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Seek Jesus Not Church

May 16, 2016


“Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.”  Isaiah 55: 6

Awhile back I was watching Fleetwood Mac perform live on the TODAY SHOW.  They are one of my favorite bands from the 70’s.  I just have always loved their sound.  One of the things I really liked about them is that they have three lead vocalists who also sing harmony extremely well.   That morning as they played the song “Go Your Own Way” there was a red banner behind the stage that read, “SEEK JESUS NOT CHURCH”.  That simple phrase instantly struck me as a Spiritual truth and it has been on my heart and mind since I first saw it.  I do not think that the band was responsible for the banner, but I guess it is a possibility even though they have been known to practice witchcraft and abuse cocaine in the past.  Either way I will certainly be praying for them from now on.

“SEEK JESUS NOT CHURCH”, That certainly does ring very true to me.  It makes great sense because it is Jesus that defines the Church and certainly not the other way around.  In fact much of the mess that most of the Traditional/Institutional “Church” has become comes from its attempting to define who Jesus is for themselves and outsiders.  The Jesus they present is exclusive and not inclusive and many times quite angry and judgemental.  Their Jesus condemns sin and sinners instead of being the One who reconciles All to right standing with God in spite of their sins.  Their Jesus rubber stamps and approves of them isolating themselves from the world and hating those still in it.  Their Jesus divides while the true Jesus unites.  Finally their Jesus has love and redemption, but only for those who meet their conditions and criteria.  When you seek Church instead of Christ you end up with the Christ they preach and define instead of the One True living and all loving and forgiving Jesus Christ Who is Lord over all creation.

If you desire life, love and truth SEEK JESUS and allow Him to fully define and reveal Himself to you. For in that process He will also introduce you to the true Church, the Body of Christ who gladly welcomes whosoever will into its outstretched arms of mercy and grace.  The true Church is always about relationship and not dead religion.  The true Church is about total freedom in the Spirit and not rules and legalism.  The false Church is about traditions, conditions and the Law.  The true Church knows that the Letter of the Law kills, but the Spirit always gives life and more freedom.  The false Church sets itself up as judge, jury and makes God into the executioner.  I am not meaning to be so harsh, but in comparison there are HUGE differences between the true Church of Jesus and the other one out there claiming to be His, but in reality is man centric instead of Christ centric.

All I really know is this….. Jesus loves you and if you seek Him you will find Him.  When you receive Him His Spirit will fill and guide you into all truth, even the truth about Church.  So don’t put the cart before the horse and instead seek Him first and allow Him to reveal Himself to you.  The Love of Christ is unconditional.  Being in Christ is a lifelong journey of discovering the truth in love.  It is my sincere hope and prayer that whoever reads this finds Him and then at HIS leading discovers true fellowship with others in the glorious Bride of Christ which is the one true Church.  Please do not settle for anything less than His Love, Grace and Truth.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

P.s. I am hoping it is just a blip on the radar screen or a speed bump, but I had a new flashback of my father and his cousins raping me at about age 9 this past weekend.  It has been troubling me, but I haven’t lost any sleep over it yet.  Prayers will be deeply appreciated?








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  1. Amen Kirk. Back in the day, church messed me up….unfortunately at that time I didn’t know that Jesus and “church” (as we know it), are not synonymous.

    • Scarlett, I am glad you know better now. You are in my prayers dear sister.

      • Thank you Kirk. I most certainly need your prayers down here in Sodom. I was told today, “the Lama is in town”. You name it, if it’s occult or weird, Truth or Consequences, NM has it all. More spiritual warfare, and more spiritual oppression to deal with.
        I sometimes feel like Lot….vexed by all the ungodly conversation of these people. And no fellowship here.
        Lord Jesus bless you Kirk, I like it that you encourage house churches.

  2. Lord bless you too Scarlett. Ever think of moving away from there to a better place?

  3. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have…sometimes daily.

    • Scarlett, may the Spirit of Christ lead you and provide the location and means.

    • "BK" Zimmer permalink

      Scarlett, my husband and I will be traveling through your area in August sometime….could we meet face to face? It would be such an honor to have a cup of coffee with you and hug your neck! My email is if you want to email me privately. If you aren’t comfortable with a meeting there’s no offense here. Just offering….we know what lonliness for His Body is. Love, “BK”

      • Pleased to meet you BK….that would be a rare treat to be able to sit down with some spirit filled Christians and share the love of Jesus together. Will write you for contact details.
        You can always reach me at

  4. Janet permalink

    Praying for you Christopher. You are so loved and held in HIS hands. Excellent post as always.

