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Fruit That Remains

March 10, 2015


Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.”  Romans 12: 9

Yesterday I had an excellent and interesting conversation with a dear brother online.  We were talking about my blog and he was very supportive and complimentary.  He even called my blogs “inspired”.  I really appreciated his comments because from the very beginning I have made the commitment to never ever write unless I felt HIS inspiration and anointing.  I do not want to just write for the sake of writing.  Because If Jesus is not in it, then I do not want to do it.  Period!  I simply write about the things He lays upon my heart, mind and Spirit.  If I am faithful and true in that, then I do not need to worry about whatever the responses or reactions may be.

This led to further discussion about fruit in the lives of Christ followers.  I am a very firm believer that true Spiritual fruit is borne and never MANufactured.  In my experience people end up coming to The Lord most often because they really know and appreciate the person who eventually leads them to Jesus.  It is the relationships that we forge, that have the biggest impact on the lives of others.  True ministry does not happen by following programs of evangelism or discipleship. Programs reduce the people we are trying to love and reach into mere numbers and dehumanizes the whole entire process.

I do not befriend people because they are potential notches on some sort of a spiritual belt  I reach out because His love compels me and I really do value friendship, deep lasting friendship. Developing relationships is what it is all about and that takes sincerity, love and time.  Programs do not work in the long run because eventually those reached by the programs realize that they were just another project in some sort of religious experiment.  Some people are leaving “churches” today because they discover that what they thought were true friendships are really nothing more than the results of some “church” outreach program.  Then once they are converted over time they just move up the assembly line from the position of recruit into that of the recruiter.  It is a sad thing indeed to realize that you were just part of a religious program and not a valued, treasured and sincerely loved friend in the first place.

So I do not use “The Four Spiritual Laws”, “Romans Road” or any other sort of prepackaged MANufactured plan of life or ministry.  What I do is depend totally upon the leading of His Holy Spirit in EVERY situation and having an open and sincere heart towards others.  I never look at anyone as a potential project. Because “love must be sincere” for it to make any real or lasting impact in the life of another.

It is worth saying one more time… True Spiritual fruit is borne and never MANufactured!  It comes from abiding deeply in the True Vine of Christ.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !


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  1. Good post. Nee said of the fruit of the Spirit that many make the mistake of thinking of the Holy Spirit as a grocer who dispenses them piecemeal or one at a time and people may tend to pray along those lines, but fruit is plural and they come together. Everything pertaining to life and godliness is ours in Christ and made ours by His Spirit within.

  2. Janet Fowler permalink

    LOVEly! It is very easy to fall into line with programs because truly loving others is a much bigger sacrifice. Good intentions blind us to how dehumanizing these efforts are. Truly loving others might mean welcoming in that homeless transgender individual, or whomever The Lord brings along our path, without judgement and pat answers and bible verses that we cling to though it causes our heart to ache! I have chosen the path of love and let the Holy Spirit do the teaching! Thanks Chris!

  3. The path of love is the only true path for those in Christ. Great comments Janet and Chris!

  4. So true Chris, I am the same way, I don’t want to write just to say I posted another article. I want it to be God inspired. Also as true, is pure, honest friendship. All my life I’ve know people who can say the proper words to be a witness, but their life doesn’t measure up. Words are easy to come by, but being a true friend and caring about people is hard to find. It is our actions done in love that makes a difference, not a bunch of words. Loving others, no matter who they are or what they believe, is the only way to have an impact.

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