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Water Into Wine…..2015 Update

June 16, 2015


Normally I would open here with a bible passage.  However, I can’t today because just about a half hour ago I gave away my last bible.  Now I won’t be able to afford one until I get paid next week.  I could go online and find a passage, but I just don’t have that much time right now.  If I could quote a passage here it would be the Gospel of John, the first half of chapter two.

I am just home from eating an early dinner at Applebee’s.  The restaurant was crowded so I sat at the bar to eat.  When the bartender asked how I was doing, I said overflowing with the Joy of the Lord.  She was a bit taken aback by my response, so then I added ….Jesus just makes me feel good about life.  Then she smiled at me and said, “I wish I could feel good about life too.”  I responded with….. Jesus can do that for you…can we talk?

For the next 45 minutes we had an awesome conversation as she worked.  I shared the words of Jesus with Kristen, words of truth, love, grace and life.  She wondered if Jesus could ever really love or understand someone who serves alcohol for a living.  It was then that I told her that the very first miracle Jesus ever performed was turning water into wine at a wedding banquet.  That simple fact nearly blew Kristen’s mind.

Next she told me that “Christians” have never treated her well.  That when they come there to eat after their “church” services they are rude and rarely ever tip well.  Kristen said that she had tried going to several churches over the years, but always left the building feeling judged and condemned instead of loved and comforted.  Right then I shocked her when I explained that I did not go to church, as she understands it, that I simply met with other followers of Jesus in homes.

I went on to say that in home fellowship we had open and free, Spirit led conversations where everyone gets to share, rather than sermons given by one “man” in charge called Pastor.  She wanted to know more about what happens when we meet so I told her that we would pray, sing, share testimonies and read the bible together in no particular set order.  I said it was a family gathering where we ate and shared our hearts with one another in celebration of Jesus.  At which she exclaimed, “I would just love that!”

Next our conversation turned directly towards her and Jesus.  I asked her if she wanted Jesus in her life.  She said yes, but that she had so much to change in her life before Jesus would ever accept her.  I said the good news was that Jesus accepts everyone right where they are in life.   She said, but what about all my sins, poor judgment and foul behavior?  I told her that Jesus accepts her just the way she is and that in time if her behavior needed changes Jesus would help her with that all the way, no matter what!  I said we don’t change in order to be saved, but rather freely receive salvation in order that Jesus can make changes for and in us.  I told Kristen that everything begins and ends with relationship with God via Jesus Christ.  After that we prayed together and she laid her burdens down at the foot of the cross.

My heart is simply overflowing with His love.  I cannot restrain or contain it.  It is a little scary because it seems so out of control, but I can’t deny it.  I am so in love with Jesus and the Spirit has anointed me to share the Good News.  I do not know how long this season will last in my life, but I am just holding on to Him for dear life as He races before me preparing hearts to receive His love, truth, mercy and grace.  I mean this is so unbelievable and wild…every time I buy another bible He has me give it away within a week.  I guess all those people who accuse me of not valuing the bible and using it incorrectly need to just back off and shut up.  Jesus and His words are just so alive and real to me right now.  I am nothing, Christ is ALL!  Please pray for Kristen?

Love and ….

Kirk Out !

P.s.  That wonderful conversation occurred almost two ago.  I tried to stay in contact with Kristen, but when I went to check on her at Applebee’s the manager informed me that she had transferred to another location.  The Lord has led me to pray for Kristen many times since our conversation, but I had no idea where she was or how she was doing.  Well, she called me this last July and told me she was now located in Indianapolis.  She said she is still following Jesus and that HE has been teaching her and setting her free in every area of her life.  Kristen now has half a dozen friends that also follow Christ and they get together to share, eat and pray often.  Two of her friends she actually led to Jesus when she shared her personal testimony during a conversation over a meal.  She tried going to a “church” building again, but being there just made her feel “yucky” in her Spirit, so she has not gone back.  She thanked me for sharing Jesus with her in August 2013 and also for giving her my bible.  I encouraged her to continue in simple fellowship with her friends under the Headship of Christ alone.  She told me she would stay in touch and I told her that she was loved and appreciated.  Kristen called again about 2 weeks ago and said that Jesus and the Body of Christ were becoming more and more real to her every single day.  We both laughed when she told me that now Jesus has her giving away her bibles too.  Then she invited me down to Indy for fellowship whenever I could make it there.  I told her that sounded awesome.  She then suggested that we end our conversation in prayer and let me tell you that was some GREAT prayer.  Seems that in Kristen’s very first year of following Christ she started a fellowship in her home and led others to Jesus.  Now do you see what I am talking about in this blog?  It does not take special schools, education, titles or training to plant a simple church.  It doesn’t even take that much time.  All it takes is a willing heart and an openness to the things of the Spirit.

I am overwhelmed by HIS Grace, Mercy and Love once again.  Simple, Spirit led conversations lead to such wonderful fruit.  At least a dozen more more have come to Jesus that way since  August 2013 and I don’t see this current pathway ending any time soon for me.  Share the simplicity of Jesus along the way instead of weighty Law and doctrine, and everybody wins.


