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Two Guys And A Girl Walk Onto A Plane Heading To Vegas

May 29, 2015


“Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel…..”  Ephesians 6: 19

Last Monday afternoon I boarded a plane heading to Las Vegas.  I was heading there to finally meet Ramma and Danny W. face to face after over 2 years of great online interaction and fellowship that began here on this blog page.  As a bonus I would also get to see Larry and Ruth C. who I met face to face at last years “Searching Together” gathering in Chicago.  Long story short the Lord saw fit to have me help connect my dear friends BK and Ken Z. with Ramma, Danny, Larry and Ruth.  BK and Ken made space in their travels for Las Vegas earlier this year and Ramma, Danny, Larry and Ruth have been gathering for relational fellowship for over 6 months now.

Now back to Monday’s flight out…..  I was in aisle seat 4-D and seated right next to me was a young man named Chris, who fights wildfires for the State of Nevada, and next to him in the window seat was Lori who works in a smoke shop.  The Lord almost always prompts me to introduce myself to those seated next to me on planes.  After we all introduced ourselves we entered into a 3 hour long conversation covering such hot button topics as gun control, the civil unrest in places like Ferguson Mo, Cleveland Oh, and Baltimore Md. and how Doctors over prescribe and medicate both children and adults in this day and age.  Then 3.5 hours into our 4 hour flight it finally happened….. Chris brought up the topic of God  as he asked “Why does God allow churches to be so self centered, money hungry, and judgemental?”  To which I replied “God may allow it, but He sure doesn’t like it.”  I then spent the final 30 minutes of our flight explaining the difference between a true relationship with Jesus and a mere attachment to a “church” building, its leadership, and its teachings.  I then closed with a 5 minute testimony and by then Chris was more than ready to receive Christ in His fullness.  Lori was listening with great interest, but was not yet ready to pray with us this day.  The three of us exchanged hugs and then went our separate ways.

Ramma and Danny were waiting for me at baggage claim and we immediately exchanged warm embraces filled with great love and mutual admiration.  Christ in them was totally apparent from the very first moment and our connection in Christ was totally there.  It was as if we had already known each other for a great number of years.  We spent the next 4 days together in deep fellowship every waking hour.  We opened our hearts and lives to each other as we shared rich conversation, delicious meals and wonderful sights.  We toured mountains, Red Rocks, the desert, Hoover dam and the Vegas strip.  The majesty of God in nature totally overshadowed and put to shame the bright lights and engineering skill of mere men.  Each evening at 6 Larry would join us as we would discuss scripture and whatever else Jesus placed on our hearts and minds.  We thoroughly enjoyed fellowship with one another even when there were some points we could not agree 100% on.  We even sang some new and old songs together.

Then there was Michael, Ramma and Danny’s 3 year old grandson.  He was with us each day from 7:40 am til 5:30 pm.  What a wonderful, precious, inquisitive little boy.  He brightened every day.  Please pray for Michael?  He has been having what they think are seizures, but no one has been able to figure out why or exactly how they can be treated and addressed.

I love Ramma and Danny with all my heart and I feel extremely blessed that they have welcomed me into their lives.  I hold them dear in my heart and know it won’t be long until we are once again face to face and heart to heart.  My trip had absolutely no agenda other than deep fellowship in the Spirit.  It is always my hope to encourage others and also to be encouraged by them along the way.

For me it was a tearful goodbye at 4:30 am Friday morning.  I left part of my heart with Ramma and Danny in Las Vegas.  These folks are more than friends to me.  They are my family.  Both of them are filled with the Love and Spirit of Christ in full measure.  I pray that they will continue to find grace filled fellowship with others in their own back yard.

So I get on another plane to head back home and I have seat 4-D again.  I am on the aisle again and guess who is sitting at the window?  That’s right…it is Lori again and now she has a lot of questions about this Jesus I introduced Chris to on Monday.  Flash forward 3.5 hours as we prepare for landing in South Bend.  The outcome of our conversation?  Both Lori and I have more of Jesus than we started our trip with.  All praise be to Jesus!  Please pray for Lori and Chris as they begin their walks with our Lord?  I pray they find relationship and not religion.

Love and…..

Kirk Out!


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  1. Ramma permalink

    Chris, what an awesome testimony of Chris and Lori and their new walk in the Lord! I can now hear you sharing your Jesus with someone new. You are such a blessing and a true authentic brother in Christ. You are 100% correct about the mutual connection and admiration. We likewise were immediately blessed by the indwelling Spirit in your life. It radiated from you and I can see how it has held you up and strengthened you time and time again.

    Thank you for reminding me of how Jesus works and worked………it was,”Along the way”, was such a relief to me. You example that over and over.

    You know when we meet with no agenda other than loving one another and genuine fellowship in the Spirit, so much gets done in our lives! We gain strength, are refreshed, and encouraged. Our focus comes off of our “life” things and turns more fully to building relationships in Him. You are definitely a part of our family and even Michael was wondering where U. Chris is today. 🙂

    Thank you again Brother for taking the time and all involved to come visit us. We will treasure our time forever and look forward to many more visits when the Lord allows. Our home has been peaceful and happy. It’s evident that the Lord was here with us.

    Much love to you,
    Ramma and Danny W.

  2. Dyesebel barbecho permalink

    That was great!!!It is the sign that wherever you go,Jesus followed you and give his miracles to the person who believes in him…you are his instrument to fulfill what he wants for the people,so just keep going coz his there with you,as always….

  3. Rhonda permalink


  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with other believers last week. That’s great. And you took the opportunity that all believers should be looking for and talked about Jesus. And you came home Spiritually fuller. You really are a great man of God. Always ready to share the love of Jesus.

  5. What a wonderful story, Chris! It is great to see how Jesus has grown you relationally over the years so that in your partnership of friendship with Him that He is touching lives in such wonderful ways! I just took some time to pray for healing for Danny’s 3 year old grandson. – Scott Brooks

    • Ramma permalink

      Thank you Scott for your prayers. Likewise to all who are walking with Jesus.Danny says often, “If you’re a friend of Jesus then you’re a friend of mine “. Blessings

  6. CatherineS permalink

    What a truly sweet time that was! Our Lord works in such beautiful ways.

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