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The Absolute Critical Need For Unlearning

November 10, 2015


“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.  See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principals of this world rather than on Christ.”  Colossians 2: 6-8

The passage above makes all sorts of sense, assuming that you were taught the truth in love to begin with……  But what happens when you are taught wrong instead of right?  What if from your infancy in Christ you were taught hollow and deceptive philosophy, human tradition, and the basic principals of the world instead of the real truth in love?  I will tell you what happens….you end up with much of what the modern “church” is today.  You end up with a “church” full of ineffectual Christians who tend to do more damage to the image of Christ than they do good in His name.

Harsh and controversial words I know, but I speak them in love and out of a sincere desire to see The Body of Christ flourish instead of flounder.  The simple truth is that the modern traditional “church” does not act or look much like it should after 2000 years of following Jesus.  Because the church Jesus founded was based on relationships and not human hierarchies, organizational flow charts and programs.

The early church used its resources to reach out to unbelievers and take care of widows, orphans and the poor.  While the modern “church” spends the vast majority of its assets and great wealth on Clergy salaries, buildings, building funds and institutional maintenance.  When the church began there was no such thing as a separate class of believer called the Clergy.  In fact they practiced and taught that every follower of Jesus was a gifted and talented priest and they did not place Pastors on a platform over and above other saints.  The modern “church” model of Pastor as CEO or sole Leader of a congregation comes directly from the basic principals of the world and not Jesus.  The whole concept of leadership being totally male comes from human tradition and not Christ.  Jesus was totally inclusive of all who would believe, yet much of the modern “church” practices exclusivity where it comes to gender, race, sexual identity, and social class.  Sure on paper many claim to be open and accepting, but in practice there are tons of closed hearts and minds.  We have been taught to be judgmental instead of loving and accepting.  In today’s “church” homosexuality is the unforgivable sin, but greed and gluttony are just fine.  In today’s “church” “God hates Fags”, but the accurate truth is that God loves EVERYONE in spite of whatever sin they may be tangled in.

Somewhere the church lost her way and she embraced lies and error instead of the truth in love.  Friends examine yourselves and rid yourselves of error.  Many times we were taught and learned falsehoods.  We utterly need to unlearn many things that we have been taught.  I have talked to numerous educators over the years and they all agree that UNLEARNING is tremendously more difficult than learning was in the first place.  We all need to shine the Light of Truth into the shadowy corners of our theologies and then get down on our knees to weed out everything that does not measure up to HIS truth in love.   The Spirit of Truth is calling out to the church, but when will we listen, learn and act as we should in Christ?

Love and ……

Kirk Out !

P.s. I wrote this post as a person who was born, raised and reborn all outside of any traditional religion.  However, Jesus came to me when I was 4 years old and HE has been guiding me ever since.  I never saw or read a bible until I was 11 years old after the Gideon’s came to my school and gave me one.  Then everything I read in there only confirmed what Jesus had been teaching me all along.  At age 12 I began trying to find a church that followed Christ’s leading and teachings, but I could not find a single one.  At 16 I discovered home based, relationship focused fellowships and I have been deeply involved in them ever since.  I have tried to reach out and be involved in several other more “traditional” “churches” in the last 30 years as the Spirit led me, but it never took very long to realize that I was beating my head against a prison wall that would never give full way to HIS truth in love.  So here I make my stand fully outside of any religious camp with arms open wide to whosoever will, telling anyone who cares to listen that true Spirit led, relational fellowship in Christ is a VERY real possibility for anyone willing to forsake all they have learned from any portion of Babylon.  Christ stands at the door of your heart and knocks.  All you have to do is let Him in, then let go and start the process of surrendering any falsehoods you have come to believe from institutional Christianity.  Home is where the heart is, and the church should be!


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  1. Hey its 3.42 am here! ☺ a true word and I think the scripture is saying what you are saying… don’t let man undo what Christ and His Holy Spirit have done in you… in other words… let no man teach you.
    To me man and even the Bible should/can/must only CONFIRM what you already have/know inside! If there is a conflict I have always found in the end that what I have/know inside has ALWAYS trumped what is presented by others on the outside…. and likewise… by looking at original Greek etc… I have found that the Bible ALWAYS confirms what I know/have on the inside.
    But yes… when I have submitted myself to false teaching it brings great pain, turmoil, suffering and heartache! And Joy jumps out the window!

  2. "BK" permalink

    Unlearning is, indeed, a challenge. Not only to unlearn the false, but also not to just throw the real dollars out because of the counterfeit ones. I have found the Spirit capable and dependable to unravel, critique or remove the countless things learned in and out of the walls of Babylon. Sitting in neutral helps alot….even now when I’m not sure what the Spirit is saying on something. Whether it is from the Spirit speaking through another person (often called ‘man’), the Bible or any other means. Like Mike said, I pay attention to that inner ‘nod’ of the Spirit. I like God, He can be trusted. Love, “BK”

  3. 2trakmind permalink

    This afternoon, a coworker told me about a family he knows, who have an autistic son. They had left a small Baptist Church, because they didnt have the resources to meet their unique family needs. They began attending a huge episcopal church that had many ministries and had just built a 40 million dollar sanctuary. When they began attending there, they asked about a ministry for familes with children with sensory processing disorders and were told that they simply didn’t have the resources to support such a ministry. They continued attending until one Sunday, they were escorted out the door when their son had an out burst during a service. To make matters worse, a restraining order taken out on them, in order to prevent their return. All I can say is WTF. I never say things like that, but WHAT…THE…F***!

