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Here Comes That Heretic Word Again

December 16, 2015


Well, I am being accused of heresy again.  For the fourth time this decade the kind of things I post here on this blog have been brought into severe question.  I have been rebuked and told I need to stop “Bible bashing” and “leading people astray.”   Apparently I also have a “low” view of scripture and those who follow this blog are my “prey.”.  The main accusation is that I am “trying to encourage the ways of Christopher Kirk and not the Word of God” and I am the kind of person the book of Jude warns people about.  Read Jude if you get the chance?  Pretty heavy stuff in that little epistle.  This is almost exactly the same rebuke I have gotten four times before with very similar words and scripture usage.  So my attention is peaked.  Is this the standard rebuke template of the traditional/institutional “church” system?

I will admit that my view of scripture is not traditional or mainstream, but I think I have a very high view of scripture.  I just refuse to give it the same place as God Himself.  The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are at the top of my list on who to follow and I refuse to give the bible the position of the 4th part of what many call The Godhead.  After all it is The Spirit Who leads us into “all truth” and without The Spirit’s illumination of The Word it is all just dead letter.  In fact I read and use the bible all the time, but I won’t bow to it and give it the place of being a God in my life.  I encourage people to be Spirit led and not bible led, this is true, but I also admit that much of the time what the Spirit is leading us to do is read and follow the bible; especially the words of Christ Himself.

As far as leading people “astray” and those very same people being my “prey” goes…. I just don’t see it and neither do the people who I directly relate to, fellowship with, and who I am accountable to.  If anything I encourage people to break free from human leadership, including my own, and to be led by The Spirit in all things.  I don’t want people to follow me.  I want them to follow Jesus.  I don’t have any minions and no one has given me a red cent.  However, in following Jesus we will also begin to recognize that many of the teachings of traditional religion are not all that biblical and that we often times need to UNLEARN what we have been taught in order to truly follow HIM.  Taking into full account that human tradition nullifies The Word of God.  I have also read that UNLEARNING takes four times the work of learning in the first place.

I am not going to dig my heels in and defend myself concerning this matter beyond what little I have written here today.  I encourage everyone to QUESTION EVERYTHING, including every single thing I share here in my blog.  Some of you have questioned some of my posts in the comments section of these blogs and I appreciate being called to account.  In fact I love accountability.  So please feel free to interact, discuss and question anything I may say here in blogville or anywhere else.

So what do you think?  Am I a heretic?  Have I said anything I need to recant?  Do you know of any sin that I need to repent for?  Like I said, I know I color outside of the lines of traditional religion, but have I gone too far?  Do the warnings in the book of Jude currently apply to me?  All these things are up for discussion ALL of the time.  I really don’t mind being labeled a heretic by mere “men”, as long as Jesus does not view me in that manner.

Love and….

Kirk Out !

p.s.  Funny thing is that my accuser called me on the phone to deliver his message and he refused to give me his name.  All he said was that he was “a messenger of God”.  I tried to redial his number, but it was “restricted”.  So whoever you are, please be bold, upfront, and identify yourself if you want to be taken even remotely seriously.  People who speak for God don’t usually hide when they deliver their message.  Step up and share in public if your message is truly from God?  I think this was the exact same man that called me to rebuke me in March 2014 and he was saying all the same things over and over again.  In fact, as led by the Spirit, I am using the same response I gave in 2014 as a template for this blog post with very few changes or alterations.  This always seems to happen when I take a firm stand for women in the Body of Christ.




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  1. Kristen Whitley permalink

    Keep doing what you’re doing my Brother!!

  2. lila1jpw permalink

    I appreciate your using phrases from the Bible (John 5:39 and Romans 3:31 come to mind) in your reply. Personally, I’ve coined the phrase, “Bibliolatry” to referring to the evangelical tendency to make an idol of the Bible.

  3. Tom Ball permalink

    I do NOT find your comments heretical! My only possible “issue” with some of them is I find it sometimes difficult for a while to discern whether it is God – or myself- who is doing the leading. Therefore, I think it is risky to elevate being “Spirit Lead” over all else. Can anyone honestly say he has never confused his own thoughts with what God was leading? . That is why I hold to Wesley’s quadralaterial… all four should usually come into harmony … the Bible, the church’s historical teaching, reason, and my sense of what God is telling me.

    “My thoughts are not your thoughts.” “Lean not to thine own understanding.”

    These bible teachings are there for a reason. If I am the ultimate arbiter of understanding what God wants , e.g., “I’m just following the Holy Spirit’s leading”, that places an awful lot of responsibility on me to discern correctly.

    Can God lead infallibly? Sure.

    Can I discern infallibly? Not so far in my life.

    • Tom Ball, I “hear” what you are saying. However, Jesus as recorded in scripture tells us that it is the Holy Spirit “that LEADS us into ALL Truth. So we need to listen for the voice of the Spirit either directly or speaking thru scripture, others in the Body of Christ..past and present…which would include church history. But the final say is the Spirit’s affirmation at all times.

