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The Definitive Word?

June 22, 2015


Jesus said:

“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.  But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth.  He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come.”  John 16: 12-13

There we have it!  The definitive word, right from the mouth of Jesus Himself…. It is The Holy Spirit that guides and leads us into ALL TRUTH.  This is why I say and stress that we must be Spirit led and NOT bible led.  Taking these words of Jesus into full account and consideration how can anyone say anything different?

The Spirit of Truth is above the bible there is just no other way around that truth.  Now when the Spirit is leading us into this truth, the place He leads us perhaps most often is the bible. The Spirit can and does lead us in the scriptures and that is as it should be.  However, the bible does not always lead us back to the truth of The Spirit.  Because without The Spirit’s illumination the bible is nothing more than dead letter.  “For the Letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”  The vast majority of traditional/institutional “churches” out there claim that the bible is their final or sole authority in matters of faith and practice.  Yet they deny, in practice, the Priesthood of all believers and settle most often for the Priesthood of one “man” in their congregations that they call their Pastor.  Plus they deny many if not most of the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives individuals in the Body of Christ.  When they limit or deny the Holy Spirit’s empowerments like that they can always back it up with their version and interpretation of scripture.  Jesus came so that we could be free in the Spirit and led by Him and no longer be in bondage to the written word and Law.  Being bible led places limits on the Holy Spirit’s leading and in fact denies us of the full and free Gospel of Truth that is abundantly found in the Spirit of Christ alone.

This brings us to one very great and important question…..  Would the Spirit ever tell us to do something that goes directly against Scripture?  Please step back, say a prayer, and ponder that for a minute?  The answer is YES He can and does at times.  Now, read Acts chapter 10 verses 9-16.  In that passage the Lord directly tells Peter three times to kill and eat what scripture had previously called unclean.  Peter was told in no uncertain terms to violate what was written in the scriptures.

So I choose to yield and submit to The Spirit’s leading in all things, biblical or otherwise.  At least I do on good days.  More human words here will not prove this case any better than what Jesus, Himself, has said about this matter.  God, The Father, The Son Jesus, and The Spirit reign supreme.  I refuse to follow or bow down to anything or anyone less than God Himself.  I will choose direct revelation from The Spirit over and above secondary revelation from a book about Him on any day.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

p.s. Thursday June 25th thru Sunday June 28th I will be West of Chicago participating in a gathering of believers called “Searching Together”.  This will be my third consecutive time at this annual event and yes I am bringing my guitar.  My laptop is not currently working so my time online will likely be very limited.  I don’t expect to blog again until after I return home, as I will be focusing on face to face and heart to heart fellowship.  As always I appreciate that you choose to read and participate in this wild and crazy blog.  Thanks also for your prayers as I travel and share.


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  1. Ramma permalink

    Have a great trip brother and say hello to all those that we haven’t met in person yet. God bless

  2. Praying for your Chicago gathering. Wish we could be there. We would sure like to see something develop in the Frederick, Maryland area. I am loving your blogs. I so very much concur with todays blog where you share about direct revelation from the Holy Spirit being a priority over scripture alone where the letter can outright kill you without the Spirit’s illumination.

  3. Janet permalink

    Hi, Christopher, I wanted to comment on how much those two verses, especially the one about Peter, helped me with a very personal and controversial subject. As you know but others don’t, I have been and are currently very close to some people who identify as lesbian, gay and even transvestite. I’ve seen firsthand their struggle to deny that part of themselves and I personally love them deeply. Therefore, the bible verses regarding that subject created much discord in my heart. I know a lot of people in my circle still believe as I did; hate the sin love the sinner. I didn’t realize how that thought perpetuates a hopelessness in ever being accepted by God, our creator, and leads to many suicides or to play straight, get married, have kids, etc. I finally came to a point where I asked God, please forgive me but I’m going to love them unconditionally and never mention those bible verses again. Please, others who may read this, know that I also value the written word and have stuck to it religiously over many things, divorce ( wait no) eating pork ( wait no) covering my head because of the angels ( wait no) not being allowed to speak to the assembly because I’m a woman (wait no). Wearing mixed fabrics, having a piercing, not being self righteous, not being prideful, etc. etc. etc. hope you all got my point. I guess blast away if I’m wrong on this. I will still choose to love.

  4. daryl permalink

    praying for a great trip and encouragement for you.The passage in Acts reminded me of another interesting one in Acts that shows the importance of PERSONALLY knowing the Spirits leading in ones own life. In Acts 20:22 Paul,was compelled by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem. In Acts 21:4,fellow believers,through the same Holy Spirit,urged Paul NOT to go to Jerusalem. Pauls fellow believers were being led by the Spirit and had his best interests in mind, yet this was completely opposite to the Spirits’ leading to Paul. Sometimes others can have our best interests in mind,and actually be Spirit led……yet that might not be how the Spirit is leading us.Anyways,food for thought. Look forward to your next post.

  5. So after speaking with Christopher as to why no comment today….. I told him why and he asked if I would please share what I wtote? So I will….
    Quote: I’m not really sure what to say…..I understand what you are saying about being Spirit led….but in my thinking when you say that it includes the Bible too.
    I can’t speak for others and their thoughts, so maybe they are simply Bible led and don’t have a relationship with the Holy Spirit….
    I do have one with Him….I have such a walk with Him that I have a nickname I call Him when I talk with Him. And I know that He likes it. And gets it.
    So for me Bible led-Spirit led really is the same.

  6. Janet, I just read your post and if you look at the Bible by what u wrote….I am definitely Spirit led. I have never followed those things u pointed out. I have always seen them has part of the Old Covenant (the law) even though they are in the New Testamen-not under the law but free from it bcuz of Jesus and what He did. Jesus didn’t follow the Law. He was always healing on the Sabbath which made the Pharisees and Sadducees angry; who were swallowed up by the Law. They thought that would save them…make them righteous and holy. Jesus showed us the Nature of God. He wants obedience (to Him) not sacrifice. So in saying that Thank you Janet for sharing your thoughts. Very insightful.

  7. Great comments everyone! Love is the greatest commandment and love is also the second greatest commandment. Yet so many rush to judgement in His Name. I do not have to agree with someone to honor, love and accept them right where they are in life. Thanks for that reminder Janet. I also have no problem loving people who disagree with me concerning the bible or anything else. I know my beliefs are not normal or mainstream, but neither are Christ’s. If I am going to err, let it be on the side of love even in the face of harsh judgment against me. I love you guys! Kirk Out !

  8. Ramma permalink

    I too have struggled with the same issues as yourself Janet. Not agreeing that shutting them out or seperating myself so much that I’m not able to be used by the Lord in their lives. I reread John 3:16 and what hit me was this. ..God loves the world so much that He offered His only son……because of His great love, He offered a way out. The judgement on someone(anyone) who refuses to believe is seperation from God. One thing that none of us can deny…..God made the male and then made the female for him. Never does it say different. It doesn’t say we can’t love, fellowship, etc. As there are many definitions of love, we need to pick the “love” that God is referring to. Does our “love” offer them a way out? Which form of “love” do i have?

    • Ramma permalink

      I’m still searching for answers. I just know that turning away from people will never bring them to Him. That is our job or mossion here is to be a Light to the world, so that they can see Him and turn to Him. Right?

  9. lila1jpw permalink

    For many years I engaged in bibliolatry–making an idol out of the Book till the day a Christian I respected pointed out that the Church preceded the Bible, in fact it was the Church that gave birth/cradled the Book.

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