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God Has No Equals

March 1, 2016


“You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody.  You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.  Such confidence as this is ours through Christ before God.  Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.  He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant–not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”   2nd Corinthians 3: 2-6

In this passage Paul, via the Spirit’s leading, makes it quite extremely clear that the Holy Spirit is much, much, greater than the written letter.  In fact the letter in and of itself kills, while the Spirit gives life.  This is exactly why I always say that we need to be Spirit led and NOT bible led.  In fact without the Spirit guiding us through the bible, we would not even properly comprehend or apply what had been written in the first place.

Please allow me to take that one giant step further?  I contend that what the Spirit writes on our hearts is superior to everything else that is written with ink or on stone.  In other words clear cut Holy Spirit guidance should be desired over and above either the New or Old Testament writings.

Note, I am not saying that the bible is not important.  However, I am saying right up front that the leading of the Holy Spirit is more important than biblical head knowledge. Jesus made it abundantly clear that you can know the scriptures and still not know Him.  The bible is awesome when you allow the Holy Spirit to teach you through it, but is a dead book of Law and death by itself.

We all need to offer up and open our hearts to Jesus and fully allow the Holy Spirit to write on them as He sees fit.  Direct revelation from the Spirit is greater than receiving secondary revelation from the great book.  I agree that it is best to have both the Spirit and the bible in our lives, as long as we never forget that one is actually God and the other is just a book from God; and God has no equals.

Love and……

Kirk Out !










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  1. Amen. .. Amen … and Amen!
    Perfectly stated Truth!

  2. Sky permalink

    Yes! Do not be led around by men’s ways ; they will always ensnare. Christ will free us IF we are willing to walk to Golgatha, where few desire to go.

  3. Tom Ball permalink

    The Holy Spirit’s leading can be immediate and sometimes powerful. More often it is quiet and soft and subtle. My problem is recognizing in a timely manner and following quickly. Regarding scripture, it is my understanding the Holy Spirit will not lead me in a way that contradicts scripture. Thus, knowledge of scripture is a big plus. It is not a case of following either the Holy Spirit or scripture, but… to be valid both need to be in harmony.

    • I hear what you are saying Tom Ball and basically agree. However, The Spirit of Christ did tell Peter to go directly against scripture when Peter was told to kill and eat animals that had been declared forbidden and unclean in the Old Testament. The Spirit can also lead us in ways not addressed or covered in scripture. Like when the Spirit of Christ told Ananias to go to a street called Straight and minister unto Paul’s Spiritual and physical needs.

  4. The following is from Facebook:

    Jill Bevan Frankfort
    7 hrs
    I’ve always heard that if we are led by the spirit, He will not go against scriptural teachings.
    Seeing as the Bible is not actually a detailed script for all of life’s complexities, I agree with the Cap’n.
    And I would add that one reason we need the ability to repent is that some times we will get shit wrong…and that’s a guarantee, but nothing to be afraid of. Love covers a multitude of sins, when the heart is for His glory & our joy.
    (In response to Captain Christopher Kirk blog today)

  5. daryl permalink

    I would just add that when Paul writes “the letter kills”…that is a specific reference to the Mosaic law,which was ONLY given to Israel,and all of scripture is not included in that,certainly not the teachings of grace.When Peter was told to kill and eat animals,that was to show that Christ was the end of the law .I write that not trying to be argumentative at all,but to agree somewhat with Tom,regarding the Spirit not leading us to contradict scripture.All scripture does not have direct application for the christian. If you mix law and grace,the Holy Spirit will quite regularly lead you to do things that contradict scripture. An interesting thing I read in Acts,is Paul was compelled by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem(to face many hardships and prison)..Acts 20:22 Later,through the Spirit,some disciples urged Paul NOT to go to Jerusalem.Acts 21:4. The same Holy Spirit was leading them differently.Paul followed the leading of the Spirit to him,and did not change his mind because of the leading of the Spirit others had. Obviously,none of them were following any scripture at all,and we are not told that either was right or wrong(I think they were both right)…but it shows to me the importance of knowing our own leading. Anyways,great post and look forward to what others have to share.

    • I hear you daryl. Thanks for sharing. Then of course there are those individuals and “churches” out there that make Law out of the New Testament writings also. That letter also kills IMHO.

      • daryl permalink

        so very true….and that to further their own agenda oftentimes,which must grieve the Spirit when they impose that on others,when God has not.

  6. "BK" permalink

    I often hear the Spirit will not contradict the scripture. While I suppose in the ideal this is true, unfortunately I haven’t found it so in my own experience. What I mean by that is in my journey the Spirit contradicted my understanding of Scripture on MANY an occasion. Lessons that I taught ‘from Genesis to Revelation’, when the Spirit enlightened me, had to be scrapped, or at best adjusted to the Spirit. I will give the example of the first time it happened to me. I had taught many a time about the verse ‘be diligent in business’ and how we are to be responsible in conducting our business in an honest and godly fashion. However, one day I was reading in the Concordant Literal and found that verse to read something like “be diligent in your service to God”……huh?? It has been so with my understanding of spiritual gifts, ministry, church, clergy, eternal judgement, satan and many other things. I laughingly say now there were so many times along the way when something ‘new’ occurred to me I would say “Get behind me satan!” and God would dutifully take His place as I ordered Him calling, “It’s not satan! It’s Meeeeeeee, God!” So I have to say I don’t find it a safety to say the Spirit and scripture agree because when the Spirit is bringing further light or correction to us it doesn’t appear to. That being said, I will also say when I get through the correction it sure does all make more sense to me! Just my thoughts as I read through. Hoping they make some sort of sense! “BK”

    • It makes sense to me BK. My understanding of scripture is subject to change upon further enlightenment. It has been the case and most likely will be in the future. If I ever write my memoirs or an autobiography I am certain the phrase “then upon further enlightenment” will be used quite often.

      • "BK" permalink

        Yes, mine too. Plus I’ll have to include the disclaimer “what you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty”. 🙂 “BK”

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