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Complete Unity?

April 21, 2015


“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”  Romans 15: 5-7

Unity is extremely important to God.  So in turn it should be very important to us also.  A lot of “Churches” talk about unity and give it lip service, but I find that very few actually practice it very well.  I hear tons of talk about being inclusive, but find that most “Churches” tend to be exclusive and ready to divide quickly over a multitude of issues.  Some “Churches” even have Creeds and other tests for fellowship.  Most will keep people out of fellowship over differences in doctrine.

       In over 35 years of fellowshipping in homes, I have never been part of a housechurch with a test for fellowship other than a desire to meet with us and seek Christ together.  Because of this we have had nonbelievers become believers.  And those who held tightly to non- Jesus like beliefs weeded themselves out in a very short period of time.
       I will meet with anybody willing to dialogue concerning the faith.  And in a totally open and free Spirit led meeting where everyone shares it is nearly impossible to hide any real personal heresies for very long.  Most folks who have fellowshipped with us over the years usually grow out of their problem theologies in time.  When all things are open and mutual things just have a really neat supernatural way of working themselves out for the benefit of all involved.  That at least is my experience and hope.
       Sure there are times when believers need to separate because of MAJOR differences in theology and practice that can’t be worked out over time, but I believe that separation should be the extremely rare exception, rather than the rule.  When separation becomes necessary it is almost always over who Jesus really is and what He accomplished in His life, crucifixion and resurrection.  We should not be dividing over petty doctrines, social status, money, age, race, color, musical style or the color of the freaking carpet.  Believe it or not?  It does happen!
       God desires that all of His children be of one heart, mouth and mind.  Because such grand unity brings Him great glory.  We need to accept one another as Christ accepted us.  To my knowledge none of us showed up on the scene the very first time with all of our sin and theology in perfect submission to God.  So I hope to never judge a new believer without giving them much grace and time to become more Christlike.  Scratch that; I mean that I never want to judge ANYONE who is on God’s chosen path for them.  Timing is important, but totally up to God and NOT us.
       In closing Jesus said it best when He prayed to the Father, “May they be brought into complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” ( John 17: 23)
       “Complete unity”?  I think we still have a ways to go before we get there in this life.  All it really takes is a total realization and appropriate response to the fact that we are already actually ONE IN CHRIST.  In spite of this great Truth many still choose to divide rather than unite and that is just a damn shame.
       Love and …….
       Kirk Out !

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  1. As you can tell wordpress is still having formatting problems. I did what I could this time to make the post more readable.

  2. I’ve been involved with a House Church in the past which was too exclusive in a bid to seeking for unity. They always want every member to believe and upheld every doctrine and teachings of the “Apostle”, at a point, some of us began to have a divergent view and perspective on some of the doctrines, but we were still willing to maintain fellowship with them, until we were thrown out.

    Instead of building on who binds us together, which is the person of Christ, a lot of Christian sects and groups congregate around doctrines and teachings which ordinarily shouldn’t be a basis for separation. I love your perspective on Complete Unity, which I believe is the will of God for all believers, but religion has always stand in the gap between believers. The only place where we can found unity is when we walk in the Spirit instead of religion because walking in the Spirit helps build bridges while walking in religion will always build walls of separation. Agape to you brother (Hosea)

    • Great points! Thanks for sharing THE WIND. What is your name? True followers of Christ get thrown out of religious clubs (“churches”) all the time. It was to your benefit.

      • Hahaha, it was indeed to my benefit to get the red card out of religion. Because, when I look back, I have a reason to thank God for all the experiences, which really worked for my good (Romans 8:28). I am Hosea Fwangmun…agape :

      • LOL, thanks for sharing Hosea

  3. Great post and let’s not get started on personalities and the cult of personality.

  4. Ramma permalink

    We are experiencing our first house church right now and i have to tell you, i wouldn’t trade it for anything that I’ve known before! We have some major differences, but “LOVE” is there. And when “LOVE” is truly there, there is NO division. Our hearts still yearn for their fellowship, because their faces do always behold the face of the Father. That is a major key that we forget…….”their faces “always” behold the face of the Father. Pretty humbling right? Well, i see it this way, and you say, well i see it this way…..but the Father is speaking to ALL of us…..hmmmm

    • "BK" permalink

      Amen, Ramma. Once while I was still in the group the Lord brought me out of I was pondering, wondering how in the world we were ALL going to see every doctrine eye to eye??? (we believed that’s what it means to come into ‘unity’ of ‘the faith’). The Lord spoke so plainly to me, “Until My people learn to love in their differences they haven’t really learned to love at all.” Wow, that set me back on my heels. Then another time I was completely shocked when I realized I wasn’t rooted and grounded in doctrine and then I learned the love of God, but that I was rooted and grounded in His LOVE that I could comprehend with ALL the saints. Wow….what a novel thought. I have found it to be so. And, Hosea, welcome! I, too, feel it is a service accomplished when I am escorted outside the walls of religion. It has been a blessing to learn to love them in their ignorance and allow the Lord to continue to clear up my own! Love, “BK”

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