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Please Consider Participating In The 2016 “Searching Together” Gathering?

May 24, 2016
After the following announcement I give a personal report about the 2014 gathering:
We give you a hearty invitation to attend our 17th Searching Together Gathering on June 23-26, 2016 at International Teams, 411 W River Rd, Elgin, IL. 

We meet at the facilities of International Teams in Elgin, IL. Everybody has raved about this venue. Attendees stay in a “unit” with others, which consists of 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen, dining area & living room area. So we use multiple “units” for our conference.

Time will be given for fellowship and networking. We don’t invite (or pay for) anybody to speak. It is “open” in the sense that if someone has something to share, they can present what’s on their heart. We just ask that they let us know what they’d like to talk about.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask — but we hope this info will serve the purpose of basic information.

To register, please contact Jon Zens (


“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”  Ephesians 5: 21

This past weekend I had the honor and pleasure of being a participant in this years Searching Together event.  We gathered Thursday through Sunday just West of Chicago Illinois at a venue that provided a conference room large enough for 22 of us and an opportunity for a true communal living experience in guest apartments with three bedrooms each.  We met together under the Headship of Christ as a large group several times a day and also met “house to house” each evening,  We broke bread together with glad and sincere hearts and all our times of fellowship were extremely sweet and profitable.

This year’s gathering was intentionally more conversational than previous events.  Instead of having 40 minute teachings followed by 40 minutes of questions and interaction, every session was allowed to be totally free, open and interactive from the start.  Our focus was on dialogue rather than monologue and Spirit led interruption was welcomed and encouraged.

In a word it was WONDERFUL.  It was perhaps the best national gathering (We had folks there from coast to coast) I have participated in since 1996 at Potato Creek Indiana.  We were allowed to have totally open and free, Spirit led fellowship without the hint of manipulation or human control.  The flow of the Holy Spirit was very rich and deep and everyone got to share their portion of truth in love with the entire group.  Plus believe it or not we did not experience even one moment of contention or sharp disagreement.

As we took turns sharing we simply submitted to the Christ in one another and the overwhelming fruit was sincere love.  In prayer, song and word we lifted our voices and Jesus met us there in a deep and substantial way.  Jon Zens shared Thursday night and said we could have either revelation or religion and I guess we all chose revelation; and we found it in one another.  I have been gathering and interacting in this free and open manner since 1976, and not once have I been disappointed.  When you put away all agendas and yield to the Spirit’s leading and teaching through each member of the Body the Truth in Love just flows to the benefit of all involved.

At this simple gathering my relationship with Jesus grew deeper, as did my relationships with the other participants.  Wow, it is a true blessing to be honestly able to say “participants” instead of mere attendees.  Special thanks to Jon, Dotty, Jodi, Marv and all the others that worked to help this event happen.  I am really looking forward to 2015.  Those folks are more than friends…they are family!

Love and……

Kirk Out !

P.s.  Please pray about and consider joining us at Searching Together 2016 next month?  I will be there as well as Janet F, BK , and Sue who comment often here on this blog site.  These are the best Body life, relational, and organic gatherings I know of here in the USA.





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  1. I could not attend….limited fixed income, widowed for years, etc I'[m pretty much tied down, but it sounds wonderful. I wish you guys had Skype meetings. I’ve been thinking about trying to find one.
    Blessings and love to all in Jesus name…
    Scarlett out 🙂

  2. Scarlett, I am praying for you. That the Lord would send folks your way for fellowship.

  3. Jonathan Lindvall permalink

    This sounds really enticing. It’s a long way from California, but who knows? It seems unrealistic, but I’m still going to hold it before the Lord.

    • Jonathan, way to stay open to the leading of The Lord. MOst people flat out decide based solely upon their circumstances. I believe in praying about everything and leaving nothing to pure chance.

  4. Sue heumann permalink

    Frank and I will drive from Utah, last year we flew. It was worth the trip if it’s something your heart is yearning for and the circumstances allow. I’ll be praying for these folks thinking and praying on it. We are so looking forward to the time again! I believe the rooms may be filled, Capn, you may want to check w Jon Z on this…..hotel rooms may have to be the accommodations now…..🙏

  5. Sue heumann permalink

    Good to know!👍

  6. "BK" Zimmer permalink

    Well worth the time and expense if one can expend both. We missed last year and are so looking forward to this year again. Love, “BK”

  7. Dan permalink

    “yield to the Spirit’s leading and teaching through each member of the Body” Love this!
    Where is the info about 2016?

    • Dan, for more info check out …. Searching Together 2016 on facebook or contact Jon Zens….
      To register, please contact Jon Zens (

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