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“Damn it Jim, I’m a Doctor not a cook!”

May 26, 2016

Greetings Crew,

When our little group of believers gather together for fellowship we “normally” start with a complete shared meal. Eating together is an extremely important thing for churches to do.  Breaking bread with one another is something deeply human and deeply Spiritual.  We gather together to share our blessings both temporal and spiritual and the home cooked meal represents how we go about sharing these Divine blessings with one another.

At our time of gathering EVERYone brings a substantial contribution to the meal.  Each household is responsible to bring enough food and drink to share with their whole church family.  We rarely organize this ahead of time, except for perhaps a few phone calls to make sure we are not doubling up on any given dish.  Our fellowships take our communion meal so seriously that we honestly refer to ourselves as THE FIRST CHURCH OF MEAT COOKED ON FIRE.

So we sit down and share a big meal together.  We all sit around the table and around the room where we are either side by side or face to face with our fellow eaters.  All of this is by intentional choice.  Yes, we really want to just hang out and just eat with one another.  And as we eat the conversations flow in a great number of directions and topics.  Yes, exactly just like we are gathering with our extended natural family.  Because we totally recognize and surrender to the Spiritual fact that we really are HIS family and we belong to one another in the Body of Christ.

After the meal we all clean up together and after that we reassemble for a more centered and focused time of sharing, singing and prayer.  Guess what?  We treat this time together just like we went about preparing for the common meal.  EVERYONE has a contribution.  We then all share in turn as The Spirit leads us.  Then we simply eat from the Tree of Life found in one another and converse until we are full.  It is that simple!  It is that real!

The second chapter of Acts talks about the early church coming together to share teaching, fellowship, eating and prayer.  It says they broke bread in their homes and “ate together with glad and sincere hearts.”  Should we in the 21’st century settle for anything more or less?  GOD has not changed!  And YES it really is that simple.  Every member brings their portion to share and it always works out and Jesus is always lifted up and glorified in our midst.

Love and…….

Kirk Out!









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  1. Dan permalink

    “we simply eat from the Tree of Life found in one another”. Well said. We all carry the Tree of Life within and pour out drinks of God for one another. (Greek meaning of “deacon” – “servant who pours out or dispenses the wine”)

    • Good one Dan! Pouring out or being poured out for the sake of others is something we need more of in the Body of Christ.

  2. Jonathan Lindvall permalink

    Love it. I honestly don’t think it possible to experience real church-life without the weekly (or frequent) love-feast clearly described in scripture. “Churches” that neglect this are actually not churches, but works (para-church ministries–valid, but not churches).

    • To truly BE Ekklessia takes intimacy with one another and most often that takes quality time together. However, the Holy Spirit can transcend time and allow intimacy to occur at times even online or over the phone in spite of whatever distance we may be apart physically.

  3. I’m part of an organic church group and we too share meals in a similar way. Sometimes I find it’s great, others not so much. On this topic, I have a question for you – I’m the only single person in the group and I find cooking stressful for a number of reasons I won’t go into. Our group has been meeting for a midweek dinner and then a weekend meeting and we eat together at both. I’m okay to make something special for the midweek dinner but honestly, having to make food twice in one week to share is too heavy a burden and so I usually just bring food for myself on the weekend meeting and eat that. The only way that the midweek meeting can happen is if we do it at dinner time because of time pressures and kids. I’m going to suggest to our group next time we meet that we cut back to eating together only once a week because I’m weary of having to think so much about preparing food. Except as I said, dinner time is the only time some of us have available to meet midweek. Have you found any creative ways of meeting together midweek without having to involve dinner?

    • I hear your frustration Ben. To make things easier for single folks in our fellowships that don’t like to cook we just have them bring a few 2 liter bottles of pop or a store bought desert like pie or cookies.

      • Thanks for your reply! I take some comfort in what you’ve just indirectly said – some single brothers and sisters you fellowship with don’t like to cook either. Just knowing that makes me feel a bit better. It means I’m not completely unusual in finding it difficult. It also puts me in a better frame of mind to know how to raise it with my group. Sorry if I whinged a bit in my previous comment.

  4. Ben, glad that I could help. NO such thing as a bad question in relational churching.

  5. One single brother here brings cottage cheese, or a relish tray with crackers most of the time. Or a couple bags of chips and dip.

    • Cool, so effectively what we Australians would call ‘nibblies’. You’ve reminded me of what we used to do at another group I was a part of a few years back. We were all single and we just brought dips and crackers, pre-made biscuits and cakes. We ate dinner before we got together but then ate the nibblies after the meeting. I guess in these types of groups, everyone’s got to walk with each other at whatever place each member is at. I guess this applies to what each member is capable of bringing with respect to food.

      • Yes Ben, we walk and bear with each other through both our strengths and weaknesses. Even where it comes to cooking and such. Thanks for your contributions to this conversation.

  6. There was a season when I was moved to open my home after the Sunday Morning Church service for all of my intimate Christian friends. Each came from a different denomination … each came with something for a Pot Luck Meal, (store bought was fine). Many came with Home Cooking because some of my Teen Children’s friends who dropped in said ‘This is the only time we get home cooking, our parents come home exhausted with fast food or give us a few bucks and tell us to go get ourselves a sub or something.’ These Neighborhood kids were not believers, in the beginning. Eventually the unconditional love they experience drew them to attend our Youth Group, I assisted. Then they went to Church, sadly they stopped attending because it was not of the same loving Spirit. An example: the Pastor said, ‘Those who sat under his anointing needed to not distract him by chewing gum and going to the bathroom. They needed to learn to hold it.’ It was shortly after this I was led out of Organized Religion in 1989, (was not raised to attend a Church Service, so it was easy for me to depend directly on the Holy Spirit, having been born of the Holy Ghost in 1978, before I started attending there).

    Home groups was new back then… (I did not consider this to be a Home Group, as I was just inviting friends over to fellowship as Spirit led Believers). What took place was unique at that time, at least for us. It was not organized in any ways… friends and family came and went whenever they wanted, as I had a open door policy, as a Single mom. It was not uncommon to find some gathered in a part of our Home singing from their heart unto the Lord. We might find another sitting near my loaning Library, reading or discussing a book or the Bible. We might find a few gathered praying with someone in my Bedroom, or ministering in another way on the staircase. People were very considerate and cleaned up after themselves and did not spill the food they ate where ever convenient. Hopefully you get the picture. This was like a magical time in my life. To me this was but a glimpse into what took place after Pentecost and a foreshadow of what is coming, if it has not already begun….

    PS: I am 66 years old, am married to a Believer who was led out as well. We have never been led to attend Church regularly since then … I have many friends who still attend and are content with their relationships with others as well as our Lord. I do see a day coming when there will be a move of the Spirit of God which will take ALL of us (family of God) beyond what we are walking in presently, whether we are in or out of a Church environment (organized or a living organism). That is very much alive in me….

    • Bren, you shared exactly where my heart is. I too have experienced the joy of having an open home for all to fellowship in at any given time. The Spirit is fully capable of leading the Body of Christ without the need of any official human leadership or structure. Free flowing open fellowship is awesome. However, trying to package it always fails. That is why we are called to BE the church and NOT just go to one and do good works. BEING requires no human effort, in fact such striving just gets in the way of true Fellowship. Thanks again Bren for sharing your heart here.

    • So true Bren – I believe the Lord will eventually move the majority of Christians out of the institutional church. Thanks for sharing – this is exactly what many of us are striving for!

      • Ben, the good stuff does not happen by striving, it comes by entering into HIS rest.

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