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Jesus Wept

March 27, 2016


“Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.  He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.”  Psalm 126: 5-6

Wow, that describes much of my life.  The Lord is very familiar with my tears.  In the wake of brutal childhood sexual abuse I have shed many tears.  Having a 30 year marriage die due to my illness has been extremely difficult.  Yet Jesus was always there to embrace and comfort me in my distress.  In doing so He taught me about empathy and the need to comfort others who desperately need His touch in their lives.

I am a very emotional person.  Always have been, plus It comes with the roller coaster ride that is PTSD.  Even as an adult I cry often.  Sometimes with tears of sorrow.  Other times with tears of joy, and quite often with tears of eager expectation. Many times I cry while I am praying for those I will encounter in the future that do not yet know Christ in His fullness.  Jesus will often lead me to pray and cry for those just needing a touch of His comfort and joy.  Yes, the Lord has me pray for strangers that I have never met.  To some this may seem odd, but since childhood it has been part of my everyday life.

Jesus has shown me so much love and kindness over the years and I feel the need to repay Him in part by reaching out and touching others with His grace, love, mercy and truth.  The fruit of simply allowing Him to abide in me and then flow forth out from my heart to others is undeniable.  Jesus has given me so much comfort and love that it has no choice, but to overflow from my life and touch the lives of others.  I am just a weak and simple vessel, as are you, but when we choose to allow Him to fill us beyond our human measure; His blessings will abound to those we encounter in our everyday lives.  This is not rocket science.  If we merely surrender our hearts to Him, He will do a good work in us to the great benefit of others and ourselves.

When was the last time you sowed in tears for the sake of others?  Do you allow Jesus to move within you in such a manner? Perhaps it is time to sit down with Jesus and just allow His compassion to flow forth from within you?  Sometimes life is very hard and it is difficult to let down our barriers and allow ourselves to be overcome with Godly sorrow for the sake of both ourselves and others.  The world teaches us to be hard and calloused as a defense mechanism, but God wants our hearts to be soft and empathetic.  If you want true joy in your life you will allow yourself to sow in tears.  Because it is only when those healing waters flow that we can truly experience His all surpassing comfort and Joy.  If we sow in tears we will reap songs of joy.  Allow His compassion to flood your very being.   Jesus wept and so should we.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

P.s.  I am currently navigating through some difficult times and would appreciate your prayers.






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  1. I understand. We should pray for one another that we may be healed. I am suffering ongoing illness and other difficult things myself, brother, and am alone except for my Lord. I cannot understand this suffering except that we are in the beginning of sorrows. I pray that the Lord will minister to you and comfort you and grant you the peace that surpasses human ability. Lord, I ask that you heal Kirk’s memories and take the terrible sting out of them.
    Love in Yeshua,

  2. Thank you Scarlett. I appreciate your prayers and will be praying for you also.

  3. Tom Ball permalink

    Positive and powerful post. Blessings on you.

  4. daryl permalink

    Thank you for the post.Praying for your victory and peace. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that everyday look forward to what you have written,what the Lord has put on your heart.Whether we agree or disagree,there is always a welcoming spirit and good positive discussion.

  5. Sue heumann permalink

    Have been praying for you, especially today, Chris. You give and give and I’m asking that the GIVER gives you the spiritual tonic needed to over come, bear, fly above the situation at hand. Scarlett’s prayer was also perfect for me to pray.

  6. lila1jpw permalink

    Indeed the world grows darker as the end approaches, but we will shine like stars. I keep remembering that stars are only seen as they contrast with the darkness. May the Holy Oil keep your lamp burning bright! God’s peace–His Healing be yours–especially His presence be very present and perceived by you.

  7. Kevin permalink

    I love the vulnerability of this post, Chris. You and I are soul brothers in this regard. I too am a very emotional person and cry very easily. I used to be bothered by it, because “men don’t cry,” so I must not be a man. However, I have grown to accept that being an emotional man is a gift from my God, who also knows sorrow and joy in tears. Some people become uncomfortable with my tears, but I can’t allow that to bottle them up. I am thankful that I am so in tune with who I am, because I think it helps me perceive other people’s joys and pain and enables me to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn in a very personal way and gives them “permission” to feel what they feel and not hide from it.

    Praying for you, brother!

    • Kevin, I lower my guard and choose vulnerability because Christ calls me to and I don’t know any other way to live. YOu are my soul brother. I just want to be real with myself, Jesus and others. The way of supposed weakness in the eyes of “men” is actually a strength and it empowers others to be real also without shame or pretense.

  8. "B K" permalink

    Our culture has certainly taken its toll on the stereotypes it has put on men and women. I am so thankful for each one who takes the path to be ALL God created us to be. He gave us the emotions, He must intend for us to FEEL! Love, “BK”

  9. Yes BK, having emotions is a true gift from God. We should not deny them.

  10. The words you speak are Truth and Life and Hope and Love.

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