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  1. Ramma permalink

    I am so encouraged by this testimony of the simplistic, realness of following Jesus. Just listening and doing as He prompts you to do. He will never let you down. He is everywhere that we think He would never be.

    As for the “bar” situation……the Lord brought myself and my husband face to face in a bar setting. Our lives had been running in a bit of a parallel condition and circumstances placed us there on the same night next to each other. Neither one knowing why we were there and not even wanting to be there. At the end of our ropes, done with everything and……”bam!”….He put the brakes on and brought our lives together. It was such a Divine intervention in both of our lives. The Lord changed the course of our lives that night. We both were telling Him we couldn’t go any further, we felt like were in “hell”, life had no meaning, it was empty, felt like no one cared, etc. We both were drawn to the music that was played there………that’s when we realized that God likes the Blues too! 😉

    I’m simply sharing this because God is everywhere that we think He would never be, or should never be……because…….”Well, church said it was so!” Right? How many decisions do we make based on what has been drilled into us by religion, instead of listening to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, instructing, moving, etc?

    Good lesson here on moving forward in simple faith, trusting God to fill in the blanks that we don’t know or that we fear.

    For myself, a lot of unlearning has had to happen for me to be totally free. It is still a work in progress to detox from what had been ingrained in me from the day I was born. I have been in 2 different religions and both were deeply, deadly, binding cults. Hard to break free from and ingrained in every thought.

    BUT JESUS!!!!!!!


    • Thank you Ramma for sharing. The Father is always working in our lives even when we don’t think He is. I’ve come to a major stand still in my life….it’s heartbreaking for me and just reading how He moved in your life when you were someplace you never thought He would be. It just gives me hope to know He does care greatly for us…I’m waiting for that bam. What I wrote may not make sense to you but your words just touched my heart and I wanted to say Thank you for opening up and sharing. 😊

  2. That’s such a great testimony, Christopher. The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are marvelous, wonderful, glorious, and magnificent. What you are doing with your Bible is exactly what you should be doing with it….giving it away. I’m doing something similar to that myself. Your blog is like my home church right now. I so appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Just when I think I am all blogged out and ready to end this blog site….Wham! Jesus sends me fresh inspiration or has me repost older blog posts with a fresh update. I can’t even verbalize how much it blesses me when the Lord uses my written offerings to help set others free. Angie, your enthusiasm blesses me. I get a lot of judgement and flack behind the scenes of this blog. Many times I have been called a false teacher or a heretic by even members of my own extended family because of the true freedom in which I write and walk in. I believe that Grace, LOve and Mercy will ultimately be victorious over Legalism and Judgement. True freedom in the Spirit is totally offensive to those who value right doctrine over sincerely seeking hearts. It makes many rabidly mad that I say that we must be Spirit led, rather than bible led. The truth is I do not know how to live any other way than in the freedom of Christ. I thank everyone who has taken the time to understand my heart in these matters.

  3. Ramma permalink

    God bless you and strengthen you more and more each day Angie. This sounds like a recent change for you? My prayers are with you also.

    At that point in my life, I feel like i was at my lowest of lows and not only did the Lord bring my husband into my life. He brought a God fearing, God loving man into my life. I did not see it coming and couldn’t believe it at first. My husband also walked into the cult with me and out after 7 years of being there, because the Lord showed us both it was time. It was heart wrenching, lonely. I had always “done” stuff for the Lord. (I thought). When in reality it was for the “Pastor”/ “Man of God”. It seemed if i could get his approval, then I was getting God’s approval. He had all of us believing that. It was a very destructive cult.

    All Jesus wanted was a love relationship between myself and Him. He had to pull everything out from under me and make me stop, so that I could actually hear Him talking to me. All my business for the “church” prevented me from really fellow-shipping my Savior. I’ve had to learn that it is in the simplicity of Christ where He dwells. He’s causing me more and more to look around at everyone and recognize them as His children. None of the…….”this ones saved, that one’s not saved”, etc.

    Many of us also have experienced the shunning by our previous brothers and sisters who we prayed with at the altars, sang with in choir, broke bread with, etc. Even here online there are divisions galore. I joined one small group for a while and when I sensed an agenda, then I exited. The leader has me blocked on Facebook. How funny is that? Exactly church like. He thinks he has stepped away from the church while all the while he’s the exact same person as when he left his church.

    When you are searching for God’s people, they will l have His characteristics. You will feel Him when you read or talk with people and if you don’t, then shake off the dust and keep walking. But ibn all things….keep walking. He will guide you and hold you up.

    God bless

  4. Judy baker permalink

    Well I know exactly how you were feeling Chris when Gods Holy Spirit filled you with His Love and Blessings and JOY!!!!! Amazing cause you know it is from the Lord !!!!!!
    I gave away several bibles and one just recently and started a bible study ……what joy filled my spirit heart n soul, it’s the best high ever cause it’s pure JOY from Jesus . It’s clean undefiled and so exciting ……. Makes you know it is from God Almighty himself and His Son.
    I hear the words ” well done (good job) my good and faithful servant.”
    May the Lord continue to bless you and those who’s heart are ripe and ready for something better and searching for the truth of Gods word and his meaning for our life . We were born to praise Him from our heart and soul❤️

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