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Through The Wringer Together

January 5, 2016


“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Share with God’s people who are in need.  Practice hospitality.  Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.  Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.  Live in harmony with one another.  Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.  Do not be conceited.”  Romans 12: 12-16

One of the best things about being part of a fully functioning Body of Christ is that you never have to go through any of life’s challenges by yourself.  I thank God every day for the great people He has placed in my life.  People with who I have had deep, rich and rewarding fellowship.  Dear sisters and brothers who did not bail on me during the last 17 years of PTSD hell.  Our bonds have been severely tested at times, but whenever the dust cleared we were right there for each other time and time again.

Because of Christ in them I was given hope and with their support I have been able to be patient in my affliction.  Regardless of our circumstances we have managed to remain faithful in prayer for each other  One sister here has MS and another an autoimmune disorder.  We have been able to share with each other from both our heights and our depths.  We have practiced and lived hospitality.  With open hearts and open homes we have shared everything.

The passage I quoted above tells us to live in harmony with one another.  My friends..harmony cannot be achieved alone.  It takes multiple voices.  In all respects our faith is a team activity.  We simply need each other in the Body of Christ.  Everyone has an important portion to share and when each one of us adds to the mix our share… it is then we are made complete, whole and mature.  We are upfront, bold and active in our faith and a far cry from mere spectator Christianity that expects little more than passive pew sitting and paying your tithe on time.

We are more than just friends and siblings. We are peers.  We are each part of one another and together we thrive under Jesus The Head. When we allow ourselves to be assembled under Christ miracles happen.  I have not had a PTSD episode in nearly a year and a half now. Because of that I can indeed say I am a walking miracle.  Many of my peers sowed in tears and prayer for well over a decade, desiring that I be totally set free from the emotional bondage of my childhood abuse.  Today, I can say with all confidence that I am well on my way to that total freedom.

Those I am in fellowship with have rejected any and all positions and instead we have chosen to contend as one “man” for the faith.  Where that kind of unity lives Jesus is able to fully manifest in us the gifts of the Spirit.  Because we have been accepted we can now be accepting of all others regardless of their current station in life or related problems.  In short we have been through the wringer together and we have not been found lacking in love, truth or compassion.  How many traditional “churches” can say the same?  Simple, organic, relational, Spirit led fellowship works.  “A tree is known by its fruit.”

Love and…..

Kirk Out !












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  1. Amen so well said!

  2. Tom Ball permalink

    Solid, positive, uplifting, inspiring message!

  3. Rich Chamberlin permalink

    Today, I admit this IS THE main focus of the work of Gods Holy Spirit – so far. But – ( always but, or and) I am still waiting, and working toward the Spirit’s next installment!

  4. Zelos permalink

    Yep, having good conversations with other believers just never happened in our traditional church format. How much each person’s life struggles and their ministry effects us, we would.never know if we didnt co verse with one another. We are God’s body it is a joy to be linked with other people. I wonder what planet most pastors are on that they don’t get this, or feel the joy of friendship and family that we need in our congregation. It boils my blood sometimes how ignorant leaders can be of what truly matters.

  5. “The joy of friendship and family” Without that the Body of Christ suffers and that negatively affects its purpose and productivity in the world.

  6. I was thinking after yesterday’s blog that I’d like to hear more about what IS good with your bodylife and group there..not only what is wrong with institutional..and here it is….a prayer unprayed was answered right away! Would love to hear more as He leads…..👍

    • Sue, I hear you. I just write what the Spirit inspires me to write and in the end hope to always find that mythical thing called balance. I don’t feel that the overall tone of all my posts here changes a whole lot. At least it doesn’t seem that way to me while I am writing and posting.

  7. Jonathan Lindvall permalink

    Amen. It’s significant, from a musical perspective, that “harmony” and “unison” are totally different. While there is a time for all saying/singing the identical thing, more often we’re called to harmonize with one another. This requires keen listening, and adding a different note that is not discordant, but rather reinforcing of the other note(s). Any temporary discordant note is projected in a way that draws others to anticipate, predict, and participate in resolution to the discord. Such harmony is all the more fulfilling for its complexity. May our “harmony” in fellowship with one another be sweet and inviting to our “God among us.”

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