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Weathering The Storm

August 29, 2015
While I was praying and pondering what to write here today I got a phone call from a nurse I used to work the midnight shift with back in the early 90′s.  Yes, she calls often.  Her call prompted me to re-share the following again.  I am glad to report that she remains a dear sister in Christ to me after all these years.
       “A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped.  Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion.  The disciples woke Him and said to Him, ‘Teacher, don’t you care if we drown.’  He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, ‘Peace!  Be still!’  Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.  He said to His disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?’  They were terrified and asked each other, ‘Who is this?  Even the wind and waves obey Him!”  Mark 4: 37-41
       A Canadian friend and I were exchanging testimonies yesterday, so I thought I would also share this story here today:
       Back in 1992 I was working as a Psychiatric Technician in a mental health facility.  I was at the nurses station charting when this HUGE patient came up and punched out the wire reinforced window, during a fit of rage.  There was glass and blood everywhere.  This guy was six foot eight and weighed over 400 pounds.  All the staff stood up and looked at each other first in disbelief and then everyone turned and looked directly at me expecting that I should be the one to do something about the problem at hand.
       I stepped out of the station and into the hallway about 8 feet away from the troubled patient.  The psychiatrist asked the patient if he was alright, but got no response.  Then I spoke to the giant, asking him to calm down.  He raised his fist and took a big step towards me.  I asked him to think about what he was doing.  Again no response.  Then I said, “You are a big man and you could hurt me, but I am pretty big too and you are also going to get hurt if you want to fight.”  Again no response.  Then I stepped right up to him and whispered in his ear.  Immediately he calmly turned around and went back to his room.
       The staff was dumbfounded and the psychiatrist who was a German Jew asked me, “Vat did ewe say to heem?”  I then faced everyone and said, ” I just told him peace, be still, in Jesus Name.”  The Doc did not know what to say at first, but a few moments later he actually said, “Jesus huh? I don’t understand it, but it worked. Good job Kirk.”  All the other staff just smiled and nodded in agreement.
       During the clean up I was asked very probing questions about what happened and I just kept giving all the credit and glory to Jesus.  Several days later I worked a midnight shift and the nurse who worked nights questioned me about the incident.  After a couple of hours of conversation she asked Jesus to invade her life and she still serves Him to this day.  The name of Jesus is very powerful and He can calm any storm, be it weather or emotional.  Anyway, that’s just another day in the life of this long haired Jesus freak.
       Love and ……
       Kirk Out !

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  1. Once again I apologize for the formatting of this post. WordPress would not let me publish this post with paragraph breaks, but I was able to place indentations at the beginning of each paragraph. I hate it when this happens.

  2. “The name of Jesus is very powerful and He can calm any storm, be it weather or emotional.” Yes amen! Indeed it is. What am awesome God we serve. Great testimony…

  3. Great story, Chris! The name of Jesus is amazing! Here is a short related story… My sister and I were raised as atheists. After seeing some miracles, I became a Christian at the age of 20. (The full story is at But my sister did not become a Christian. So, for almost 30 years we would have occasional discussions where she would say that Buddha is just as good as Jesus. So, when I told her about the leg-grow-out miracle (which we documented the steps for free at, she tried to prove that “In the name of Jesus” would not work. But it did and her one leg miraculously grew to the length of her other leg – which in her mind was not supposed to happen! Then her husband wanted to try it. At that point the Lord gave me an inspiration. I suggested to my sister that she first try the name of Buddha or any other name she would like to try. So, she proceeded to try “in the name of Buddha” and his leg did not budge. She also tried Mother Teresa, Mickey Mouse, and Elvis – but still the leg did not grow. She then tried the name of Jesus and his leg grew to the length of his other leg! His back pain also got fixed since this is a good secondary effect of the miracle that happens most of the time unless there is some other back issue going on (since the shorter leg bears more weight and the lower back on the opposite side compensates over the years causing the pain to come about). So, instead of comparing two systems of thinking (worldviews) to determine which is correct, my sister realized that there was something the name of Jesus did that the name of Buddha did not! Eventually my sister became a Christian! (Another thing Jesus did to help with this was to give me a word of knowledge about her lung area turning soon to emphysema. I asked if I could pray for it and Jesus instantly healed the area I had pointed to! My sister was amazed since she had not told me that she had searing pain at the very area I had pointed at, but she was afraid to go to the doctors – especially since she did not have healthcare.) All this to say… Jesus truly is the name above all names!!! – Scott

  4. Judy baker permalink

    Loved it !!!!!! Shows the power and strength of Jesus – even just his name! We need him every day in our lives. We cannot do without him…..not in any way . Ask him in your heart today and learn all you can about him by reading in the Bible. He is your Savior and will protect you in times of need. Talk to him everyday in prayer…listen to him talk to you by reading aloud the New Testament starting in Mathew . Pour your heartache n pain out to Him . Be quiet …. Listen to his voice in your mind as he speaks scriptures to console you as he did me. Love you all ❤️

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