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Pimping Out A Gift From God?

March 9, 2016


“Now I commit you to God and to the word of His grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.  I have not coveted anyone’s silver or gold or clothing.  You yourselves know that these hands of mine have supplied my own needs and the needs of my companions.  In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus Himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”             Acts 20: 32-35

Seriously, I do not understand at all how anyone can read these words of Paul and still support a “church” system in which ministers get paid for sharing their gifts with the rest of the Body of Christ.  Clearly Paul’s example was to work a regular secular job in order to provide for one’s needs and living expenses.  In the New Testament there is no such thing as a professional Minister.  The Levitical Priesthood has been done away with by Jesus and now every single follower of Christ is a priest before both God and “men”.

Ministry was never meant to be a full time occupation.  The Lord wants us all to work hard in the communities we live in and serve, so that we can develop relationships with others and be good examples to all who view our lives.  In the true Body of Christ there is no Clergy/Laity system or division and everyone is a minister, not just a select few.

A true follower of Jesus is a servant to all and is not a seeker of position or power over others in the church.  Jesus is the only true Head of His Body and the only Leader we should be following in this life and in the church.  Every other member of His Body serves and functions under His Headship in order that we may grow and build up the Body in love, as EACH PART does its work.

Paul lived and worked among the Ephesians for three years, sharing the gospel free of charge and taking no money or support from the church whatsoever.  He held a full time job during this time and was never a burden to those he served.  In fact taking money for loving others has a name…it is called prostitution.   If Paul, who was an apostle, did things that simple way then why can’t the modern “church” do the same?  If we took the money that we pay Clergy and gave it all to the poor and needy, boy what a difference the church could make in numerous lives.  Add that to the money spent on “church” buildings and I bet we could easily feed the world.  I know some are now saying to themselves, “What no Clergy, no buildings…what else does this crazy guy want to do away with?”  My short answer would be sermons, traditions and programs!  You want a strong church?  Go with simple every member ministry and totally free and open Spirit led gatherings….and I am just getting started!  Am I stark raving mad or just totally in love with Jesus and His bride?

Love and …..

Kirk Out !








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  1. Here is a comment from Facebook by Jill Bevan Frankfort:…… Cap’n! Your blog link works today! It’s another good one and the title rocks.

  2. Tom Ball permalink

    Perhaps Paul was called to this particular mode of service in the Gospel, for a particular reason at a particular time in establishing the church. We know he appointed various categories of leaders, teachers, preachers, etc. And, he seems elsewhere in scripture to remind the churches to pay those who serve them. These differently described approaches to church ministry may suggest different modes of service, both paid and unpaid, to which God calls his servants. Perhaps.

    • Like Paul I seek to follow the ways of Christ and not men. Jesus was and called us to be servants to all and NOT employees or salaried hired guns for the Gospel. Jesus called those who serve for money “hirelings” without true concern for the sheep. So I think perhaps NOT Tom.

  3. Well, if he only did this for himself as his “mode of service” and not as an example to all the elders in the churches (from whom shepherds were called), why did he write this?

    “For you yourselves know how you ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you; Neither did we eat any man’s bread for nothing; but worked with labor and travail night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you: Not because we have not that right, but to make ourselves an example unto you to follow us. For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” (2Thess 3:7-10, KJ2000)

    Too many “men of God” are more interested in making a career and a livig out of this business of preaching than they are in being bondslaves of Christ and the church as was Paul.

    Captain, you might be interested in our latest blog…

    Thanks for sharing the truth of what real ministry is.

  4. Rich Chamberlin permalink

    Tom – perhaps indeed. Ever notice how nobody wants to commit to any part of christ stuff unless A) being paid living wage 0r B) given room and board?( monastry and convents.) COULD WELL BE If had to rely on volunteer christians – would all be muslims by now!

    • I hear you Rich. We should never make excuses for the Clergy. Their position and role is NOT found in scripture, it is a modern construct that does great damage to the Body of Christ.

  5. The following comment was posted on Facebook today…:

    Zelos Ravioli It is hard to find believers who are willing to look, consider or discuss anything outside The Pastor system, we aren’t crazy just set free. The freeing of giving to give our weekly giving to the community of believers instead of the clergy is great. I would still say there is nothing wrong with paying to have ‘modest’ buildings to meet at.

  6. Amen, well said!

  7. Tom Ball permalink

    Well considered comments, above. Because I’ve often been wrong about a great many things, I wonder if I any could help me to better understand Scripture’s meaning when observing the Ox should not be muzzled when treading out the grain, and the workman is worthy of his hire. I thought that was guidance to the church regarding those preachers, teachers, etc appointed to serve the church. If not that, then … what? I am very much open to instruction.

    • Tom Ball, First, I have NEVER seen a Clergy”man” work as hard as an ox does. Second, just 3 verses after the verse you quoted Paul said he would not take the right of pay because it would “hinder” or “discredit the Gospel”. working for pay places unnecessary obstacles in the way of people receiving the truth in love. That is how it reads to me and others I know also. Like Paul I would “rather put up with anything” including having to work a real job, than hurt the message of grace and love.

      • Tom, I feel the next chapter applies to our current conversation on getting paid for ministry.

        “Everything is permissible- but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible- but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.”

        So one might be able to make a case for paid Clergy, but that doesn’t make it right or true.

  8. Mercy fulgencio permalink

    I hv started applying this truth wd my family, extended families and new ones being discipled in the Lord.

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