  5. Thank you Brother Kirk….I do believe He will.

  6. Karen King permalink

    Who does God want to be for you, because of this memory, that He couldn’t otherwise be? Because I’ve asked this question regarding remembered wrongs, I have been brought to an ability to be actually grateful for the people who wronged me. This is step beyond forgiveness and into the fruit of the Spirit–Joy, Peace and Love specifically. One step closer to looking like Christ and behaving like Holy Spirit. This blip may be very important. I have no doubt you will seek Him and see Love.
    I am giving you some of the joy that I’ve been given. Please accept it. I love you, my brother.

    P.S. You might be encouraged in Spirit by watching a movie currently on Netflix called “Holy Ghost”

    • Karen, thank you for sharing HIS joy and love with me. If anything PTSD has brought me closer to Jesus and others. Because of my struggles I now have supreme empathy for others who struggle with mental issues and I understand forgiveness like never before. In fact Jesus used me to help many others find HIM during my many trips to the psych unit. Christ lifted me out of the pit and has placed my feet firmly on solid ground. I would not change anything I have been through because those traumatic events have brought me closer to Jesus than ever before.

    • "BK" Zimmer permalink

      Karen, I so appeciated this point. I so often tell people who are healing from the wounds left them by either the world or religious world, “They did you a favor. If they had treated you right you may still be there”. Amen to the freedom this brings us into when we realize this. Thank you for your portion, “BK”

  7. daryl permalink

    Will continue to pray for you to get rest and victory.Very thought provoking post and just thought i might share a few thoughts…not meant as an opposing view,but really believe the Spirit would have me share. I feel that believers today are being attacked with a very distorted view of “inclusion” from the world….which should be no surprise as Satan actively blinds the minds of unbelievers. The worlds “inclusion” is being forced upon us,and if we speak up or don’t tow the line,we are labeled all sorts of things that are untrue…and wrongly portrayed as “discriminatory”,when in fact we are simply living to please God,rather than man,being light in the dark. We should not be surprised.Jesus said if the world hates you keep in mind that it hated me first…if you belonged to the world it would love you as it’s own..John 15:18. In a sense Jesus is exclusive,in His own words. He said “I am the way(not “A” way),the truth and the life…NO man comes to the Father,but by me” John 14:6. That excludes other ways to God We are not acting in love by accepting,tolerating every thing the world is shoving down our throats.We will be persecuted but we need to be lovers of God rather than men.

    • Thank you for sharing daryl, also for your prayers. I understand your comment and basically agree. However, I do feel that we can practice inclusiveness without compromising HIS Holiness. People need to know that the door to fellowship in Christ is always open to them regardless of their sins or shortcomings. Unless we freely welcome them in they will likely never change. BUt if they do enter Christ and the fellowship of HIs sufferings with us ALL change is not only possible, but likely.

      • "BK" Zimmer permalink

        I agree with this, Chris. Jesus said we are in the world, just not ‘of’ it. And that we are lights in this world. The point isn’t turn off your light in compromise and ‘join them’ but let the light of God’s love shine BRIGHT in a dark world so people can turn TO Him, not run from Him; so people can embrace Him and not despise Him. Daryl, I understand also what you are saying but knowing Chris for so many years I can say confidently he isn’t saying join them because you can’t beat them, but let your little light shine so they can see clearly the REAL Jesus to come to. Love, “BK”

  8. Rich Chamberlin permalink

    I find even a little Jesus goes a long way, in spite of the organization limitations. So just imagine what a personal shift in focus to the ENTIRE God Family ( Father, Son, Holy Spirit) could do/

    • Thanks for sharing your portion here Rich. There are 2 lines in the movie “Simon Birch” that I just love and feel Christ in. They are…”God is not confined to your form or architecture” and “Faith is not in a floorplan”.

  9. Sue heumann permalink

    Faith is not a floor plan!! Loooove this. What sweet learning and living water I find on these blogs, from so many I have never met! 🌺👏 love you, bro’s and Sis’s …I know the Lord is enriching Chris’s life, as He is ours, thru all of you. 🙏 Joy‼️…of course….all thru Christ in us…

  10. Sue, Christ has most certainly given you the gift of encouragement. “Christ in us…the hope of glory.” IN US!!!!!!!! AS a Body and NOT an institution. We were all reborn to interact and discuss instead of always just sitting and listening. I LOVE BODY LIFE!

  11. Dan permalink

    Get filled with Jesus first…all the seconds will follow. Great message. Also praying for you!

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