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Time To Escape THE MATRIX

April 9, 2015
       I have been sick the last day and a half with food poisoning.  So I haven’t got much done, but I did get to watch one of my favorite movies of all time, THE MATRIX.  If you have never seen it, I highly recommend it to you.  The movie is about people being trapped in what originally was a man made, computer generated, prison of the mind.  After awhile the machines took over and most of mankind was enslaved to THE MATRIX.  Almost all of the people in The Matrix do not know they are being held captive, but a few have suspected that something is not quite right with the world they seem to live in.  In the movie the few who have managed to get set free from the control of THE MATRIX try to help free other minds by exposing them to the truth.
       The following passage from the movie always strikes me hard with truth.  In this scene Morpheus is telling Neo, a seeker of truth, about THE MATRIX:
       “Do you want to know what IT is?  THE MATRIX is everywhere.  It is all around us, even now in this very room.  You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television.  You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to Church, when you pay your taxes.  The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from THE TRUTH.”  Morpheus:  The Matrix 1999
       In many ways I think that this movie exposes the truth about the world we live in.  We feel that something isn’t quite right with the world and it begins to bother us like having a splinter in our mind.  We even get this uneasy feeling about the “Church”.  Something is wrong people and a serious change needs to take place.  The problem is that the world is being run by a man-made system and we see it in our governments, families and even the “Church”.  This System of Man was designed by the Prince of this world satan and this system is used to rule all of the world that it possibly can.  In this system Man is at the center of everything and then is elevated even to the place of god.
       I don’t expect many to agree with me on this, but I am just putting it out there.  When we come to a place where everything is Man-centric and not GOD-centric we are in deep trouble.  This system of Man and The Anti-Christ can be found all around us in oppressive governments, businesses and “churches”.  I will focus on the “church” today.  Most “churches” out there are run by man and not God.  They use the world business system model setting up The Pastor as CEO and Head of the “church”.  At most “church” business meetings Robert’s Rules of Order are more prominent than the bible.  Because these churches are man based and led they focus more on buildings, building programs, Clergy salaries and Institutional maintenance than they ever do on real ministry and actual missions like taking care of the poor, orphans and widows. What matters most to them are church attendance, tithing, giving and programs.   When the focus ought to be on relationships with Jesus and one another.
       The Truth, Jesus Himself, came to build a church that focuses on relationship, truth, faith , hope and love. We all need to break free from “churches” that serve themselves, instead of serving Christ and others.  No one can serve both God and mammon and a lot of “churches” out there have tons of stuff, but very little Jesus to give to anyone in need.  The fact is that the world has been pulled over our eyes to blind us from The Truth.  So do we rip the blindfold off and totally begin to follow Jesus, The Truth; or do we just continue to sit in neat little rows and listen to the MAN upfront on the elevated platform as we pass plates full of money around the room?
       If this doesn’t apply to you or your situation then please feel free to press delete and move on with your life.  However, if you are someone that this blog made some sense to, I hope you can take the next step towards the truth and really being set free from THE MATRIX.
       What am I talking about?  Why did I even go here?  Perhaps it is just a few bad tacos talking today?  Whatever?  All I know is that I spoke the Truth in Love today.  Let him who has ears hear what The Spirit is saying to the churches…..
       Love and ……..
       Kirk Out !
       P.S. Follow Jesus NOT me !

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  1. Once again I apologize for the formatting of this blog post. It refuses to keep my paragraphs spaced apart, but I was able to place indentations at least.

  2. Clark Wade permalink

    I agree brother. We are told “the whole world lies in the evil one.” We are also told of a “great falling away” There is this idea prominent among the saints of this big revival coming, what is called “Christian triumphalism,” This is not what I see or anticipate . Men will grow worse, deceiving and being deceived. What brings our Lord back to this planet is a total spiritual collapse, in which He stated, “When I come, will I find faith on the earth” or in the churches which claim to meet in His name?

  3. I think the Matrix is a wonderful allegory for the church system, but I still have a load of problems with “church” as defined as any type of called out group. The reason is: Jesus never segregate people by religious affiliation. He is God of all of the people. The Roman centurion, the group at Mars Hill, the woman at the well, and so on. The earth is the Lord’s, the inhabitants of earth are all God’s children. The problem is the Christian’s think they have a lock on God, which is crazy. By their exclusivity, they necessarily exclude themselves from most of the beautiful realities open to open seekers. Sad.

  4. I hear and understand what you are saying Winter. Fellowship should unite instead of divide us. To me it has always been a matter of whosoever will. I will break bread and discuss Christ with anyone interested at any time.

  5. daryl permalink

    Just came across “notesfromthebridge” the other day,and I completely relate to much of what you write concerning the Church.I believe we have made a “god” of the local church,and the only reason for the existence of any local church,is to build up The Church,the One Body. I feel that for hundreds of years we have practiced many things that are wrong,and these wrong teachings became the norm,accepted,viewed as “the teaching of scripture”,and now when those views are challenged,the one who does so is generally viewed as rebellious,unsubmissive,unspiritual,etc. I quit going to church because i was tired of leaving my brains at the door,tired of all the “strings attached”,manipulation,coercion, and the approval of such things with distorted teaching of the Word. All ministry should be voluntary and free,led by the Spirit. I don’t miss going to church at all,yet i always desire genuine fellowship with other believers.I try to “represent” where ever I’m at(pretty poorly some days),share when I can,and be helpful. I was very moved by your post on turning 53,and I couldnt help but think of Isaiah 53 “by His wounds we are healed”! God bless you brother

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