    This afternoon I was having a conversation on Facebook with some others about the “Dones,” and someone made the comment that people who “leave the church” are wrong for doing so; that they should stay in order to protect the body. They assume that those who leave haven’t done just that, to the point that they have no choice. “Either I leave, or I die.” I told of how I spent 18 years trying to make it work, but to no avail. It took me 18 years to realize that the issue isn’t with the people, but a system that is more interested in self preservation over the preservation of those who it was created to preserve. It operates on the principles of business and has the same goals as business; make more money so it can produce more product in order to make more money. Then on the other side, it jettisons anything that is a drag on its accumulation of more wealth. All this under the guise of “helping people.” I concluded by saying that until the church is ready to sell all its possessions and give the proceeds to those in need, it’s not ready to be the church.

    • "BK" permalink

      I remember the time I was praying, “God, heal Your church. Bring the people into unity…..”. He spoke clearly and sternly, “STOP calling THAT ‘My’ church. It is NOT My church. I am not going to heal it, I am going to call My people out of that system and destroy it.”. Wow. What could I say? He was right. “BK”

    • Amen well said!

  4. Excellent comments so far! I just love it when folks add their unique portion to the conversational mix. 2trakmind thanks for sharing those “church” horror stories. Real people are struggling and dying while the religious machine keeps rolling along attaining more and more wealth.

  5. Chad permalink

    Thanks for the excellent post Chris, I think you are spot on. I have experienced so much of what you are saying spending so many years in the institution… the hollow, deceptive traditions, the intellectual devotion to the religion of Christianity rather than the relationship with Jesus (and all the conditional love and judgmentalism that goes along with that), etc. My dad and I were just talking about how Christians claim that God loves everyone and that they are accepting of all people, until you mention (insert people group or particular sin). We should all follow your exhortation to examine ourselves. As followers of Jesus, we have nothing to fear and should be happy to have the Lord reveal any error in us. It’s only those who are committed to something other than Jesus that would have fear because they don’t want to let go of the things that are not Him. I know I never really intended to walk the road of unlearning, but once I inadvertently took my first step, I could not get off without flat-out walking away from Him. I appreciate your encouragement on this, because while it is true and good, it is not always easy 🙂

  6. Dan Murrill permalink

    Another great word. So thankful for the de-tox season that we are in right now. You are correct. There is so much judgementalism, non-loving attitudes and religious mentality that we have absorbed from our 40 years of wandering in institutional church land. So much for the Spirit to wash out of us. And He is…

    • "BK" permalink

      When the first step was taken for me it was after years of the Spirit pointing things out to me and me responding, “Get behind me, satan!” So God would obediently take His place behind me and call, “It’s not satan. It’s Meeeeeeeee…..God.” I still grin at that memory. Helps to take some of the pain of the hard memories of that journey. “BK”

  7. Ramma permalink

    Great thoughts here! Tossing out one here…..You stated that what the “church” ( I call early followers) done etc was different that what is done today. I fully agree!! Then you said that the “church” lost her way somewhere, embraced lies, etc. I personally don’t see that. I believe the believers were set free when they were sent to the wilderness. Liberated. The true ones have always flourished. They, (the true ones), are not what we are looking at today. They are not in any of the buildings made with mans hands and greed. What is visible to the world today as Christianity, Christ does not recognize. It is impossible for Him to be dwelling in temples not made with hands and to say He dwells in man made systems of deceit at the same time. Can’t serve two masters were His words. Just some thoughts. Love every one here. Sorry it’s been so long to touch bases. Life is hounding away at us, but GOD!!!
    You know Christ is so simple that it’s scary! I almost miss Him at times because of His simplicity.

  8. I feel like my whole life the past 10 years or so- especially since having my son (who is now 3) has been unlearning. Unlearning what a marriage SHOULD look like (for I’ve learned that marriages look different for each couple), Unlearning how I SHOULD Parent (I refused to spank my son,let him sleep with us, and became a Gentle Parent, while others told me I was spoiling him, and going to turn him into a brat), As my son grows we will be unschooling- which is and will be an adventure for all of us. Unlearning how to “play” church was the most difficult, because on one hand I was experiencing God in a way I had never known, but then I had others whispering in my ear that what I was experiencing wasn’t “Godly”, and I in fact was falling further from God, But then all it took was one long talk with my daddy God to realize they were really the ones that were lost, not me. I found peace and joy, and such a beautiful simplicity in the Gospel, that sharing in no longer scares me!

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