centuries is the worldly military model of leadership.  The whole concept that puts one human over and above other humans in the Church is seriously flawed and is detrimental to the Body of Christ.  Sure there are times when various members of the Body need to take the lead, but putting those individuals in a set in stone position over others is just not right or beneficial to the Church.  The whole system that puts in place a chain of command within the Church with superiors and subordinates damages people and keeps most of the members of The Body of Christ from ever truly growing into the full-fledged disciples that Christ meant them to be.  I could quote scriptures ad nauseam to backup my opinion, but anyone could look at my previous blogs if they want “proof”.

I will quote one scripture here though….  recently I took special time to read through the Gospels again and I found one verse that I had previously overlooked.  Yes! Surprise!  Christopher Kirk does indeed own and read a Bible; contrary to popular belief.  I found a gem in Luke 6:40 which reads, ” A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.”  Notice is does not say that the student is under the teacher.  Plus even when fully trained the student is never above their teacher either.  If Jesus is talking about Himself being the teacher then that says even volumes more about how having a chain of command can be dead wrong in the Church.  And let us not forget that Jesus also said that we are to call no one Teacher because we are all brothers.

Of course this is all my belief and conviction and I will not try to force anyone to agree with me.  All I want to do is share my portion with others and also receive their portion of the truth in love in return.  So I share my heart with you all here, but remember I am not a real Captain.  I am not ranked above anybody.  Calling me that is only a tongue in cheek bow to a science fiction character who shares my last name. But remember those at Penn State University, including head coach Joe Paterno, thought they were doing the right thing by following their chain of command system and because of this they failed the child victims of  horrific sex crimes.  The lesson we need to learn from this is that we need to always do the right thing according to The Spirit and not follow any human chain of command.

A precious brother my dear friend BK knew years ago, while still in the hierarchy had a strange dream that changed his life forever. He saw a multitude of people traveling together to a city. He knew it to be the people of God in their journey of life. The strange thing was, there was no apparent “leader” for them. As he watched the group encountered several ‘hardships’, needing expertise. Crossing a treacherous ravine; a raging river; a dense forest; etc. Each time a few people stepped to the forefront….sometimes men, sometimes women, sometimes even children; most of the time a mix. They would guide the rest of the people safely through, then melt back into the crowd. When he awoke he began to question the Lord. It was then those verses of us being a KINGDOM of priests began to fall into place.

I have had very similar dreams and visions over the years and they all just serve to confirm what Jesus has been revealing to me over the last 50 years concerning the totally free and fully functioning Body of Christ.  Where every single member is important and needed for the organism to thrive and grow.

Love and……

Kirk Out!















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  1. So correct…and isn’t it strange that you will never hear this taught while still involved in the organized bird cage bcos they’d be telling on themselves.

  2. Sue heumann permalink

    Beautiful … The feet of those who bring good news!…and beautiful…..the Body of Christ….fully functioning as His body.

  3. Jonathan Lindvall permalink

    I love your heart, brother.

  4. janet fowler permalink

    I love that you shared that man’s vision again. Most of my most profound experiences with God have been outside of the traditional church. Some have been while in the midst of it, yes but even those were a separate experience and not something happening in the church at the time. I have not attended a church for a while but I miss the group dynamic and it’s hard to find what you speak of. I know others on your blog have commented on the loneliness when leaving the ic. And as a single mom, the ic was sometimes my only source of help. It’s hard to leave that. Even now at times I’m tempted to get back into it just for the support. If only it were more common to have the kind of fellowship you encourage.

    • Loneliness can be very rough at times for sure, but it also gives us all the opportunity to really lean on the Spirit of Christ and develop more intimacy with Him. It also teaches us to really appreciate the time we do share in fellowship with others. For that time is indeed precious. I love you and am praying for you Janet.

  5. "BK permalink

    While I can see how someone who first begins reading your posts and then see ‘Captain Kirk’ can possibly wonder, having known you as a close brother for so many years what I think of is not the ‘captain’ part, but I can hear ringing in my ears the opening of the old TV series of Star Trek, “daring to go where no man has gone before….”. As people walk with you they will see that. I loved your verse on the teacher/pupil. The one that caught my attention once Galatians
    6:[6] “Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth…”. Straight out of King James! 🙂 If that isn’t dialogue I sure don’t know what is! And, lastly, I will add just a bit to what the brother saw. When those who had the expertise in varied situations came forward it was sometimes men, sometimes women, sometimes even children…usually a mix. That was really an eye opener for him because it crossed his personal theology of ‘leadership’. Love you, brother, “BK”

  6. Thank you for those great words of affirmation and confirmation BK. Dialogue is key because one way monologue only allows for one small fragment of the overall picture on any given topic to be known. When we ALL dialogue together we get the whole Truth in Love and not just one “man’s” opinion.

  7. Dan permalink

    The military model – we have only one Commander in Cheif, Jesus Christ, and we all are soldiers of equal rank under His command.

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