    • "BK" permalink

      Hi, Tom….responding to your post here first. I often hear response in regard to ‘Bible led’ vs ‘Spirit led’ that we can’t trust ourselves to hear the Spirit clearly. Firstly, I would say we also can’t depend our own interpretation of the scriptures either….just ‘knowing’ them doesn’t mean we ‘get it’; as Jesus told the Pharisees of His day they knew the scriptures but they missed the most important issue of life contained in them….HIM. As Christopher said, Jesus said He would send the Spirit to lead us into all truth. There was no Bible as we know it back in the day. Paul didn’t ‘write most of the New Testament’ (as some say…you didn’t) but simply letters of encouragement and correction to varied gatherings. There were no expositions; Bible studies; Bible history….just the Spirit of God. Yes, the Jews had the scriptures, but the pagans didn’t. And when instruction is given in Paul’s letters he never tells the people to ‘gather to the scriptures’, he says to come together and share songs and hymns and spiritual songs; teachings, revelation, tongues & interpretation. Christopher, I’ll address your blog from here. I actually have borne marks in my physical body because of this subject (for example, had scratches all over my arms once when a sister tried to pick me up and throw me out of her house…..sigh…..I walked out on my own volition). People tend to shut down when someone says something about the Bible. I bear a lot of grief and verbal attack being told the same things you say in the blog….I stumble people from the Bible, discredit it, etc. Even when I’m TRYING to say something positive, once that offense takes over ears are closed. I have watched you over the years in how you express your feelings about the Bible and have to say I believe you either explain your heart better, or received some balance in your stance without compromising the issue at hand. As far as the telephone rebuke, hang up, brother. If someone won’t identify themselves and engage you in dialogue then they don’t need to be listened to. You don’t have to slam the phone, just click it shut. Long……sorry……”BK”

  4. Duane permalink

    i am a believer that Science and the scientific method are gifts from God to understanding his Creation. I believe that there is a strong possibility that much of what most Christians believe as Gospel truth in the Old Testament is actually stories much like Jesus parables. The story of the Creation is a good example, next would be the book of Job. I have had some pretty stern conversations with fellow United Methodists about my ideas. Mostly what I get is that I am casting doubt on to the Word of God/Bible. If I do that then the whole system will cave in and I have destroyed Christianity as we know it. I doubt God has built a house of cards with his Creation and plan of Salvation for the believers. But I do think that the Old Testament is often filled with items that are often mistaken for reality when it very well may have been a story with a purpose. Most do not seem to get this. So I have a lot of sympathy for Chris and being called a heretic (even though I find I disagree with him on some of his stances).

  5. Yes repent from saying you need to repent!

  6. Chad permalink

    Chris, I believe you are actually the exact opposite of a heretic. I know most people define “heretic” as a person who has a wrong belief. From what I believe Scripture is saying,I don’t think that is quite accurate. I believe the Scriptural meaning of “heretic” is a person who divides from the body of Christ because of a difference in belief. I believe from God’s point of view, the main problem with heresy is not the difference in belief, but the division. You have blogged about the utmost importance of unity, even when people have a difference of opinion. This is why I say you are the opposite of a heretic. I believe a person can be a heretic even if there doctrine is “right” if they divide themselves from the Body of Christ due to doctrinal differences. I know not everyone would agree with my definition, and I don’t want to get into a whole word study here, but from my study on the word that is how it appears to me. So the crazy thing is that you are accused of heresy, but the reality is that the true heretic is the one who is telling you to cut yourself off from the so-called heretics! That’s institutional religion for you! Well, that’s the way I see it anyway :).

  7. Sky permalink

    Being accused of heresy might even be a badge of honor! The mind of Christ can’t possibly be understood by the natural mind. Don’t shut up anytime soon. Some/many of us get you. 🙂

  8. Sky, Chad and all, Thank you for the encouragement. It means a lot to me.

  9. Mick Curran permalink

    I encourage you to continue to seek and describe truth as you discover it to be. The word “heresy” has been thrown around inside Christendom ever since the Emperor Constantine subsumed Christianity into the imperial Establishment over which he held sway and God subsequently became understood by many as residing solely in formal doctrinal definitions and “statements of faith” and accessible only through groupthink. If, in your daily reflection you discover that your motive is impure, stop. If not, keep on, keeping on.

  10. John Contabile permalink

    Haters gonna hate!!! I say keep ’em hating…

  11. No heresy here. Some find security in following a written code only (dependent on human interpretation) and are threatened by the thought that we can actually hear from God and be led by his Spirit.

  12. stevehigh64772 permalink

    CK, I have both sparred and agreed with you on numerous occasions. I don’t share your particular view of scripture, but a heretic you are not. ( I might add a side note. A heretic was not necessarily one with false doctrine, it means literally “a schesmatic,” or one who divides the brothers. Technically a heretic could describe a true believer-with correct doctrine,- that narrowly defines the body of Christ as only those that agree totally 27th their own being system, thus coming the biddy up into in groups and out groups based on a particular doctrine. I see a task trend in this direction with a lot of tyre group coming out of traditional church as usual. Sends they are very inclusive and tolerant for everyone but the traditional folks. It is something that all of us who are a part of the second reformation should consider with a few grains of humility.)

    • Thank you for sharing Steve. Love, acceptance and forgiveness is what it is all about, perhaps especially with those we disagree with on these matters.

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