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Battlefield Mind

September 17, 2015
          “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”  2 Corinthians 10: 5
          I don’t know about everybody else, but sometimes my mind is a battlefield.  Many times there are competing images and thoughts vying for my attention.  And not all of these thoughts are wholesome or productive.
          Sometimes the enemy or my flesh will bring to my mind pornography I viewed many, many years ago.  Add to that all my memories of being sexually, physically and emotionally abused and I have a lot of negative things that try to dominate my thoughts.  Then there is the fact of how we are continuously barraged by the secular media with less than wholesome images.  All this and more add up to an ever present battle for our minds.
          What’s the solution?  Spirit empowered and guided defense.  Our part to play in this defense is to “take captive EVERY thought and make it obedient to Christ.”  When we take every thought captive in this manner The Spirit acts as a filter and empowers us to take a righteous stand against the forces of darkness.  Indeed if EVERY thought is made obedient to Christ our minds become a very productive place and we can better love and serve Jesus and others; then with all the clutter pushed aside His will can be accomplished by, through, and in us.
          Let me make this perfectly clear…Only God gets to decide which thoughts are pure and which thoughts are evil or less than productive.  Take notice…we are to take captive EVERY thought, not just the ones we deem evil or unfit.  We are NOT the filter only God is.  If we pre-decide what is good or bad we will certainly end up with thoughts that are less than His best for us. Some thoughts that we think are innocent and harmless may actually lead to more bondage and fear.  We need to remember that only HE is Holy and only HE can perfectly discern the difference between light and darkness.  Take that role upon yourself and I can guarantee that you will be less than free in your mind and life.
          Now I can hear some folks objecting to this truth and saying that it is impossible to ever really take captive EVERY thought.   In the natural and the flesh you would be correct.  However, in The Spirit He has made us fully competent and up to the task.  The Holy Spirit is far faster and accurate than any micro-processor we could ever imagine.  Only in Him can we be up to such a daunting endeavor.  We have thoughts more than every second, but He has equipped us with His Spirit so that we can manage all that ever comes to our minds.  Don’t believe me?  Try Him? With Jesus all things are possible.
          Love and ….
          Kirk Out !
         P.s.  I am sleeping and functioning extremely well with very few flashbacks.  The few flashbacks I am having are not a problem at all.  Thank You Jesus!  Thank you EMDR therapy!  Thank you everyone who has prayed for me!

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  1. Once again I need to apologize for the formatting of this post. WordPress would not allow me to publish this post with spacing at the beginning of each paragraph. However, it did allow me to place indentations and I hope this makes it easier to read.

  2. janet fowler permalink

    I really appreciate the new to me perspective of every thought, not just the ones we deem evil or bad. Never thought of that.

  3. Judy baker permalink

    Thank you for all the verses and thoughts . We are so much alike . Our love for Jesus sets us free and keeps us safe . Keep on keeping on !❤️

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