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Beggars and Bread

August 16, 2015


“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you.  Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  Hebrews 13: 7-8

Leadership is something that the Body of Christ needs; there is no denying that fact.  However, leadership in the Body should be totally different than leadership in the world.  Worldly leadership is about ruling OVER people from above them and giving them rules, commands and edicts.  The Jesus style of leadership is about serving others from AMONG or even underneath them.  Problem is that most all traditional/institutional “churches” don’t really follow Jesus in these matters.

Jesus humbled Himself and became a servant to all, even unto death.  Worldly leadership is about ruling and Jesus style leadership is about serving.  Believe me, leading and serving are two very different things.  Jesus never served from a platform, pulpit, or throne.  Jesus even bowed down before the twelve disciples when He washed their feet.  If Jesus viewed Himself as our brother how can any of us ever say we are more than that to our peers and those we serve?

It is clear that when we lead we should do it from AMONG the body and not from above it.  Jesus made it very clear that there is one Father (Leader) and that we are all brothers.  And brothers don’t use exalted titles when they serve either.  Servants lead by example and not mere words.  And they never use their service and gifts to leverage others into following their way.  Jesus is our greatest example of being a servant who leads.  Then came others like Paul, Peter, James and John.  It would do us all well to imitate their faith.  They did not Lord OVER people, they walked AMONG them and established relationship and dialogue with them.  They did not sermonize or give orders, no they spoke plainly and persuaded others by their actions and words.

The outcome of their way of life was most times persecution and martyrdom, but that did not stop them from living out their faith as an example to the church.  If Jesus Christ is truly the same yesterday and today and forever then His example of service and ministry is one we should still follow today.  If that is true then none of us should ever act as if we are more than a older sibling and peer to those we serve.  And we should never use a title, platform or a pulpit in our efforts to serve the body or those yet to receive Him.  Jesus did not have many meetings, but He had a lot of meals and he always had excellent conversations with those who were seeking Him.  If you really want to reach people with His message then simply come alongside them and share your life with them from the level ground at the foot of the cross.  Only Jesus should be exalted.  So I say follow me as I follow Christ, but remember we are all on a common path to Him.  There is no special path just for Leaders.  Always remember Jesus is the one and only True Shepherd and all of the rest of us are His simple sheep.  No other human is ABOVE you!  Martin Luther said it something like this, “All we are is one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.”

Love and …

Kirk Out !


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  1. Paul Voudrach permalink

    Praise our Living Father, Son and Holy Spirit… Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

  2. That was Excellent. I really loved the words you wrote. Not many people follow that way of thinking. I want to….most definitely.

  3. lila1jpw permalink

    Those final words that you quote from Martin Luther always make me think of the beggars outside the city under siege who discover/pillage the would-be siege-army that have been overcome by panic, leaving everything behind (2 Kings 7). So like our Lord-of-the-Upside-Down Kingdom.

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